Audits and Financial Feasibility

Fulfilling statutory requirements is essential. But at Shri Educare we offer more. Our audit commitment is based on a complete understanding of the school industry, its operating environment, goals, accounting systems and most importantly, the staff and students.

We, at Shri Educare, add value to your School by offering the below mentioned services:


Market Research and Financial Feasibility.

  1. Catchment mapping
  2. Competitive landscaping.
  3. Reviewing marketing plan and sharing the recommendations.
  4. Drafting of financial feasibility report for the proposed school / pre-school

Academic Audit

  1. Classroom observations.
  2. Capability mapping of teachers.
  3. Reviewing lesson planning.
  4. Reviewing curriculum transition.

Admin audits

  1. Infra and safety audits.
  2. Admin process audits and sharing of best practices


  1. Reviewing compliances.
  2. Reviewing organisational structure.
  3. Reviewing revenue: pay-outs.
  4. Reviewing roles, responsibilities, control points and delegation power.


  1. Reviews with regards to Affiliation Board related requirements
  2. Process improvements
  3. Guidance on accounting issues relevant to independent schools
  4. Classification of Assets
  5. Revenue recognition
  6. Pledges (Restricted & Unrestricted Donations)
  7. Internal control recommendations and Delegation of Powers
  8. Statutory & Internal compliance review