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School Franchise

Getting a school franchise is an obvious choice for edupreneur. It is an arrangement where the franchisor grants the franchisee the right to utilize its brand name to set up a quality school at a location which is as per the norms and requirements and is approved by the franchisor. The Franchisor then supports the franchisee in various arenas like infrastructure, school design & interiors, recruitment of teaching staff, teacher training, curriculum, marketing and budgeting, soft launch and pre-launch, IT, safety and security, policies and the academic support.

A School Franchise in India offers you a readymade and proven system with the necessary compliance and policies which guide an investor to set up a quality school and ultimately draws the better results than the independently set up schools.

The set of School Franchise Opportunities are in abundance, wherein the vision, mission, goal & objectives of the proven school with quality standards are driven and regulated by the top management; which means that by joining a School franchise, you pick the proven "leader" to guide your institution to run efficiently and effectively.

The other factor which is related with the Franchise of schools in India, is the 'value for money', wherein a certain percentage as a royalty fee is charged but creates ROI model for your venture in no time, as it is already a brand, which has proven its success and has the brand awareness and recall for the parents and consumers to a great extent.

Shri Educare Limited (SEL) facilitates and guides you to plan and set up a RIGHT choice of School set up, so you proceed on your journey for your dream school smoothly.

Why You Should Consider A School Franchise

One cannot deny the fact that school franchises are generally very successful in terms of gaining experience and knowledge and to work with a renowned brand as well. So if you wish to explore in the world of franchising and earn a better income, then you should consider buying a School Franchise as it could turn out to be beneficial for you.
Here is why a Franchise for School is the best business to own.

  • Recession Proof
    • Whatever may happen in the world, schools and academic institutions will always be there to provide education to the students. This tells us that the School Franchises will not see a downfall unless you stop working hard and do not provide your best to the students.
  • Growing Demand
    • There is a growing demand for educational institutions in the market. Because of this growing demand, edupreneurs are going for an associate with big Franchise Brands in the market and to achieve success in the industry. In this way, the Franchise in School provides many opportunities for aspiring edupreneurs.
  • Plethora of Opportunities
    • With a bundle of opportunities in this sector, you can choose any big brand to start off with and it will be beneficial for you. If one does not work out for you then you can choose another brand.

Advantages of School Franchise

So here are 7 advantages of investing in School Franchise Business :

  • Tried &Tested Business
    • After you invest in very running business, it gets very useful for you because it offers you confidence and assurance. When you invest in an established Franchise, it gets very beneficial for you as well, as it involves a lot of hard work and some instructions given by the franchise. This business also provides support to its associates as well.
  • Trustworthy Brand
    • Another important advantage of a franchise business can be that it involves recognition with a trusted and very reputed brand. Not only this, they all get nationwide acknowledgment as well.
  • Support Provided
    • You receive continuous training and you get all the support from their corporate office. Franchises also get all-time support from their franchisor in terms of everything like setting up their business, supplies, marketing, and publicity, recruitment, etc.
  • A Turnkey Business
    • Many people have the skill to run an existing business but they don’t have much expertise in what all it takes to get a business up and running. Buying an existing franchise can cut out most of your hard work but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. You still have to do your part to maintain that reputation of the brand.
  • Brand Awareness
    • So if you buy a franchise that is already there in the business for a long time then the image and brand awareness is already recognized. We all know that customers are much more comfortable with School Franchise they are familiar with and they have already trust.
  • Higher Chances Of Success
    • Buying a franchise is very different from starting a business from scratch. If you invest in an established franchise and if you follow the system that the franchisor asks you to follow, then you should be on your way to running a successful business. And since there is already an established business in place, there is a higher chance of success.
  • Easier to Get Started
    • In a way, buying a franchise can make things a lot easier for you because there are a lot of entrepreneurs who have a lot of doubt in them while starting a business just because they are scared of starting it up from scratch. This is because there is much to be decided upon before you even think of starting an independent business and this is how getting a School Franchise of your own can help you.

Benefits Of School Franchise

Here are 4 benefits that franchisers could enjoy by investing in a School Franchise:-

  • 24*7 Guidance
    • This is the biggest benefit that a Franchise-based model offers to investors. Whether it’s a Preschool or any other franchise, from the very first day to the last day of setting up the business the brand usually offers complete support and guidance. Features like curriculum planning, infrastructure requirements, marketing, teacher training, and other key factors, the brand includes this assistance that is required to make a School Franchise business successful. A Franchise-based model reduces the amount of risk and mistakes unlike any independent business that the business associates can commit.
  • Put Land To Good Use
    • If you have a land that is unused and you are willing to generate a good amount of revenue from it, then going for a Franchise for School could well be the best solution for you. So, it’s time to put that land to good use judicially in order to establish or obtain a School Franchise.
  • Minimal Chances of Loss
    • The initial investment while establishing a Franchise for School usually depends upon the popularity of the brand. Though reaching the break-point requires time as any other franchise segment, the chances of suffering a loss are minimal.

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Location that you are interested in setting up school:

School Franchise Opportunities in India

The main aspects of the field of education are Quality & Credibility. So instead of starting it all from the scratch, going for a franchise is a much safer option. We all know that a Franchise that has already been there in business for so long makes things easier to start your business and it also boosts up your confidence by giving you ample resources and technical support. It will additionally assist you to realize your business goals and objectives.

The Procedure of Taking a School Franchise

Some key steps to consider before buying a franchise are:-

  • Research
    • You should do thorough research before buying a Franchise as it’s the key factor. You should find information about franchise opportunities in your location. Also, you should collect information about them.
  • Identify Individual Franchise
    • Now evaluate individual franchise companies and select one from one of them, which you think is the most suitable according to your requirements. Try to choose the companies that have franchises available in your desired location.
  • Qualification Required
    • Franchisors have a set of qualification requirements to ensure that all the franchisees are eligible in terms of financing and professional experience.
  • Submit Request
    • When all the analysis is finished, you have to select 1 or 2 industry categories among the franchises. Within each category, pick one to three franchisees and send them requests for information required. They will revert you back within a week with all the necessary information.
  • Disclosure Document
    • Now the franchisor is going to provide a franchise disclosure document (FDD), which contains all the important information regarding the franchise.
  • Disclosure Period
    • A 14 day disclosure period is also provided, in addition to the disclosure document. A franchise agreement cannot be signed within this time span. This necessary period offers franchisees the prospect to analyze, review disclosed materials, and make a well-informed decision about whether or not they should or not be a part of that franchise.
  • Visit Existing Franchisees
    • The best way to get information about any franchise is to contact the existing franchise. This is the best way to get information about them as a franchisee and evaluate how well a franchisor supports them.
  • Visit Franchisor
    • If you’re on the brink of entering a business, it is very important to satisfy those who are going to be supporting you to run your business successfully. You’ll be able to get any of your final queries answered, however also they will be evaluating you as a possible franchise.

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