Cambridge Curriculum

CAIE -- Cambridge Assessment International Education

SEL lends support to schools offering International Programmes like IB and Cambridge International. Integrating the Learner Profile and Approaches to Learning with the Shri philosophy, SEL trains and supports the teachers of the International Programme to develop and hone in students, RICER: to enable them to be Reflective, Innovative, Confident, Engaged and Responsive learners.

They are encouraged to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers and balanced individuals.

SEL supports, monitors and supervises all aspects of an international programme at these schools. From framing Course Outlines, designing Lesson Plans, 3-stage Lesson Observations or supporting other processes, SEL helps lend an international flavour and aims to set an international benchmark. It supports schools running the IP to follow the international standards and practices by training teachers in Active Learning, Assessment as a Classroom practice, Academic Honesty, Inquiry Based Learning, Student Advisory Programme and other essential components of international programmes.


  • Cambridge Lower Secondary  Programme for Grades VI to VIII
  • Cambridge IGCSE for Grades IX and X.

The mission of CAIE is to deliver world-class international education though the provision of high-quality curricula, assessments and services. Together with schools, it aims to develop Cambridge learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged – equipped for success in the fast-changing modern world.

  • confident in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others
  • responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others
  • reflective as learners, developing their ability to learn
  • innovative and equipped for new and future challenges
  • engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference

It is an academically rigorous, internationally recognised, curriculum.


Cambridge Lower Secondary

is typically for learners aged 11 to 14 years (classes 6-8). It gives schools a flexible framework for developing skills and understanding in English, Mathematics and Science. Other Subjects studied by the students are Hindi; French/Sanskrit; History, Geography.

Cambridge IGCSE

is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year old students (classes 9-10). It is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success. Developed over 25 years ago, it is tried, tested and trusted by schools worldwide.

For learners, Cambridge IGCSE helps improve performance by developing skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving. It is the perfect springboard to advanced study