Launch of the new IB Insights platform in September 2020

Launch of the new IB Insights platform in September 2020

DP Coordinator’s Notes September 2020 – IB Insights blurb

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new IB Insights platform in September 2020.

IB Insights is an easy-to-navigate tool that provides interactive, visual presentations of assessment performance data. It will be made available to all IB schools which offer authorized DP, CP, or MYP programmes, at no additional charge to your school. This data can be used to identify areas of concern and opportunity, and to help inform learning and teaching practices.

The first three reports which will be available to schools are:

·         Subject Question Analysis

·         Actual vs. Predicted Grades

·         Internal Assessment Analysis

Due to the cancellation of May 2020 exams, IB Insights will launch with historical data only – 2016-2019, inclusive. Data from all future regularly-held exams will be included as soon as those results are released to schools.

IB Insights will allow you to apply filters to these reports, and to analyze and compare performance across various student groups, subjects and assessment components. You will be able to view student performance down to the question level, and to understand where they may be performing significantly above or below global averages on these items (where # of schools is =>5 or # of candidates is >10, in order to protect your school’s privacy), giving you a new tool to analyze what your students are understanding well, and what they’re struggling with.

Coordinators and Heads of School will access the platform through a new tile in My IB, and will be able to download pdf reports to share with teachers.

If you need any help understanding the reports or how best to use the data, we’re here to help. Assistance will be available through:

·         Customer service system support (technical support) at

·         Professional Development workshops (how to use the data to inform learning and teaching)

·         Your IBWS manager (what the data tells you about your school)

We’re already hard at work on more reports to offer in the future, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!