Own School Or Franchise? What Top School Consultants Suggest

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    Own School Or Franchise? What Top School Consultants Suggest

    2018/08/13 at 9:34 AM, 3731 Views

    “India is carving a niche in the global education industry and has more than 1.4 million schools.”

    However, there is still a lot of potential India holds for further development in the education system.

    Every day, my inbox gets flooded with numerous messages and the requests from people who are looking for ways to start their own educational startup with a school but get confused between what is meant by own school or franchise school.

    This dilemma often leads to confusion and an effective school fails to come into existence.

    To help you understand the concept behind both the aspects, I have brought posted this today so that you can understand what exactly a complete package of these aspects would contain.

    Starting Your OWN School

    The very idea of starting your dream project is nothing less than a magical journey, since you know the potential the schools have in their foundation, and apart from the monetary benefits, the strong platform you offer to the next generation.

    Eventually, starting an independent school is synonymous to start a new business from scratch, A plethora of opportunities for various talents and skills starting come onboard, Being a recession-free sector, it is a great idea to start a school.

    Something that stops the edupreneur is the lengthy and challenging process, but other lucrative aspects in this venture encourage them further, and it has boosted a lot of investors to come forward to invest in a school.

    Bearing in mind the benefits of starting a school, you must not forget that there comes a huge amount of responsibilities as well along with it.

    Take a look at the pros and cons of starting a school.


    • It is a rewarding and profitable venture since it requires a one-time investment.
    • It promises the long-term profits.
    • It offers a sense of satisfaction by serving the society at large.
    • It involves the least number of formalities to kick-start the venture compared to any other business venture.


    • You need to take care of finances, marketing, recruiting, training, drafting the curriculum etc. on your own, to avoid the additional expenses at the initial stage.
    • The number of admissions varies from year to year and depends largely on the popularity and credibility you have built.
    • Competition is HUGE in this field, and it is not going to be just from the existing, but also from the upcoming ventures as well.
    • The permission-granting process from various institutions is a very tedious and time-consuming task.

    Buying A School Franchise

    On the other hand, buying or running a franchise is considered a rewarding personal journey, but it has its own set of obstacles and challenges as well.

    Hence, we suggest you weigh and analyze both the pros and cons of getting a school franchise.


    • Being associated with an established brand name reduces the cost of initial setup and promotion.
    • This model gives less number of financial risk since you are carrying forward the existing brand identity.
    • You get a ready-made curriculum and designed syllabus.
    • You receive initial training, ongoing support and continued inputs to ensure the development of the school.


    • There is a lack of flexibility and you need to adhere to the rules set by the governing educational institution.
    • You have to pay a license fee, training costs, advertising charges, franchise fee, royalty, annually.
    • There is a huge risk of losing the branding, if any branch attains public attention, due to any wrong reason.

    The education sector is proceeding further with prolific growth and either of the options is not free from its own set of advantages and risk factors. You need to be wise enough to pick the best choice for your concept venture.

    But, unless you have the guidance from an expert school consultant in India to ensure that the selected option is a comprehensive solution for you to set up a new school, you would always end up picking the wrong option for your venture.

    Hence, it is not advice, but it is highly recommended that you get the services from one of the best school consultants in India. However is it really that easy to get these services from a professional consultancy firm???

    I know it is a hard nut to crack, to get a dedicated and genuine school consultant in India.

    Don’t Panic 

    I am here to suggest a proven consultancy firm, for your school concept and that is none other than Shri Educare Limited (SEL).

    The dedicated professionals from the SEL team would ensure that you are guided and trained with every intricacy involved in the process of starting a school.

    SEL has a vision of bringing a revolution in the education space and by integrating best practices, they would transform your mere concept into a factual reality.

    Their team of academic experts, designers, business development team constantly strives to give the best to their clients to help them experience phenomenal growth.

    Don’t wait any longer get in touch with the SEL team today

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