How to Open a School in Indore

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    How to Open a School in Indore

    2022/07/06 at 4:18 AM, 3870 Views

    How to open a school in Indore

    The Arun Bharat Ram family established Shri Educare Limited (SEL) in 2008. SEL was established due to the promoter’s dedication to extending the reach of their high-quality education offerings. Its principal activities include advising and consulting services for opening schools (Pre-school through K12) in India and overseas, supplying schools with ERP solutions, and conducting education consultations.

    The decision to establish SEL was made in light of the lack of high-quality schools in various regions of the nation and the expanding demands of NRIs. They reside in nations where high-quality Indian schools are difficult to find. Depending on the location and preferences of the local community, these schools will adhere to various national and international curricula. All the colleges under Shri Educare Limited are the best example of how to open a school in Indore. 

    The Shri Ram Schools are renowned for their child-centric creative methods of teaching value-based education under the auspices of the SRF Foundation and will serve as the inspiration for the schools that Shri Educare Limited and others will launch in India and internationally; hence they are the best to guide, how to open a school in Indore.

    The establishment of the schools is done through consulting and advising services offered by SEL, along with partners in the education sector, businesses, and real estate developers who are building new projects all around the nation. Shri Educare Limited’s establishment with the goal of growing the network of top-notch schools will go a long way toward raising the bar for Indian students both at home and abroad.

    Our Objective:

    Shri Educare Limited is a thriving and value-driven centre of excellence, renowned for providing top-notch instruction and customer care that increases value for all parties involved. Our guiding principles for dealing with each stakeholder in the company are reflected in our fundamental values. At Shri Educare Limited, values go beyond mere platitudes. These are a group of behaviours that ought to show themselves in our daily actions. 

    Some of more objectives of Shri Educare Limited are as follows:

    Clients First

    By ensuring that the consumer comes first in all our interactions, we are committed to offering best-in-class services to our stakeholders.


    We at Shri Educare Limited encourage everyone to give their best effort, individually and collectively.


    Shri Educare Limited supports its team’s innovation and promotes unconventional thinking across all functions.


    We, Shri Educare Limited, proactively address the demands of all of our stakeholders by improving upstream planning and utilising effective systems and processes.


     At Shri Educare Limited, we maintain transparency in our dealings and refrain from any behaviour that would harm the organisation’s reputation.


    Every stakeholder is treated with respect and decency by Shri Educare Limited. We support open dialogue between everyone connected to us.


    We at Shri Educare Limited provide a secure and enjoyable workplace for our employees and support them in difficult situations.

    The educational legacy of Shri Educare Limited:

    Lady Shriram College:

    Sir Shri Ram, who passed away in 1956, founded Lady Shri Ram College in New Delhi. The institution’s mission was to give women access to high-quality higher education. LSR is evidence of its founder’s long-term thinking and unwavering passion for seeing his idea come true.

    Today, the college has about 2000 students, over 150 professors, administrative and support staff, and 16 different study options. It is housed in a beautiful 15-acre site in South Delhi. Under the inspired leadership of industrialist and philanthropist Dr Bharat Ram, the College became synonymous with excellence in academics and extracurricular activities. 

    A knowledgeable and helpful Board of Governors made up of representatives from business, law, journalism, academia, and government supports the Chairman in managing the college. Dr Bharat Ram passed away in July 2007, and his successor, Mr Arun Bharat Ram, assumed the Chairman of the Board of Governors.

    The Schools at Shri Ram:

    The Shri Ram Schools culminate Mrs Manju Bharat Ram’s vision and commitment, who felt compelled to create an alternative style of schooling in Delhi. SRF Foundation, a project of SRF Limited, stepped up to assist in bringing this idea to life. The founder of SRF Foundation, Sir Shri Ram, left a lasting legacy by helping to create some of Delhi’s most renowned educational and cultural organisations. Sir Shri Ram’s tremendous vision resulted in some of the most well-known educational institutions, including Shri Ram College of Commerce and Lady Shri Ram College.

    Hence, there is no doubt about the excellence of Shri Educare Limited. So, if you also want to know how to open a school in Indore or want to collaborate with Shri Educare Limited, then you can contact us. By taking our number from the website of Shri Educare Limited, you can ask for any query. You can get the opportunity to become a part of the Shri Educare Limited family.

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