Congratulations on becoming a Parent!

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    Congratulations on becoming a Parent!

    2018/06/01 at 11:23 AM, 3772 Views

    Shri Parvarish

    This indeed is the most beautiful role one would play in one’s life. A role that is lifelong and comes with no “exit clause”

    This is an assignment that no amount of pre-reading or pre-discussions can truly prepare you for a 100%. And yet, most of us are able to find our own style and philosophy to ensure that the child’s upbringing is peppered with the right amount of “do’s” and “don’ts”, which hopefully ensure that he or she grows up to be someone we, as parents, could be proud of.

    From the moment we hold our little bundle of joy in our arms for the first time,
    our lives change dramatically, taking on a new meaning and purpose. From then on, we strive to provide our little one with everything money can buy. And of course, along with all these materialistic things are the other experiences and memories that we ill our child’s life with.

    These experiences and memories are what he or she will look back on when faced with life decisions. Therefore, a parent with caution and compassion; a parent with empathy and sympathy; a parent with love and firmness; a parent with trust and faith. In the months that follow, we will be sharing with you various insights into positive parenting that will enable you, to some extent, to reduce anxiety and stress while interacting and transacting with your child. However, while these are experiences shared by many a parent, it is not a case of “one size fits all”. Therefore, it is imperative that what is read is read in context, understood completely, before strategies and techniques are used in similar situations. Remember, the situation may be similar, but the child is different. And hence, customizing these tips and strategies is important.

    We call these series of articles “The ABC of Parenting from The Heart”. Do also read similar articles provided through the mentioned web links for further understanding.

    In case you would like to contribute to the parent community with insights and
    suggestions of your own, please feel free to mail us the same on the link provided.

    We also encourage you to put forth questions you may have which we would endeavor to answer through subsequent articles.

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    Once again, Congratulations and Welcome to “SHRI PARVARISH” our special

    bulletin on “The ABC of Parenting From the Heart”.

    Contributed by Neethi Srikumar, AVP – Operations,

    Shri Educare Limited

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