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Shri Educare Limited (SEL) has been set up by The Arun Bharat Ram family in the year 2008. SEL has been formed out of the promoter's commitment to expand their reach of providing quality education. essentially engaged in providing advisory/consultancy services for schools. read more

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Shri Educare Limited (SEL) has been set up by The Arun Bharat Ram family in the year 2008. SEL has been formed out of the promoter’s commitment to expand their reach of providing quality education. It is essentially engaged in providing advisory/consultancy services for opening a school (Pre-school, K12) in India and abroad, providing ERP solutions to schools, undertaking education consultancy and coaching students to prepare them for CBSE and AIEEE examinations.

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Our Legacy

The Shri Ram Schools are manifestation of the vision and passion of Mrs. Manju Bharat Ram who felt a strong need to build an alternative model of school education in Delhi. SRF Foundation, an initiative of SRF Limited came forward to support in realizing this vision. SRF Foundation has the rich legacy of Sir Shri Ram, its Founder who had been involved in establishing the best known educational and cultural institutions in Delhi. Some of the best known educational institutions such as Shri Ram College of Commerce and Lady Shri Ram College are the outcomes of the great vision of Sir Shri Ram. The Shri Ram Schools have been set up in the same tradition of creating excellent institutions which serve society. The Shri Ram Schools are progressive, secular, child centred, co-educational private schools, committed to providing quality education for all their students. Shri Educare building on the legacy, ethos and philosophy of The Shri Ram Schools, support its partners to open a school in India and Abroad.

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Shri Educare

Shri Educare Limited (SEL) has been set up by The Arun Bharat Ram family in the year 2008. SEL has been formed out of the promoter's commitment to expand their reach of providing quality education. essentially engaged in providing advisory/consultancy services for schools.

Latest Posts

Synopsis of Kahoot Workshop held on May 19

Shri Educator Ms. Gurpreet Kaur conducted a webinar on Gamify your classroom with Kahoot for the facilitators of TSUS Palava on May 19, 2020. The teachers were introduced to the concept of Gamification of Learning and were trained on the Kahoot platform to create and conduct educational quiz games for both synchronous and asynchronous teaching.

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Synopsis of Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Shri Educator Ms Gurpreet Kaur conducted a webinar on Demystifying AI for the facilitators of TSUS Panchkula on May 16 2020. The teachers were introduced to the buzz words like Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and were also empowered to understand the applications of these in the education sector at large and …

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Learning Padlet – a Tool to Create and Collaborate in E-Teaching and Learning

A session was conducted online by Ms. Ritu Mehta on Padlet. Padlet is an instrument that is used on creation of collaborative work. It was attended by more than 35 facilitators. Teachers learned how to add text, video, links, pictures, and share. The facilitators appreciated, they also mentioned that it is a grate tool to …

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Teaching in a pandemic – Day 1 report

It is a 3-hour workshop spread over the course of 3 days and aimed at helping  teachers cope with and help their students cope better with the COVID-19 crisis and resulting lockdown.

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Webinar synopsis – Programming with Scratch

Shri Educator Ms Gurpreet Kaur conducted a webinar on Programming with Scratch for ICT facilitators of SEL schools on May 14 2020. The teachers were introduced to the different categories of blocks and were also empowered to create simple games using the different blocks.

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Collaborative E-Learning & Effective Online Teaching to Foster Students’ Learning

SEL facilitated a session on Collaborative E-Learning with a focus on creating architecture of a virtual classroom using online education technologies, effective online teaching to foster student learning and best practices sharing.

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Session on Collaborative Learning Environment using Microsoft Teams to Engage with Students

SEL conducted with our School teachers on “Collaborative learning environment with Class Teams” using Microsoft Teams to engage students

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Not all heroes wear capes

Stories of people hoarding stocks and emptying supermarket shelves can paint a gloomy picture of the current crisis. At the same time, there are acts of kindness in the midst of this crisis that are inspiring many people.

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STEAM Conclave organized by Shri Educare Limited

Today, the sun shone a little differently at The Shriram Millennium School, Gurugram. This was because a scientist who nurtures innovation graced the school during the STEAM Conclave organized by ShrI Educare Limited at the school’s campus.

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How to Run a Successful School?

Running a school smoothly and effectively is much more of a planning process rather than seen as a herculean effort. Any school that is efficiently managed attracts more students and has a better reputation. A badly managed

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How to Start Your Own School?

“The future of the world is the classroom of today” Blessed are those souls who undertake some noble responsibility on their shoulders. Opening a school for imparting quality education is certainly a noble thought. Education is that powerful tool that empowers the children to prepare them for a bright future ahead. Opening a school might …

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Give Wings To Your School Franchise Dream

The concept behind picking a school Franchise in India comes with its own set of advantages, encouraging the investors to enter the world of franchising. The potential for a franchise is massive and cannot be penned in a few words. Do you think this voyage ends only with benefits? No, as there are many misconceptions …

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How Does The Montessori Method Help Your Child Overall Development

The idea of typical classroom brings to your mind rows of desks with children listening passively while the teacher teaches something by writing stuff on the board on a board. But a Montessori classroom is very different, where children are engaged in different activities, while a teacher observes by moving around unobtrusively, guiding and facilitating …

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How to Pick a Good School Franchise

In India, the largest segment of the population is youth. For our young generation, Education holds a very important place. Education in India has a lot of scope for growth. However, the question arises, from where we can get a good education for our future generations! School franchisee model ends your search for quality education …

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The Best School Franchise Opportunity – How to Determine It

One thing, which comes to mind while thinking about education, is School Franchise Opportunities. The concept of franchising has created a huge stir. In the Indian educational system, there are different options for the investor to opt from which are – Preschools, Primary schools, and Senior Secondary Schools or K-12 Schools. Before going into school …

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Why do we need private investments in the Indian Education sector?

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth,” said an ancient Greek philosopher. This statement clarifies why education is vital for any state or country. India has one of the largest education systems in the world, which is divided into three categories— Higher education – It comprises of universities, professional institutes, colleges …

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Reasons to Invest in Preschool

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Education is considered the of noblest professions. Education has not only transformed lives, it also offers profitable business opportunities for multiple edupreneurs. One such source of profits is investing in Preschools. Preschools offer the toddler a conducive environment for his/her first learning …

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The Benefits of Hiring a School Consultant

A new school opened in your neighborhood but it is not running smoothly. The school owners opened a very beautiful school still it is not running as expected. This makes you think whether you should Start a School or not. You are worried about its success. Have you thought about why it is not functioning …

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Indian Education Sector Needs a Relook

  The growth of a country is synonymous with the growth of its youth. The youth defines the path of growth for any country. They need proper education, So the youth of the country needs to be looked after properly. A country like India, where over 50 percent of the 1.3billion population is youth, the …

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Education System of India needs Improvement

India, the country with the largest headcount of young age population is moving towards becoming the largest economy of the world. We are progressing towards becoming a world power, but we still have many roadblocks in the journey. One of the main roadblocks is our education system Currently, the education system is based on Quantity …

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Education System – Problems & Solutions

Education is the foundation of any country’s economy. A country where the education system is not in place, lags in every way. The same thing is happening in our country India. India as a country faces many problems in the educational system. Today we are going to list down some of the problems that we …

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Own School Or Franchise? What Top School Consultants Suggest

“India is carving a niche in the global education industry and has more than 1.4 million schools.” However, there is still a lot of potential India holds for further development in the education system. Every day, my inbox gets flooded with numerous messages and the requests from people who are looking for ways to start …

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Want to Open a School – Let us help you

Quality education is a dream for all but getting it is not easy Nowadays, we see many organizations offering their help to those who want to build schools, but quality education needs appropriate guidance. Here, we are going to give you a brief as to what you need to open a school- Education and co-curricular …

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Pre-Schools In India – The Road Ahead – A blog by Shri Educare

Children between the ages of 3-6yrs are like sponges who can absorb much more than what parents can imagine. This time should be utilized to equip the little ones with skills, which they might need in later stages of life. How to give them the required knowledge, skills for the life ahead? At this time, …

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Educational Franchise Businesses Are Useful – Blog By Shri Educare

Childhood and youth are a time of learning and training in preparation for life ahead. Young children are naturally curious and observant in nature. They want to learn new skills and due to their quick grasping power they learn things easily and adapt to them quickly, as well. At such a time if they are …

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Challenges Faced In School Project Venture – A blog by Shri Educare

Albeit, starting a school project venture in India is the major challenge in itself, but there are some other challenges as well, which largely hamper the process of building an educational body With this post, I am going to draw your attention towards the number of challenges which occur at the rapid-fire speed and the …

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How To Open A Primary School In India

“India has the potential and the caliber to sustain the global needs with its talent, what it requires only is the right mode of shaping and nurturing the talents and the skills.” A school is a platform which offers a plethora of opportunities to talent and skills and helps the young learners to speak and …

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SHRI PARVARISH” The ABC of Parenting from The Heart “C” – Communicate

Encourage your child to speak and respond. If your child is struggling to frame the sentences or sounds confused, prompt using subtle words and phrases, rather than abrupt probing questions.

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SHRI PARVARISH” The ABC of Parenting from The Heart “B” – Balancing Beliefs and Behaviour

To help children behave in a socially acceptable way, we need to make them responsible for their actions and trust them to make the right decisions.

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“SHRI PARVARISH” The ABC of Parenting from The Heart “A” – Acceptance

Acceptance in parenting is about being able to see and acknowledge the uniqueness in your child, without pressing for this to change.

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Congratulations on becoming a Parent!

This indeed is the most beautiful role one would play in one’s life. A role that is lifelong and comes with no “exit clause”

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