How to Open a School in Mumbai

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    How to Open a School in Mumbai

    2022/07/06 at 4:20 AM, 3801 Views

    How to open a school in Mumbai

    Here Is How To Open A School In Mumbai

    Shri Educare Limited offers a meaningful and engaging dynamic curriculum that incorporates lesson plans, activities, projects, and hands-on learning that cater to all levels of thinking skills. The shortage of excellent schools in various parts of the country and the rising demands of NRIs led to the decision to build Shri Educare Limited (SEL).

    They live in countries where it is challenging to get high-quality Indian schools. These schools will follow different national and international curricula depending on their location and the local community’s desires. The best example of how to start a school in Mumbai is all of the colleges that are part of Shri Educare Limited.

    Now a question arises why should someone go for Shri Educare Limited. So, here are a few reasons-

    Why should you choose Shri Educare?

    • Use the knowledge and experience of those who manage reputable academic institutions nationwide.
    • Bring together global best practices with the appropriate modification for the partner organization’s local environment.
    • Create and implement customised change initiatives for your school.
    • Please continue to be dedicated to upholding objectivity and quality through our active participation.
    • Using the affiliation with SRF Limited, the firm of our promoters, a corporation renowned for its Total Quality Management methods, we can bring corporate excellence to our approach.

    Setup of the school:

    As the top school consultant in India, Shri Educare Limited assists its partners in establishing value-enabled, forward-thinking educational institutions. We cooperate with our partners by giving them ongoing, specifically tailored support based on knowledge from The Shri Ram Schools and even guidance about how to open a school in Mumbai.

    As a school consulting company, Shri Educare Limited assists its clients in the following areas:

    • Budgetary planning and the viability of schools financially.
    • We are defining the school’s vision through lengthy conversations and support.
    • Laying out the steps necessary to develop a multifaceted strategy that addresses all aspects of academics, administration, and human resource services
    • Academic – Process Design: Creating Staff Handbooks, Parent Handbooks, Manuals, and Standard Operating Procedures.
    • Logistical and administrative requirements: Creating lists of instruments for music and physical education, ICT labs, fixed and moveable furniture, and other equipment, as well as checklists for various administrative tasks, general rules and regulations for school governance, etc.

    Setting up a curriculum:

    The expertise of the faculty members of The Shri Ram Schools, a group of vibrant people from various backgrounds who are passionate about igniting the flame of curiosity in young minds, is the foundation for the curriculum support provided by Shri Educare Limited through its school consultancy services. The curriculum is based on real-life scenarios with higher-order thinking abilities embedded, which goes along with the desire to contribute.

    In the course materials, Shri Educare Limited provides:

    • A curriculum created specifically for schools operating under national and international standards.
    • A dynamic curriculum challenges students’ ideas beyond what can be learned from textbooks.
    • A curriculum that goes beyond lesson plans is explicitly created to rekindle students’ enthusiasm for learning inside and outside the classroom.
    • A curriculum that is continuously modified to meet student demands and needs.
    • A curriculum that gives its participants the freedom to modify, accommodate, and demand equal input.
    • A comprehensive database that directs the school’s academic inventory.

    HR Solutions

    We offer HR assistance in the following fields:

    • Recruitment: Every new effort begins with recruitment. So, we assist you in finding the Teachers who will create your institution. We recruit the essential post holders for you and allow them to assemble their team using our expertise in recruiting education specialists for The Shri Ram Schools.
    • HR Systems and Policies: Any institution can progress while maintaining high hygiene standards with the support of definite rules and systems. We create HR policies and structures that are relevant to your school and are tailored to meet your needs; this helps you keep the fundamentals in place and frees you up to focus on school development.
    • Educators’ Support: The best resource a school can have is its staff, staff who are innovative, thoughtful, and willing to go above and beyond for their pupils. For the benefit of both the educator and the student, Shri Educare Limited provides customised modules to support instructors on an ongoing basis or once. Additionally, we provide specialised training programmes for the institution’s unique requirements. Through our programmes, we aspire to make a difference in the lives of educators who, once empowered, will never turn back from the path of introspection, thereby integrating a true educator inside themselves.
    • Series on leadership: a programme for school administrators, principals, and the critical leadership team.

    This is not it, but we provide support for many other things, like IT Support, Finance, Training & workshops, Academic, Special Needs and Leadership. With all our experiences, we can guide you on how to open a school in Mumbai. So, now you know how beneficial it is for you if you are even thinking of joining us. So, hurry up and be a happy member of the Shri Educare Limited family.

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