Use Adversity to Your Advantage

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    Use Adversity to Your Advantage

    2020/07/30 at 4:48 AM, 3415 Views

    Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves comes when life seems most challenging.

    – Joseph Campbell

    Such is the power of Adversity. Therefore, rather than looking at adversity as a roadblock in our lives, we need to look at how we can use them as the proverbial steppingstones to take us further.

    Those who do so, not only go further, they also grow stronger. It is the tough times that makes us innovate, improvise and invent. History has enough examples to prove this. Every invention created come into existence because a need was felt for it. The stronger the need, the faster the invention – or in the present scenario, the discovery.

    The pandemic holds us in its grip and the entire planet has a single point agenda at the moment, and that is to find a vaccine that will help stop its spread. Cure, thankfully, is now a possibility.

    Looking at the positive side of things, one can’t help but reflect on how, people around the world have put aside their differences and are all trying to support each other – nationwide and worldwide – in an attempt to what is now popularly being known as “flattening the curve”.

    Bringing this to our context, how can we as parents and educators, strengthen our children and make them more resilient? A question that every adult is concerned about today.

    So, first things first. One of the things the children definitely need to be able to build resilience is your complete faith and support. As parents, you need to be there for your children. Therefore, carve out time from your schedule, however busy you are and give them your complete and undivided attention. Make this time special and sacred. No gadgets, no phone calls, no TV viewing or even listening to music. Don’t couple this special time with chores to be done around the house. These conversations are very important and hence need to be given that stature.

    Now, just because the time is to be considered sacrosanct and important, does not mean this is “serious” conversation time only. What it means is that all bodies are on “Listening Body” mode and each one gets a chance to talk and be heard.

    Once this is established as a routine, you will notice that children become more vocal and start voicing their thoughts, emotions, concerns and anxiety. That is when you begin to steer the conversation towards becoming resilient.

    Talk to them about the adversity that they (and you too) are facing and discuss each person‘s perspective. Watch as they come out with simple solutions to dealing with, not just the adversity itself, but also its effects on themselves and others.

    Explain to them how it is important to face the adversity to be able to overcome it. Denying or evading it is what makes the adversity grow stronger or larger. Facing it upfront will result in one of two things – we either get stronger and hence are able to overcome it; or we are able to change the adversity into an opportunity and then optimize it to our advantage.

    Every adversity humankind has faced had enabled them to evolve into a stronger, more resilient and advanced species. It has brought people across the globe together as a single community. It is those who do not face adversity that fall beside the wayside. The ones that reach the finish line are those who strove on despite all odds.

    The undiluted special time you spend with your children will build their inner strength, confidence and self-esteem, it will enable them to look at things from all available perspectives, it will strengthen them with skills such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking and decision making. It will teach them responsibility and independence. It will strengthen self-discipline and character.

    In short, it will help mould your child into an individual that steps into the now cliched “New Normal” with courage, confidence, commitment and conviction. A true global citizen who will contribute and make a difference in the world.

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