Education System of India needs Improvement

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    Education System of India needs Improvement

    2018/08/23 at 12:28 PM, 4135 Views

    India, the country with the largest headcount of young age population is moving towards becoming the largest economy of the world.

    We are progressing towards becoming a world power, but we still have many roadblocks in the journey. One of the main roadblocks is our education system

    Currently, the education system is based on Quantity (scoring marks). It is the only criteria schools teach students and in the process, Quality (Learning) is ignored completely.

    We could hardly see schools with facilities for physical activities, or for mental growth of students. They have playgrounds but students carry the burden of getting high grades, which does not let them play.

    Where will we go with this?

    With this kind of mindset, where the entire focus is on getting good marks only, the growth of youngsters as well as the country will eventually stagnate. We need to bring in the change in our thought process,

    How to bring in the change?

    Change is only possible if we will work towards investing in schools that are focused on the overall development of children.

    One can work towards providing quality education to all by investing in good quality schools. Providing education is a noble cause, which is a lucrative business as well. An Ideal School is one which has everything in place, but it is not easy to focus on everything at one go.

    How to get everything in one place?

    Bringing change is possible only through investing in Schools, for which one needs to have a consultant on board, who can help one create an ideal school.

    Education Consultants provide you with all the necessary support which is required to start a good, progressive school. This involves getting approvals for school building, inputs on architectural design, Curriculum, Human Resource Recruitment, handling Financial aspects and creating a right bank of plans & policies that support the smooth functioning of a school.

    One of the best names in this industry is Shri Educare Limited (SEL). They can help you with the entire process of setting up a school. You can get in touch with them on mail at or call +91 124 4529900

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