International Curriculum


We analyse the strengths, aspirations and goals of the schools, conduct a feasibility study and then recommend the programmes that would best align with the schools’ vision, need and context. In this regard we support our schools through their application for candidacy, authorization, implementation and development of the following Programmes.


International Baccalaureate

The programmes provide students with a balanced education that promotes an international understanding along with encouraging students and teachers to develop pride in their own heritage. This philosophy is in complete alignment with the vision and values of the Shriram schools.


IB Diploma Programme (DP)

DP is a two-year programme for students of age group 16 to 18 years. The schools have the flexibility of offering the programme as stand-alone. Through the DP, the students develop an excellent breadth and depth of knowledge, excel in traditional academic subjects, explore the nature of knowledge, develop research skills, study at least two languages and engage in experiential learning through the creativity, activity and service programme of the IB. Further reading: IB Diploma Programme


IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

MYP students are well prepared for further education, including national and international courses of study for 16-19year olds. The MYP is a five-year programme, which can be offered in abbreviated formats of two, three or four years.  Further reading: IB Middle Years Programme


IB Primary Years Programme

The programme is offered to students of 3 to 12 years of age once the school is authorised. The six transdisciplinary themes of global significance deepen student learning and engage them in developing their conceptual understanding, knowledge and skills. Further reading: IB Primary Years Programme



Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)


Cambridge Upper Secondary (Cambridge IGCSE, age group 14 to 16)

The IGCSE offers a wide selection of subjects for students to select from. The programme accommodates the needs of learners at core and extended level. Cambridge IGCSE develops skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving in learners. Further reading: Cambridge Upper Secondary


Cambridge Lower Secondary (Age group 11 to 14 years)

The flexibility of the programme allows greater emphasis on learning of language, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspective and ICT. The schools are free to add additional subjects such as Geography, History etc. that are relevant to the needs of their learners. Further reading: Cambridge Lower secondary


How we work with our schools

We support our schools in the implementation of the programme through

  • Creating and developing curriculum documents
  • Workshops that are subject specific and generic in nature
  • Self-evaluation process
  • Creating learning spaces
  • Building programmes of study for students with special needs

Student Advisory Programme promotes academic success by inculcating in students the habit of becoming self-regulated learners

The Advisory builds over the years to support students in their career and college planning.

We have started the Advisory Service Programme at

The Shriram Millennium School , Noida ​

Since 2017​

The Kalyani School, Pune ​


The Shri Ram Universal School, Palava​


The Shri Ram Universal School, Hyderabad ​


Ghiyasuddin School , Maldives ​


The Shri Ram Universal School, Rohtak ​



The goals of the Advisory Programme:

  • To help advisees reflect upon and monitor their academic progress through a formal conferencing structure. They prepare for the conference with their Adviser and then participate in the Student Led Conference.
  • To develop and maintain relationships with their peers and the adviser.
  • To help advisees identify and develop attitudes, behavior and skills to succeed in school, college and beyond.
  • To provide advisees with the information, resources and support through their college selection and admission process.

Our Schools offering the International Programme

Ghiyasuddin International School, Maldives

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)


The Shriram Millennium School, Noida

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)

Candidate school for the IB Diploma Programme

The Shri Ram International School, Hyderabad (Launch year 2021)



Service Learning Programme

The “Service Learning Programme” is for students to understand their capacity to make a meaningful contribution to their community and society. Through service, students develop and apply personal and social skills in real-life situations involving decision-making, problem-solving, initiative, responsibility, and accountability for their actions. The programme introduces collaborative engagements within the school in response of the authentic need of the community. Through the programme, students will get an opportunity to strengthen the approaches to learning. In approaches to learning, students are encouraged to grow both personally and socially, developing skills such as cooperation, problem-solving, conflict resolution and creative and critical thinking, as well as developing their own identities. The programme will offer opportunities to develop students’ ability to engage in critical reflection, offering increasingly sophisticated opportunities for students to analyse their own thinking, effort and performance.