Shri Ram Educare Consultancy

SEL provides a meaningful and an engaging dynamic curriculum, incorporating lesson plans, activities, projects, hands on learning that cater to all levels of thinking skills.

Why Shri Educare

  • Draw upon the experience and the expertise of running academic institutions of repute in the country
  • Engage in a long term commitment with our collaborators
  • Provide a meaningful fusion of global practices and customization suited to the local context of the partner organization
  • Customize and implement change programmes for your school
  • Remain committed to ensure quality and objectivity through our active involvement
  • Bring corporate excellence in our approach leveraging our association with our promoters’ company, SRF Limited, known for its Total Quality Management practices

School Set up

Shri Educare Limited, as the leading school consultant in India, offers expertise to its partners to set up value enabled progressive institutions in the educational arena. We engage with our partners providing them with consistent tailor made support built on the know-how from The Shri Ram Schools.

Shri Educare Limited as a School consultancy, supports its partners in the following areas:

  • Financial feasibility of schools and budgetary planning
  • Defining the vision of the school through intensive discussions and handholding
  • Laying down the road ahead for adopting a multi pronged approach covering all the functions related to academics, administration and human resource services
  • Academic - Process Design: Designing Standard Operating Procedures; Manuals; Handbooks; Staff Handbooks; Parent Handbooks
  • Administrative - Logistical Requirements: Preparing lists of equipment for laboratories, ICT labs, furniture (fixed and movable), Music and Physical Education, Checklists for various Administrative Functions; General rules and regulations for Governance of the schools etc

Curriculum Set up

The Curriculum support by Shri Educare limited through its school consultancy services is based on the expertise of the faculties of The Shri Ram Schools: A group of dynamic individuals from diverse backgrounds with a passion for igniting the flame of curiosity in young minds. Coupled with the desire to contribute, the curriculum is based on real life situations inbuilt with higher order thinking skills.

Shri Educare Limited as a part of the curriculum offers:

  • A curriculum customized for schools being set up on national and international curriculam.
  • A dynamic curriculum that stretches young minds beyond the limits of the text books
  • A curriculum that is more than lessons plans and is especially designed to bring back the joy of learning inside and outside the classroom
  • A curriculum that is constantly updated keeping in demand with the needs of the learners
  • A curriculum that empowers its stakeholders to mould, adapt, accommodate and demand an equal contribution
  • An extensive database that guides the school with regard to the academic inventory

HR Services

We extend HR support in the following areas:

  • Recruitment: Recruitment forms the beginning of any new initiative. We therefore help you recruit the Educators who build your institution. With our expertise of recruiting educationists for The Shri Ram Schools, we recruit the key position holders for you and enable them to build their team.
  • HR Policies and Systems: Robust policies and systems help any Institution to build upon while ensuring the hygiene factors do not deteriorate. We design School specific HR policies and structures customized for your requirements, which help in maintaining the basics in place and give you the space to concentrate on School Development.
  • Enabling Educators: The greatest asset that a school can have are its educators; educators who innovate and think meaningfully; educators who will go that extra mile for their students. Shri Educare Limited offers tailor made modules to enable educators on a periodic basis or as a one-time support in order to benefit the educator and the learner. In addition, we offer tailor made training programs designed on the basis of specific needs of the school. Our constant engagement with our partners ensures that educators are updated on the latest developments in the field of education and are equipped with latest methodologies and pedagogical approach. Through our programmes, we hope to touch the lives of educators who once empowered will never look back on the course to self-reflection, thus integrating in themselves a true educator Some of the offerings from our Enabling Educator service are
    • The Leadership Series: A programme for Principals, Administrators and the Key Leadership team of a school

Marketing Support

  • Site Feasibility Study and Competitive Analysis
  • Drafting the Marketing Budgets and ATL / BTL Plan
  • Providing the Brand Manual and Brand Guidelines
  • Vetting on ads / brochures / hoardings / collaterals
  • Giving inputs for web site design and digital marketing campaigns
  • Training of Counselors and PRO’s and setting up the MIS processes
  • Guidance in planning events and school launch
  • Helping in brand building efforts in local region
  • Introduction to various vendors
  • Guidance on generating walk-ins and monitoring of admission numbers as per targets

IT Support

  • ShriConnect ERP Solution:

Technology always advancing and making our lives easier therefore for the betterment of education with the help of ShriConnect web-based ERP solution we are proving support to automates various functional areas at school like proving transparency in communication, personalized teaching and learning, support paperless campus, Alert scheduling, monitoring attendance, paperless fees collection system, automate payout process accessibility anytime any place etc.

  • IT Infrastructure:

Proving support on Managing the internal & hosted network infrastructure including: firewalls, servers, switches and telephony. help to access new technologies quickly & cost effectively. making recommendations for improvements. Working with School management on the design and overall organization of a School's computer system, Website, Server & Network architecture. Transformation strategies of IT on premise and cloud. Maintains staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training IT employees.



Financial Feasibility & Budgets: An effective financial feasibility & budgets enable the stakeholders to evaluate the schools competitive and financial position and how to improve the same. We help in creating financial feasibilities for the school with various scenarios and guide schools for the creation of annual budgeting & MIS’s.

Finance & Accounts Policies: Robust policies and systems ensure better internal control and better adherence to statutory compliances. We help in designing specific Finance & Accounts policies and structures customized for the Schools requirements, which help in maintaining the basics in place and give you the space to concentrate on School Development.



Training & Workshop




  1. Qualities of an Effective Teacher
  2. Shri Educator
  3. Language Training for Teachers
  4. Lesson Planning
  5. ICT in Teaching and Learning
  6. Classroom Management
  7. Report writing
  8. CCE
  9. Assessments
  10. Wealth to Waste
  11. Bulletin Boards
  12. Teaching Aids
  13. Adolescence
  14. Parenting workshop
  15. School Events Planning
  16. Cross Curricular Integration
  17. Worksheets That Work
  18. Differentiators (SEL)
  19. Effective Instructional Skills (SEL)
  20. Inquiry based learning
  21. HOTS
  22. Fine Motor
  23. Mathemagic / Mathemania
  24. Write Right
  25. Writers write (Writers’ Workshop)
  26. Circle time for Elementary, Junior and Middlegrades
  27. Phonics
  28. Spell Well
  29. Kaushal - Workshop for Hindi teachers
  30. Environment Education
  31. Approach to Teaching in Middle Grades – Subject Specific workshops
  32. Approach to Teaching in Junior School –Subject specific workshops
  33. Effective Study Skills and Time Management – Middle and Senior School
  34. Orientations to Curriculum (Elementary, Junior, Middle and Senior)
  35. Project Based Learning (SEL)
  36. Identifying learning disabilities
  37. Managing special needs in the classroom
  38. Child Development
  39. Leadership programme for students (TSRS)


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