Top 5 Strategies To Skyrocket Your School Franchise Profits

In today’s fast-paced world, education is not just about books and exams; it is about shaping well-rounded individuals ready for the future! Thus the need of the hour is to create a holistic learning experience for students that helps them excel in every walk of life. And, this is what we can call a golden opportunity for your franchise! 

By embracing innovative strategies that go beyond traditional teaching and creating an all-encompassing educational journey, you can become the preferred choice for students and parents. Thus, it is time to break free from the confines of the blackboard and transform your school franchise into the most profitable education franchise in India. 

In this article, we will explore the top 5 strategies that can help you turn this dream into reality. So, let’s get started – 

Strategy #1 Choose The Right Location

One of the first things you need to do to establish the most profitable education franchise in India is to select the ideal location. Location plays a pivotal role in not only attracting students but also winning the trust of parents. Thus, target regions with a burgeoning population and limited educational offerings! 

By providing top-tier education in underserved areas, you can cultivate a strong student base, as you will become the beacon of education in areas where opportunities for quality learning are scarce. 

Strategy #2 Integrate Technology

In the digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the educational experience of students. Thus, to become the most profitable education franchise in India, consider integrating the following technologies –

  • Smart Classrooms Smart classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, audio-visual aids, and high-speed internet provide an immersive learning environment for students, fostering better engagement and comprehension.
  • Online Learning Platforms A user-friendly online learning platform allows students to access resources, make assignments, and take assessments remotely. This not only ensures continuity in learning but also helps you become the most profitable education franchise in India.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Integrating VR and AR technologies helps in creating immersive learning experiences for students. These tools can be especially useful in subjects like science, history, and geography.

Strategy #3 Provide Personalized Learning

It is time to leave the old ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach behind! Personalized learning is the secret sauce to tailoring education to every student’s educational needs. In other words, it is how you stand out from the crowd and become the most profitable education franchise in India!

Here are some of the ways in which you can provide personalized learning to your students – 

  • Adaptive Learning Adaptive learning systems are like personalized tutors for every student. They analyze how well each student is doing and then adjust the pace and difficulty of lessons accordingly. This means that if a student is struggling, the system provides extra support and practice until they catch up. 
  • Mentorship Programs Implementing mentorship programs that connect students with educators or industry professionals is another way to become the most profitable education franchise in India. They guide students based on their individual goals and interests which helps them succeed in their lives.
  • Flexible Scheduling Flexible scheduling is a game-changer for students, as it allows them to adapt their learning to their individual needs and lifestyles. This not only reduces stress but also enhances their overall learning experience. 

Strategy #4 Implement Skill-Based Programs

In a rapidly evolving job market, equipping students with practical skills is essential. Thus, if you implement skill-based programs, you will not only prepare students for real-world challenges but also become the most profitable education franchise in India.

Here’s a list of the programs you can run in your school – 

  • Vocational Training Vocational courses in collaboration with industry experts provide students with tangible skills that are high in demand.
  • Entrepreneurship Education Encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset in students by teaching them business and innovation skills fosters creativity and problem-solving abilities.
  • Internship Opportunities Forging partnerships with local businesses provides students with internship opportunities, giving them real-world exposure and a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Soft Skills Development Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership are relevant for students in every walk of life. Thus, make sure to help them develop these skills, as they will add value to their overall learning.

Strategy #5 Market Your School Franchise

In today’s smartphone era, we are bombarded with shopping ads on all our devices, all vying for attention. Similarly, you can also show people how amazing you are by marketing your school franchise! 

Harness the power of platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google to make sure people notice you. By boosting your online presence, you can solidify your authority and increase your chances of becoming the most profitable education franchise in India. After all, being visible online in this competitive landscape can make all the difference in attracting students and parents!

For more tips on how to become the most profitable education franchise in India, look no further than Shri Educare! With years of experience, we are the most reliable school consultancy that can help you turn your dream into a profitable reality!

Blueprint For Quality Education: Key Considerations In CBSE School Building Requirements

A school building is more than just a physical structure; it is a vessel of knowledge, a sanctuary of growth, and a canvas for dreams! The impact of a well-designed school building on a child’s learning journey is immeasurable. From the layout of classrooms that foster interaction to the play areas that cultivate physical well-being, the environment in which education unfolds holds immense importance in the academic journey of students.
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recognizes the pivotal link between school infrastructure and quality education. Thus, it has come up with a set of guidelines for how schools should be built. They must have well-ventilated classrooms that make students feel invigorated, laboratories that ignite scientific exploration, libraries that hold a world full of stories, and much more.
In this blog, Shri Educare, the best school consultant in India, will help you explore the CBSE school building requirements, which will enable you to create the blueprint of your educational journey. So, let’s get started –

Understanding The Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE is a national educational board in India that follows a standardized curriculum and assessment framework. It is renowned for its commitment to excellence and the holistic development of students. From pre-primary to high school, it offers educational programs that focus on academic rigor, co-curricular activities, and character building of students.

Now, let us take a look at the CBSE school building requirements to help you get your school in the best shape.

  • Classrooms

In accordance with CBSE school building requirements, it is essential to ensure adequate space for optimal learning environments. Each classroom must have a minimum size of 8 m x 6 m (approximately 500 sq. ft.) to accommodate one section of students. This helps in guaranteeing sufficient space for teaching and other activities. Additionally, a minimum floor space of 1 sq. m per student must be maintained in order to promote comfort and mobility within the classroom.

These specifications prioritize the well-being of students, allowing them to thrive and engage effectively in their classes. In other words, meeting these dimensions will ensure that your school infrastructure is conducive to the holistic development of students, as outlined by the CBSE school building requirements.

  • Science Laboratory

Science laboratories are where theoretical concepts come to life through hands-on experiments. Practical learning in these labs not only helps students grasp complex concepts better but also encourages their curiosity and critical thinking. Therefore, CBSE school building requirements stress the importance of well-equipped and safe science labs. According to these guidelines, a composite laboratory of 9 m x 6 m (approximately 600 sq. ft.) is required for a secondary school. And, for a senior secondary school, separate laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology are required with modern tools and equipment that help students get practical learning.

  • Library

As per the CBSE school building requirements, the establishment of a well-equipped and spacious library is paramount. The minimum size of your library should be 14 m x 8 m which will help in accommodating the student body. It must also offer a reading room and other resources to cater to the educational needs of the students.

In addition to that, it must house a comprehensive collection of books, encompassing age-appropriate books across subjects. The collection must also include e-books, Fiction, Non-fiction, Reference Books, Encyclopedias, Periodicals, Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers. You must encourage both staff and students to explore digital resources such as e-magazines, e-journals, and e-books.

The library should foster an inclusive environment, and the books should be issued to students regularly. This will help you enhance the learning experience of students while being in line with the CBSE school building requirements.

  • Computer Laboratory

In today’s digital age, computer laboratories play an essential role in modern education. As per the CBSE school building requirements, the minimum size of such a lab should be around 9 m x 6 m (approximately 600 sq. ft.). And for effective learning, your school should maintain a computer-to-student ratio of 1:20, with a minimum of 20 computers available. It is also essential to have Internet connectivity with good speed.

Schools with up to 800 students must have at least one computer lab and additional labs should be set up for every additional group of 800 students, according to the CBSE school building requirements. If your school offers computer science or IT subjects at the senior secondary level, it is essential for you to have a dedicated laboratory with suitable provisions. And to ensure your students’ cyber safety, the lab must include appropriate measures. Also, they must enter the lab under the supervision of a teacher.

  • Mathematics Laboratory

Mathematics often scares students, but a mathematics laboratory can change that! Therefore, CBSE school building requirements recommend this specialized space to transform abstract mathematical concepts into tangible experiences. Here, the students will be able to engage with puzzles, models, and interactive activities that will make math enjoyable and relatable for them. Also, it will encourage them to experiment, collaborate, and develop a deeper understanding of mathematical principles.

  • Rooms For Extra-Curricular Activities

CBSE school building requirements also emphasize the need for dedicated spaces for artistic and physical activities. Therefore, your school must have separate rooms for music, dance, arts, and sports, or alternatively, a spacious multipurpose hall that accommodates all these activities. This will help you ensure a well-rounded education, fostering creativity and physical development in students.

  • Drinking Water and Toilets

A healthy learning environment is incomplete without proper sanitation facilities. Thus, CBSE school building requirements emphasize the availability of clean drinking water and well-maintained toilets for both boys and girls. Additionally, separate restrooms should be made for staff and primary students. It is also essential for you to cater to the needs of physically challenged individuals with the help of specialized toilets. And, there should also be clear signage boards to help everyone find these facilities easily.

These CBSE school building requirements will not only help you promote good health but will also create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for your students.

  • Facilities For Persons With Disabilities

In line with the CBSE school building requirements, your school must ensure inclusive facilities. These include ramps in toilets, which are designed for the convenience of wheelchair users, and auditory signals in elevators and lifts. These infrastructural adaptations will create an environment where everyone, regardless of physical abilities, will be able to access the school premises comfortably.

For more tips on how to create an exceptional learning environment that aligns with CBSE school building requirements, reach out to Shri Educare. We are the best school consultants in India who can help you provide holistic development to your students effortlessly!

From Theory To Practice: Innovative Teaching Methods For Your New School

Starting a new school is like opening a brand-new storybook filled with endless possibilities. You can take learning beyond textbooks, make students explorers not just listeners, and let innovation be your compass guiding forward! So, as you turn the page to this exciting chapter, you can not only rethink the way you teach your students but also revolutionize it. 

Gone are the days of monotone lectures and dull classrooms. It’s time to paint a new picture in which students are infused with creativity, curiosity, and a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime. And if you are wondering how to do that? Shri Educare, the best school consultant in India, is here with a treasure trove of modern teaching marvels that will help you captivate young minds and nurture the skills they will need in an ever-changing world. All you need to do is buckle up as we unveil a collection of innovative teaching methods for your new school.

Creative Teaching Techniques For Your New School Opening

Here’s a list of the modern approaches to teaching that can help you break the mold. So, get ready to inspire, innovate, and ignite the spark of knowledge like never before!

  • Project-Based Learning

This type of method invites students to dive into real-world challenges by working on hands-on projects. For instance, designing a sustainable city layout would require your students to collaborate on building a miniature eco-friendly metropolis. This will not only unite them but also sharpen their teamwork, critical thinking, and research abilities. This is because they are not just memorizing facts; they are creating solutions that hold significance, turning textbook wisdom into practical, invaluable skills. 

Thus, project-based learning serves as a launchpad for creativity, where learning converts into action, preparing students for the exciting adventures that await beyond the classroom. So, if you want that your new school opening must turn into a hub of innovation and discovery, this teaching method is your best shot!

  • Flipped Classroom

At your new school opening, imagine students having vibrant discussions and engaging activities during the class! Well, that’s like rewiring the learning process, making every classroom session an interactive adventure.

With this type of innovative approach, your new school opening becomes a center for personalized education, tailoring the learning experience to each student’s pace and style. As they will participate in discussions actively, brainstorming ideas and collaborating with each other, it will deepen their understanding, paving the way for meaningful connections.

  • Gamification 

This type of teaching method involves adding game-like features to learning experiences at your new school opening, making studying more exciting and engaging for students. Your teachers can use the elements of the game to create activities that will encourage students to participate actively. For example, they might turn quizzes into challenges and give rewards for completing tasks. This will not only motivate students but also foster a better understanding of the concepts, and they will remember what they learned in a gamified lesson for a longer time.

So, in this way, your new school opening can turn subjects into quests, making learning an adventure that everyone wants to be a part of.

  • Blended Learning

Blended Learning is like mixing the best of both worlds in education. This type of teaching method combines traditional classroom learning with online tools, creating a super flexible way of learning that suits every type of learner. 

So, with your new school opening, you can use a mix of in-person teaching and digital resources to make lessons interesting and interactive. This way, students will be able to learn at their own speed, not feeling rushed or held back. It’s just like getting a personalized learning journey! So, make them experience the benefits of both face-to-face interactions and the convenience of online learning, making education a lot more adaptable and enjoyable for them.

  • Inquiry-Based Learning

This method is all about nurturing curiosity and independent thinking in students! They become explorers, encouraged to ask questions, delve into topics, and conduct their own research. This fills the classroom with the thrill of discovery, as students actively seek answers to their own inquiries. Not only that, it also hones their critical thinking skills. 

So, with your new school opening, you can help students step into a world where their questions pave the way for learning, fostering a deep passion for discovery and honing essential skills for their future.

  • Collaborative Learning Spaces

Imagine classrooms and common areas fostering collaboration, communication, and teamwork among students! And, the good news is – you can create such spaces with your new school opening.

These flexible learning areas encourage interaction, and they create the perfect environment for students to work together and learn from one another. They are like a hub of shared ideas and vibrant discussions. What’s more, they cultivate a strong sense of community, where students feel connected and supported. 

So, with your new school opening, you can take your students on a transformative educational journey that revolves around the power of collaboration – setting the stage for a bright and interconnected future!

For more tips-n-tricks on how to enhance the learning experience of your students, get in touch with the best school consultants in India. We will help you make the teaching-learning process a transformative journey for your students, that will prepare them for a dynamic world ahead!

Connecting Minds And Classrooms: World Wide Web Day And The Internet’s Influence On Education

World Wide Web Day is observed on the 1st of August every year to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of a true visionary – Tim Berners-Lee. He graced the world with the exceptional technology of the World Wide Web (www) back in 1989. Before the internet, life was a whole different ballgame – accessing limitless information and connecting globally seemed like a far-fetched dream.

But, with the advent of the internet, every aspect of our life revolutionized in ways we couldn’t have imagined! Even the franchises for international schools can’t help but marvel at the internet’s incredible impact. Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee’s brilliant invention, education has transformed beyond measure.

In this blog, let us know more about the miraculous contributions of the internet to the realm of education. But before that, here’s a brief overview of life before the Internet –

A Glimpse of The Days Before The Web

If you rewind the clock for a few decades, you will find the world operating at a slower pace. Knowledge was primarily confined to physical books, libraries, and limited local resources. Communicating across borders was challenging, and accessing information from distant corners of the globe required immense effort. Thus, the limitations in sharing knowledge hindered the growth of education, and international collaborations were a rare occasion.

However, when the internet came into play, a revolutionary transformation was observed in every sphere of life. Tim Berners-Lee’s creation of the World Wide Web paved the way for unrestricted access to information and global communication. And then suddenly, geographical boundaries became irrelevant, and a vast pool of knowledge was just a click away.

Now, let us explore the impact of the Internet on education –

How Does The Internet Transform Franchises For International Schools?

The internet has revolutionized franchises for international schools by providing easy access to resources, global expertise, and seamless communication. From curriculum updates to administrative tasks, online tools empower franchisees to nurture students’ growth and create a vibrant learning environment. This transformative impact elevates the educational experience for students and parents worldwide.

Let us take a closer look at these perks 👉

  • Access To Global Curriculum

With the help of the internet, franchises for international schools have gained easy access to diverse curriculums and a wide range of educational materials from all over the globe. This means that students can now explore diverse curriculums and learn from different perspectives, making their learning well-rounded and preparing to be responsible global citizens.

With this digital window to the world, they can also gain valuable insights into various cultures and ideas, fostering an understanding and appreciation for our interconnected world. Thus, access to a global curriculum empowers learners at the franchises for international schools to become open-minded, informed individuals ready to tackle the challenges of a dynamic, interconnected society.

  • Online Learning Platforms

The emergence of online learning platforms has opened up incredible opportunities for students at the franchises for international schools to access educational content, videos, and interactive materials from anywhere, at any time. This newfound flexibility has greatly enhanced their learning experiences, transcending the limitations of the traditional classroom.

Now, students can learn at their own pace, explore diverse subjects, and engage with dynamic content tailored to their needs. As a result, education at the franchises for international schools has become more accessible, adaptable, and personalized, empowering students to embrace knowledge in a way that suits their unique learning styles and preferences.

  • Collaborative Learning

The internet has facilitated collaborative learning, allowing students to connect and work together with peers and experts from around the world. Through virtual classrooms and online projects given to students at the franchises for international schools, they develop cultural exchange and mutual learning. Moreover, they also develop a sense of global community and gain valuable insights into diverse cultures. Thus, embracing interconnectedness broadens the students’ horizons and nurtures a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world’s rich diversity.

  • Teachers’ Development

The Internet not only plays a pivotal role in the development of students but also supports teachers’ development through continuous professional growth!

Teachers can now access a wealth of resources, including webinars, that connect them with educators globally. This virtual network available at the franchises for international schools fosters knowledge exchange and keeps them updated with cutting-edge teaching methodologies. This helps in ensuring that they deliver the best possible education to the students.

What’s more, these online opportunities empower teachers to refine their skills, stay abreast of educational trends, and implement innovative approaches in the classroom. As a result, the students at the franchises for international schools benefit from a more enriched and dynamic learning environment nurtured by teachers who are dedicated to their ongoing professional growth and success.

Hence, the World Wide Web has transcended boundaries, opened up new opportunities, and made this world a brighter and more connected heaven. If you want to avail these benefits at your franchise for international school – to empower the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, reach out to Shri Educare! We are the best school consultant in India who can help you embrace the magic of the Internet.

Empowering Education: Reflections from the 1st Ever Pro Conclave

Date: July 14th and 15th

The excitement was palpable as educators, administrators, and visionaries gathered for the First Ever PRO Conclave on July 14th and 15th. The focal point of the event was the series of insightful workshops designed to explore the communication with empathy, growth mindset, body language, teaching pedagogies and philosophies, and digital marketing. Hosted by esteemed educators and experts – Ms. Vinati, Ms. Deepti, Mr. Rupinder, Ms. Sudha Santhanam, Ms. Amrinder Kaur, and Mr. Arvind Malick – the conclave aimed to enhance the educational landscape by empowering the admission teams at our schools.

The conclave commenced with an emphasis on the significance of the admissions team’s role and the need for constant innovation in the field of education. Ms. Vinati, Ms. Deepti, and Mr. Rupinder conducted a captivating workshop on the “Art of Storytelling.” They emphasized that stories have the power to inspire, connect, and teach, making them a potent tool for educators to communicate complex ideas effectively. Participants were taken on a journey of narratives that not only captivated hearts but also enriched minds. This newfound storytelling prowess would undoubtedly breathe life into every aspect of the admissions process, forging deeper connections with prospective students and their families.

The subsequent workshop, led by Ms. Sudha Santhanam and Ms. Amrinder Kaur on “Shri Philosophy and Pedagogy,” focused on the core values and principles that shape an institution’s educational approach. It explored how a strong teaching philosophy could become the foundation upon which an institution’s unique identity stands. Through introspection and engaging discussions, participants gained valuable insights into the art of creating a conducive and holistic learning environment that nurtures the growth of every student.

The final workshop, spearheaded by Mr. Arvind Malick, centered on “Decoding Digital Marketing.” In today’s fast-paced world, leveraging digital platforms is essential for educational institutions to reach a wider audience and stay relevant. Mr. Malick’s expertise provided attendees with strategies to enhance their online presence, effectively communicate the school’s values, and attract a diverse and qualified student body. It was evident that digital marketing would serve as a powerful tool to project the excellence of Shri Ram World to a global audience.

The conclave brought together passionate educators and forward-thinking professionals, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation. Through networking opportunities and interactive sessions, attendees shared ideas and best practices, solidifying the foundations for a brighter future in education.

By implementing the knowledge gained from this conclave, the admissions office aims to ensure stability in the institution’s standards. Adapting teaching methodologies and pedagogy to cater to a diverse student demographic will foster a sense of pride among the student community. The impact of this event on the admission team’s approach will radiate throughout the entire educational journey of the students, empowering them to reach their fullest potential.

In conclusion, the 1st Ever Pro Conclave was a resounding success, leaving the attendees inspired and motivated to create a positive impact on the education sector. As the participants return to their respective institutions armed with new insights and strategies, the ripple effects of this conclave are sure to shape the future of education, one student at a time.

Fostering Holistic Development In Students Through CBSE School Franchise

Education is not just about textbooks and exams; it is about nurturing well-rounded individuals who can thrive in all aspects of life. And, in times like now, where competing is the key to survival, it is of utmost importance to provide students with holistic development. 

Now, the question arises – how to achieve this goal?

Well, in this pursuit, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) schools have emerged as a preferred choice for parents worldwide. With their commitment to holistic development and a comprehensive curriculum, CBSE schools offer numerous benefits that contribute to a well-rounded educational experience for students.

In this article, let us explore how a CBSE school franchise can help students prepare for success in all areas of life.

How CBSE School Franchises Shape Your Child’s Future?

Here are some ways in which a CBSE school franchise promotes the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of students –

  1. Creates A Balance Between Academic And Co-Curricular Activities

In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to strike a balance between academics and co-curricular activities to ensure the well-rounded development of students. Imagine a curriculum that not only focuses on traditional subjects but also incorporates sports, arts, music, drama, and more!

By providing a comprehensive curriculum that includes these activities, your CBSE school franchise can create an environment that promotes physical, social, and emotional growth. Students will get the chance to discover their passions, develop teamwork and communication skills, and enhance their creativity.

So, whether it is joining a sports team, participating in a musical performance, or showcasing artistic talents in drama, these activities foster holistic development in an engaging and interactive way.

  • Provides Application-Based Learning

CBSE focuses on providing application-based learning – moving beyond mere rote memorization. This approach encourages students to actively engage with the subjects and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. By promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills, a CBSE school franchise can prepare students to tackle practical challenges they may encounter in their academic and professional lives.

Through hands-on activities, projects, and interactive learning methods, students will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the subjects, fostering creativity and independent thinking. This method of teaching equips them with the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

  • Implementing Life Skills Programs

At your CBSE school franchise, implementing life skills programs takes center stage, as they prepare the students for essential life skills that would be required beyond the classroom.

By incorporating programs that teach communication skills, time management, emotional intelligence, leadership, and other vital skills, your CBSE school franchise can prepare students to tackle the challenges of the future. With these programs, they will gain the ability to express themselves effectively, manage their time, understand and regulate their emotions, and step into leadership roles with confidence.

This will help you nurture well-rounded individuals who are not only academically adept but also equipped with the life skills needed for success in the real world.

  • Promoting Creativity And Innovation

Creativity and innovation have become indispensable skills for success. In other words, nurturing well-rounded individuals goes hand in hand with developing creativity and innovation.

By encouraging artistic expression, a CBSE school franchise provides students a platform to explore their imagination and unlock their creative potential. Fostering curiosity sparks a love for learning and encourages them to ask questions and seek new knowledge. Moreover, providing ample opportunities for students to delve into their interests and passions enables them to develop a deep sense of purpose and motivation.

So, by making use of these strategies, your CBSE school franchise can create an environment that not only values creativity and innovation but also nurtures students’ individuality and self-expression.

  • Emphasizing On Character Development

When it comes to shaping students into well-rounded individuals, the role of character development cannot be bypassed. After all, academic excellence alone is not enough; students need to develop a strong moral compass, empathy, and a sense of responsibility toward society. Therefore, CBSE school franchises place a significant emphasis on character development through various initiatives.

One way of doing it is by integrating moral education and value-based lessons into the curriculum. CBSE school franchises introduce students to ethical and moral principles and social issues – encouraging them to critical thinking and reflection. By engaging students in discussions and activities that promote empathy, kindness, and respect for others, CBSE schools help cultivate a strong sense of values and integrity.

In addition to that, CBSE school franchises promote character development through role modeling and mentorship. The teachers and staff members serve as positive role models, demonstrating honesty, compassion, and ethical behavior. They provide guidance and mentorship to students, helping them navigate challenges, make responsible choices, and develop a strong moral foundation.

In this way, a CBSE school franchise opens doors for developing well-rounded students. Now, if you are wondering how to start a CBSE school franchise, then don’t miss out on having a word with Shri Educare. It is the best school consultancy that can help you prepare students for a better and brighter tomorrow.

How Can School Consultants Help You Open A New School?

Education plays a crucial role in shaping our lives and the world around us. It is like a key that unlocks countless doors of opportunities. Through education, we gain the knowledge, skills, and understanding that empower us to pursue our dreams and make a positive impact. Also, it equips us with the tools to navigate through life, make informed decisions, and adapt to changing circumstances.

However, when it comes to India, the literacy rate is still not very high. With approximately 15 lakh schools in India, the literacy rate of our country is 77.70%. Though the government and education societies are trying their best to battle this challenge, there is still a lot to do to increase the means of education, which primarily are schools.

Now, the question arises – how to open a school?

Well, this article is intended to help you find the answer to this question. So, let’s get started –

Create the Blueprint of Your New School Before You Bring it to Life!

Embarking on the journey of opening up a new school is an exciting and transformative endeavor. With careful planning and expert guidance on how to open a school, you can set the stage for success to follow.

So, join us as we delve into the essential aspects of blueprinting your dream school!

  • Lay out your ideas: Establishing a school may feel overwhelming with so many things to consider. From selecting the location, constructing the building, to hiring teachers and getting admissions, there’s just so much to give a thought to. So, the most appropriate step that you should take first is to plan everything before making the plunge. For ‘how to open a school’, address questions like –
  • What should be the location of the school?
  • With which board should it be affiliated with?
  • What will be the financial requirement of opening a school?
  • What would the core team look like?


  • Allocate your budget: Once you have a clear roadmap on the table, it’s time to determine your target audience. Remember that setting up a K-12 school in India can cost anywhere from 12 – 15 crore rupees, depending on your understanding of the demographics. So, ensure you have the financial resources before making the dive.
  • Register your school: After planning and allocating the budget, you’ll need assistance with the legal aspects. And for that, it would be resourceful to contact the school consultants who are well-versed in registration. They will help you do accurate paperwork and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Find the right land location and construct the school: Choosing the right location and beginning the construction process is a significant step towards bringing your vision to life. So, do not rely on whims and seek expert support for planning, layout design, maps, construction estimates, and other aspects to establish a unique school.
  • Complete all the formalities: While construction progresses, you’ll need to obtain recognition from the board of education, establish partnerships with educational societies, recruit top-notch faculty and staff, and handle all the administrative formalities associated with running a school. If you find how to open a school daunting, trust our experienced team at Shri Educare, as we have provided the backbone for many successful start-ups in the education industry.
  • Introduce your institute: What sets your school apart is your marketing strategies, PR activities, admission process, pre-launch campaigns, audience engagement, and a memorable opening ceremony. So, make sure you introduce your school to the world in the best possible way, as that will help you open the doors to success.

If you are still doubtful about how to open a school, meet –

Shri Educare Consultancy – the One-Stop Destination For All Your Needs

Shri Educare Limited, the best school consultants in India, excel in the establishment of progressive educational institutions that prioritize value-based learning. With a profound understanding of the education landscape, we collaborate closely with our partners, providing personalized and unwavering support. And, drawing upon the extensive expertise we have gained from The Shri Ram Schools, we ensure the creation of exceptional educational blueprints, fostering the growth and success of each institution we assist.

Here’s what we can do for you if you are struggling with how to open a school –

  • We Can Help You Define Your Vision

We possess the expertise to assist you in defining your vision. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we can guide you in clarifying your goals and aspirations, ensuring a clear and compelling vision for your educational venture.

  • We Can Help You Plan the Budget

One of the crucial aspects in establishing a school is to determine the financial feasibility and plan the budget. The experts at Shri Educare conduct intensive discussions with the partners to provide them with hands-on support in determining the financial resources that will be required.

  • We Can Help You Develop a Comprehensive Strategy

We are proficient in laying down the road ahead for adopting a multi-pronged approach that encompasses all aspects of academics, administration, and human resource services. With our guidance, you can create a clear roadmap that addresses these crucial functions, paving the way for a successful educational institution.

  • We Can Help You Make the Academic Processes Convenient

To ensure academic excellence, we help you design robust academic processes. Our team works closely with schools to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), manuals, and handbooks. These resources provide clarity and consistency in teaching methodologies, assessment frameworks, and overall curriculum implementation.

  • We Can Make the Logistics Easy For You

Smooth administrative operations are vital for the overall functioning of a school. Therefore, we can assist you in identifying and fulfilling logistical requirements, including equipment for laboratories, ICT labs, furniture, and resources for music and physical education departments.

We also develop checklists for various administrative functions and establish general rules and regulations to govern the school effectively.

For more details on how to open a school, get in touch with Shri Educare Consultancy today, and let the road to wonders begin!!


Embrace Global Education: The Benefits of Investing In IB School Franchise

In an increasingly interconnected and rapidly evolving world, the demand for a comprehensive education that prepares students for global challenges has never been greater. It is within this context that the International Baccalaureate (IB) program shines as a beacon of educational excellence. Developed with the aim of fostering intellectual, social, and emotional growth in students worldwide, the IB curriculum has garnered global recognition for its rigorous standards and holistic approach to learning.

In this article, let us explore the IB program and why opting for an IB school franchise would change the game for you. Let’s get started –

What is International Baccalaureate Program?

The International Baccalaureate is a globally acclaimed educational framework. It is designed to cultivate well-rounded individuals who possess a deep understanding of diverse subject areas, critical thinking skills, and a profound sense of cultural awareness. And, it provides students with an immersive learning experience that goes beyond mere knowledge acquisition – nurturing their curiosity, creativity, and desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Now let’s delve into the advantages of owning an IB school franchise –

1. Established Brand And Reputation

As mentioned above, IB is a globally recognized and respected educational organization with a long-standing reputation for academic rigor and excellence. By opening an IB school franchise, you tap into this reputation, leveraging the trust and credibility that comes with the IB name. Parents, students, and the community at large often perceive IB schools as providers of quality education, which can help attract enrolments and create a positive perception of your institution right from the first day.

2. Comprehensive Curriculum

The IB curriculum is renowned for its holistic approach to education. It means that by opening an IB school franchise, you get access to a comprehensive curriculum that sets the foundation for a well-rounded education. Also, it helps students go beyond the traditional subject areas, incorporating interdisciplinary learning, critical thinking, and skill development.

The IB curriculum is known for promoting inquiry-based learning – encouraging students to explore, question, and actively engage in their education. With this type of curriculum at hand, you can provide students with a rigorous and balanced educational experience that will prepare them for success in higher education and their future careers.

3. Cultural Sensitivity And International-Mindedness

An IB school franchise fosters cultural sensitivity and international-mindedness among students. It helps them develop an understanding and respect for diverse cultures – promoting intercultural dialogue and global perspectives in them.

Thus, by creating an inclusive learning environment that celebrates different cultures, IB school franchisees can help students become open-minded, adaptable, and equipped to thrive in a multicultural society. Also, it prepares them to become global citizens who are knowledgeable about worldwide issues and can effectively engage with people from different backgrounds.

4. Extensive Support And Training

As an IB school franchisee, you get extensive support and training provided by the IB organization. This support encompasses various aspects of running an IB school, such as –

  • Curriculum planning,
  • Teacher training,
  • Assessment methodologies, and
  • Overall school management

Through workshops, seminars, and online resources, IB school franchisees gain access to the expertise and guidance they need to effectively implement the curriculum and meet the organization’s educational standards. Also, with this kind of support and training IB school franchisees are empowered to establish and maintain a high-quality educational institution – one that aligns with the philosophy and practices of IB.

5. Business Support And Sustainability

Opening an IB school franchise offers valuable business support that helps your educational institution’s long-term sustainability. Franchisors often provide assistance in various areas, such as –

  • Marketing strategies,
  • Admission processes,
  • Operational management,
  • Financial planning, and more.

This support can help streamline your business operations, enhance efficiency, and optimize the allocation of resources for you. Additionally, being part of an established educational brand like IB will provide you with a competitive advantage, attracting potential students and parents seeking the quality and credibility of IB education. The combination of business support and the strong reputation of IB enhances the potential for your school’s growth, stability, and success in the long run.

So, it’s time you take the first step towards a successful and rewarding educational venture. Get onto it with Shri Educare, the best school consultant in India. We will help you solve all your queries and concerns regarding the IB school franchise.

It’s Time For Summer Camps: Unleash The Power of Extra-Curricular Activities with The Franchise of Shri Ram School

Engaging children in extra-curricular activities beyond the classroom is crucial for their holistic development. While academic education forms the foundation of learning, it is the integration of extra-curricular activities that actually unleash the potential within students. Among these catalysts, summer camps shine brightly, igniting a passion for exploration and providing a platform for students to delve into a diverse array of activities. As students participate in these enriching experiences, their overall growth flourishes, nurturing their talents and fostering a well-rounded development.

In this article, we will delve into the significance of summer camps and how the franchise of Shri Ram School can help you develop a curriculum that prioritizes extra-curricular activities for the overall growth of your students.

Let’s tap Into The World Of Extra-Curricular Activities With Summer Camps

Summer camps are immersive experiences that take children on a thrilling journey beyond the confines of traditional classrooms – creating an environment brimming with excitement and possibilities. They are carefully crafted to promote learning, skill development, and personal growth while offering children an engaging and fun-filled space to thrive.  

The range of activities conducted in summer camps relates to sports and adventure, arts and crafts, music, dance, drama, and more. They offer a platform for children to explore their interests, discover new talents, and build valuable skills outside their academic pursuits. Now, let’s look at the unlimited advantages offered by summer camps – 

  • Physical and mental development: Through various physical activities and challenges, summer camps promote physical fitness, coordination, and overall well-being. They also enhance mental agility and cognitive skills through problem-solving and creative tasks.
  • Enhancing social skills and teamwork: Interacting with peers in a non-academic setting fosters the development of social skills like communication, cooperation, empathy, and teamwork in students. These camps encourage them to collaborate with fellow students and create lifelong friendships.
  • Exploring new interests and talents: Summer camps expose students to various activities, allowing them to explore different interests and discover their hidden talents. This exploration contributes to their personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Boosting self-confidence and self-esteem: By accomplishing tasks, overcoming challenges, and receiving recognition for their efforts, students gain a sense of achievement. This boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem, empowering them to tackle future endeavors diligently.

This brings us to the importance of extra-curricular activities and why every school must encourage students to actively participate in them.

  • Physical well-being through sports and fitness activities: Sports and fitness activities enhance students’ physical health and well-being while building endurance and instilling discipline. These activities also teach them the importance of leading an active lifestyle.
  • Creative expression through arts, music, and drama: Extra-curricular activities such as arts, music, and drama provide a platform for students to express themselves creatively. These activities nurture imagination, encourage self-expression, and develop an aesthetic appreciation in students.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving through debates and quizzes: Engaging in debates and quizzes sharpens critical thinking skills, expands knowledge, and hones the analytical abilities of students. They learn to present their viewpoints logically and develop effective problem-solving techniques.
  • Leadership and organizational skills through student clubs and associations: Participation in student clubs and associations cultivates leadership qualities, organizational skills, and a sense of responsibility among the students. They learn to collaborate, delegate tasks, and manage projects, preparing them for future leadership roles.
  • Time management and goal-setting abilities: Balancing academic commitments with extra-curricular activities teaches students valuable time management skills. They learn to set goals, prioritize tasks, and effectively manage their schedules, helping them to enhance their overall performance.

Now that we have understood how important extra-curricular activities are in the student’s overall grooming, let us understand how the franchise of Shri Ram School can help you develop a curriculum that encompasses a wide range of experiences.

Craft A Comprehensive Curriculum With The Franchise Of Shri Ram School

We recognize the significance of a well-rounded education that goes beyond academic excellence. Thus, Shri Ram Schools schools are committed to providing students with holistic development and balanced education. We nurture students’ talents, interests, and skills through a curriculum that seamlessly integrates extra-curricular activities with academics. 

The franchise of Shri Ram School offers a collaborative approach to curriculum development, wherein we closely work with educators and experts to assess the current curriculum of schools and identify areas that can benefit from the franchise of Shri Ram School. Through this collaborative evaluation process, schools gain insights into potential gaps and opportunities for improvement, paving the way for a more tailored curriculum that caters to the specific needs of their students.

At Shri Ram School, we prioritize the inclusion of extra-curricular activities such as sports, performing arts, visual arts, music, debate, community service, and more. Thus, with the franchise of Shri Ram School,you can seek guidance from our team of experienced educators in creating a structured framework that allows students to explore their passions and develop essential life skills.

Furthermore, the franchise of Shri Ram School provides access to a wide range of resources, including well-equipped facilities, expert trainers, and a network of educational partners. These resources will offer you a diverse array of extra-curricular opportunities and support the implementation of a dynamic curriculum in your school that fosters creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and personal growth in your students. Thus, by aligning with the franchise of Shri Ram School, you can ensure that your students receive a comprehensive educational experience that combines academic excellence with a vibrant array of extra-curricular activities. 

Together, we can empower the next generation of learners to excel academically, discover their true potential, and become well-rounded individuals ready to face future challenges. So, do not delay! Get in touch with our experts today.

How Can A School Consultancy Fuel Your School’s Success


Amidst the ever-evolving realm of education, every school aspires to nurture young minds in an exceptional manner, fostering an environment that facilitates academic, emotional, and social growth. However, achieving this goal requires strategic planning, innovative ideas, and the invaluable support of expert school consultants. By providing insights and effective growth strategies, a school consultancy becomes your indispensable partner in the pursuit of educational excellence.

This article explores how a school consultancy can you help transform your school and unlock its true potential.


Reasons Why You Need A School Consultancy


When you partner with a school consultancy, you gain access to a team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise. Collaborating with them not only helps you expand in the education sector, but also enables the development of effective strategies to enhance your administration, marketing tactics, and more. These professionals work closely with school administrators, teachers, and staff to evaluate current practices, pinpoint areas for improvement, and implement successful growth strategies. By leveraging their expertise, a school consultancy can empower you to overcome challenges, improve performance, and foster a supportive learning environment.

Let’s delve into a detailed discussion on how a school consultancy can help you level up your game.


1. Setting Up A School


The process of establishing a school demands careful planning, strict compliance with regulations, and strategic decision-making. With the expertise and insights of school consultants, you can rest assured that your school will be built on a strong foundation, poised for a successful journey of growth.

When it comes to school consultancy services in India, Shri Educare Limited stands out as the industry leader. We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your school’s successful establishment and operation. We understand the importance of financial feasibility and budgetary planning, and work closely with our partners to develop sustainable financial strategies.

We believe in a multi-pronged approach that covers all aspects of academics, administration, and human resource services. From designing standard operating procedures, manuals, handbooks, and staff handbooks for academic processes to addressing logistical requirements such as equipment lists for laboratories, ICT labs, furniture, music, and physical education, we ensure that every aspect of your school is meticulously planned and executed.


2. Enhancing Curriculum 

The curriculum forms the core of an educational institution, shaping students’ learning experiences. In this context, a school consultancy plays a crucial role in crafting a comprehensive and innovative curriculum that not only helps you meet educational standards but also lets you cater to the unique needs of your students. They consider various factors such as academic requirements, student interests, and the latest pedagogical approaches to create a curriculum that fosters meaningful and holistic learning experiences.

Shri Educare Limited, through its school consultancy services, provides comprehensive curriculum support that draws on the expertise of the faculties from The Shri Ram Schools. This group of dynamic individuals comes from diverse backgrounds and shares a common passion for nurturing young minds. The curriculum they have developed is rooted in real-life situations and encompasses higher-order thinking skills, reflecting their commitment to fostering holistic development.

As part of our curriculum offerings, we provide customized curricula for schools following both national and international frameworks. We believe in creating a curriculum that goes beyond mere lesson plans, with a focus on rekindling the joy of learning both inside and outside the classroom.

To ensure relevance and effectiveness, our curriculum is constantly updated to meet the evolving needs of learners. We empower all stakeholders, including educators and students, to actively shape, adapt, and contribute to the curriculum. With Shri Educare’s curriculum support, you can provide a transformative educational experience to your students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for their future success.


3. Enriching Human Resource 

The success of a school greatly relies on the dedication and expertise of its educators and support staff. Recognizing this, a school consultancy offers HR services that play a crucial role in attracting, recruiting, and retaining high-quality professionals. These services encompass talent acquisition strategies, streamlined recruitment processes, and comprehensive support throughout the hiring journey.

The HR support provided by Shri Educare encompasses several key areas –

1 .  Recruitment:

We understand the importance of recruiting exceptional educators. Therefore, leveraging our expertise in recruiting educationists for The Shri Ram Schools, we assist in recruiting key position holders and help them build their teams.

2 .  HR Policies and Systems:

We recognize the significance of having robust policies and systems in place to ensure a strong foundation for your institution. Therefore, our team designs customized HR policies and structures that enable you to focus on school development while maintaining essential basics.

3.   Enabling Educators:

We believe that educators are the greatest asset a school can have. To empower and support them, Shri Educare Limited offers tailored modules and training programs that provide periodic or one-time support. One of our programs is ‘The Leadership Series.’ It is designed for principals, administrators, and key leadership teams in school.

4.   Improving Marketing Strategies:

In today’s competitive educational landscape, effective marketing is essential for attracting prospective students and establishing a strong brand image. A school consultancy offers invaluable insights and support to help you develop targeted marketing strategies that align with your school’s unique strengths and target audience. They conduct comprehensive market research, assess your school’s positioning, and identify the key differentiators that set you apart from the competition.

Shri Educare Limited offers comprehensive marketing support through – 


  • Site Feasibility Study and Competitive Analysis
  • Drafting Marketing Budgets and ATL/BTL Plan
  • Providing Brand Manual and Guidelines
  • Vetting Ads/Brochures/Hoardings/Collaterals
  • Inputs for Website Design and Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Training of Counselors and PROs, and MIS setup
  • Guidance in Planning Events and School Launch
  • Brand Building Efforts in the Local Region
  • Introduction to Various Vendors
  • Guidance on Generating Walk-ins and Monitoring Admission Numbers


5.  Upgrade Your IT Sector

Embracing information technology is crucial for schools to prepare students for a digital world. IT integration enhances educational experiences by providing access to vast resources, fostering collaboration, and developing critical thinking skills. It equips students with the necessary digital literacy and technical competencies required in the 21st century. By embracing IT, schools empower students to adapt to rapidly evolving technologies, promoting innovation and enabling them to thrive in a digital society.

Shri Educare Limited helps you bring an IT revolution to your school with –


  • ShriConnect ERP Solution:  Our web-based ERP solution automates various functions in schools, promoting transparency in communication, personalized teaching and learning, a paperless campus, efficient attendance monitoring, and streamlined fee collection.
  • IT Infrastructure:  We also provide expertise in managing both internal and hosted network infrastructure, including firewalls, servers, switches, and telephony, enabling schools to access new technologies quickly and cost-effectively. Our team works closely with school management to design and organize computer systems, websites, servers, and network architecture. Our commitment extends to maintaining a skilled IT workforce through recruitment, selection, orientation, and training of IT employees.

So, elevate your school’s future with Shri Educare Limited – the definitive choice to upgrade a school or establish a new one. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for our students!


Build A Brighter Future With Cutting-Edge Training and Workshops For Teachers 

In our dynamic and rapidly changing world, the field of education is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by advancements in technology, creative teaching approaches, and emerging trends. It has become crucial for educational institutions to equip their teachers with the most up-to-date knowledge and continuously refine their abilities, ensuring that students receive the highest quality education. This is where a school consultancy service can play a vital role! By availing such a service, you can empower your teachers to stay ahead in the industry, fostering their professional growth and enhancing the overall credibility of your school.
So, let’s delve into why training and workshops are necessary for teachers to enhance your institution’s value.

Building a Strong Foundation: The Benefits of Teacher Upskilling for Your School

Investing in the professional development of teachers stands out as one of the most critical investments schools can make. The profound impact of upskilling teachers directly translates into the quality of education students receive.

Beyond the confines of the classroom, there exist numerous advantages to be gained from empowering teachers through upskilling. Let’s explore them –

  • Enhance Student Outcomes: By equipping teachers with the latest knowledge and skills, schools can ensure the transfer of exceptional education to students. It will result in improved outcomes and heightened academic achievements. Upskilled teachers possess the ability to actively engage their students, develop effective lesson plans, and provide personalized attention to those requiring additional support. This holistic approach empowers teachers to maximize student potential and foster a conducive learning environment.


  • Attract and Retain Top Talent: Beyond enhancing student outcomes, the upskilling of teachers plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining exceptional educators within schools. By prioritizing the professional development of teachers, schools create a culture of continuous learning and improvement. This fosters an environment where top talent seeks to be a part of, ensuring the longevity and success of the institution. The investment in upskilling teachers not only establishes the school as an appealing workplace but also demonstrates a commitment to the growth and advancement of its educators.


  • Maintain A Competitive Edge: Maintaining a competitive edge is important for teachers to stay current with the latest advancements, methodologies, and technologies in education. It enables them to deliver innovative and effective instruction, engage students more deeply, and meet the evolving needs of the modern learner. By continuously honing their skills and knowledge, teachers can provide the best possible education, inspire student success, and remain valuable contributors to the ever-changing educational landscape.


  • Professional Development: The professional development of teachers is necessary to ensure continuous growth, enhance instructional practices, and keep up with evolving trends. It empowers teachers with new knowledge in specific areas such as curriculum design, assessment, classroom management, and technology integration.


  • Community Engagement: Learning community engagement skills are vital for school teachers as they enable the establishment of robust relationships with parents, community organizations, and other stakeholders. These skills involve crafting effective communication plans, coordinating events and activities, and nurturing partnerships that align with the school’s objectives. By fostering such connections, teachers can cultivate a supportive network, enhance parental involvement, and harness the collective resources and expertise of the community, ultimately benefiting the overall growth and success of the school.

The tailored training modules offered by school consultancy services can help you achieve the above goals while enhancing your school’s teaching and learning quality.

Empower Educators With The Leading School Consultancy Service

Each school possesses different strengths, challenges, and aspirations. Therefore, seeking assistance from a school consultancy service that offers personalized solutions aligned with your school’s specific needs becomes imperative.

Whether your focus is on refining instructional practices, elevating student engagement, or fostering diversity and inclusion, a dedicated school consultancy service stands firmly to help you with the expertise to achieve your unique goals.

So, why not embark on an extraordinary journey with the leading school consultancy service to reach immeasurable heights?

Shri Educare Limited: Your Quick Way to Ensure Success

Shri Educare Limited, a leading Education Consultancy based in Delhi, specializes in a wide range of school consultancy services, including the vital role of information and communication technology (ICT) in modern education.

Our comprehensive training module equips teachers with essential guidelines, sample lesson plans, and online resources to elevate the quality of teaching and learning. Our assessment and evaluation training course helps teachers gain valuable skills to holistically evaluate situations and employ appropriate tools for enhancing student performance. We ensure your teachers become experts in teaching adolescents and leveraging the power of stories to foster literacy and knowledge acquisition.

With our simplified Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) module, teachers can effectively identify and address students’ learning difficulties. Moreover, our unique differentiators, such as Circle Time and DEAR (Drop Everything and Read), become integral parts of the school’s routine, enriching learning experiences and nurturing vital life skills in students.

As per the National Education Policy, conducting a 50-hour teacher training program for every school is mandatory. So, do not delay! Let Shri Educare’s school consultancy service enhance your teachers with unparalleled expertise.

The CBSE School Approval Process: Understanding The Requirements And Regulations

The CBSE School Approval Process Understanding The Requirements And Regulations

Getting CBSE Affiliation is not easy in India, as you must follow various rules and regulations. As per data, most of the newly opened schools in India are applying for the Central Board Of Secondary Education as they are considered the best Board that provides quality education with the best curriculum. They have the best record and are considered the best Board to study in India.


A school can avail of three different affiliation processes that are provided by the Central Board Of Secondary Education is Provisional, Temporary and Permanent, which a school can choose by registering online. The schools who are about to apply for Central Board of Secondary Education affiliation have to abide by the 10 + 2 system of the curriculum of study and have to follow a variety of compliance. In addition, they need to have a proper understanding of the requisites being suggested or laid down by the Board of CBSE.


The process of obtaining affiliation is troublesome, and in case of any issues and disputes, the affiliation process gets much delayed and can even get canceled. CBSE affiliation seems daunting, but it proves beneficial if all the procedures, documentation and requirements are properly done. Here in this article, we will provide a detailed guide to the approval process and to know how to get permission to start CBSE school. So, let us get started with the documentation procedure.


For Affiliation to the Central Board Of Education, A School Needs to Be Established As Any Entity, Such As:-


  • Companies Act, 2013, In which Your Company Needs To Be An Register Company under the 8th Section
  • Registered Trust or Society
  • Statutory Body
  • Public Sector Undertaking (PSU)
  • Autonomous Body
  • Government Department/Ministry
  • Local Body

Documentation required for CBSE School Approval

Here we have provided a detailed guide to the documentation process and the documents required for affiliation.

  • A No Objection Certificate is essential from the State Government.
  • A Letter of Recognition from the District Education Officer is the mandate
  • Documents of Land Ownership are required from the Authorities
  • Registration letter under the name of the trust/society/foundation
  • An Affidavit is necessary that states Non-Proprietary character
  • A certificate of Land Registration 
  • A salary proof which is paid through ECS Documentary 
  • Certificate of financial status 
  • Images of the infrastructure in detailed specification
  • Salary certificate of the staff by DEO
  • Certificate of EPF deduction
  • Complete the Last three years’ Audited Balance Sheet prepared by CA
  • Essential Safety certificates should be issued by Govt. authority
  • A complete lease of requisite land or Ownership in the name of the school

The Process Of Securing Affiliation


  • First, you must visit the Central Board of Secondary Education Affiliation Website, and there you will get the electronic application form you need to fill out. But it is advisable to read all the rules and follow the complete instructions and all the procedures carefully before filling out the form.
  • Then you will be required to click on the type of school registered under an affiliation and make sure that the school fulfills all the eligibility criteria to secure the Central Board of Secondary Education affiliation.
  • A dialogue box requesting payment will appear next. Pay the Requisite Fee per the norms of CBSE and upload all the necessary documents and other important information.
  • Then agree with the Bye-Laws provided and meet the necessary compliance to ensure the process is carried out successfully.

Necessary Compliances


  • With the required relevant provision in the Education Act, the school should take a CBSE Affiliation Number to register it under the Central Board of Secondary Education entity.
  • As per the CBSE Bylaws, the school must maintain a management committee to fulfill the requirement of the land act regulated by government Affiliation Bye-Laws. 
  • The school must produce a State Government Recognition Certificate and a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the Education Department of the concerned State.
  • Suppose you are applying on the online portal for CBSE affiliation. In that case, the school should attach two mandate documents from the District Education Administration and another Self Affidavit that can approve your Code of CBSE Affiliation.
  • All required documents are to be uploaded at the time of application and should be either in English or Hindi.
  • The certificates and performances to be uploaded should be within the given size limit, and you must ensure that before uploading them to the online portal.
  • The school must have a Letter of Intent as a part of a satisfactory inspection report by the Board to the applicant for getting a CBSE School Affiliation.


What Are The Procedure To Open CBSE School?

The awareness of the importance of education necessitates the demand for new schools. Nowadays, schools offer many facilities so that a parent can choose the best interests of their child. The school’s affiliation with different boards, like the State Board, CBSE, ICSE, or the IB, is the first criterion that every parent looks for. The standard of education depends on the quality of the faculty, the infrastructure, and the teaching methodology adopted by the institution. 

The question that comes to mind about the decision regarding the new school opening procedure is whether the school should be owned or should it be a franchisee school. Shri Educare is one of the leading school consultants who will take you through the process and guide you on starting your business in the education industry. They provide the details about the different boards’ bye-laws and clearly explain how a school can get affiliation from the respective board. 

The boards guide the schools in matters of the land required for primary school, the number of teachers, the educational qualifications of the educators, the room sizes, the library & Science lab requirements, and many other things required to open CBSE school or ICSE school in India. 

Here is a list to brief you about what you need for the New School opening. 


  • The first & foremost is education and co-curricular activities focusing on delivering quality education.


  • Then comes an architectural layout to create learning spaces.


  • Next is a trained and efficient team of educators who can provide the best knowledge.


  • Then you should hire efficient consultants with the expertise to set up systems like HR, IT, Admin, Finance & Operations.


  • An academic team should be experts in curriculum, pedagogy, and contemporary practices.


  • The new school should have teaching and operations processes according to the Standard Operating Procedures.


  • To Open a CBSE School, one needs a Comprehensive marketing plan and competitive understanding of the environment, and a value-based curriculum designed for young learners who can be successful in life.

New School Opening Procedures: 

Opening a new school, whether a CBSE, ICSE, or IB Board, requires a study of the laws and the by-laws. There are many requirements; first, a Trust or Society has to be registered. Then suitable land should be bought as per specifications given in the bye-laws.

The land should be bought for Educational purposes and must be approved by a competent authority. A building plan following the specifications will be the next step toward opening a CBSE school. When the building is ready, furniture and fixtures are set in place. At last, the recruitment of the Principal, educators, admin staff, and other staff is then completed. 

How To Get Permission To Start CBSE School? 

You must ensure the specific land & infrastructure requirements when getting permission to start a CBSE school. The documents and requirements must comply with the CBSE regulations. 

CBSE School Franchise 

Having a CBSE school franchise is one of the most lucrative prospects in the education sector. Those planning to open a new school look forward to the best education available franchise. Buying a franchise from a reputed brand has benefits over competitors. The brand’s reputation will get more students admitted to your school conveniently.

Parents rely on the brand name and trust the curriculum and come forward to take admission. Opening a school with a franchise will give you the advantage of an already tried and tested business opportunity model. Investing in a good Franchisee will save both your money and time. So you need to have an efficient team of consultants who can help you start an ideal school. The team provides all the necessary support required to start a new school, which involves creating budgets, HR policies, marketing, and so forth. 


One such educational consultant is Shri Educare, which provides end-to-end consultancy services for schools in India and abroad. If you have the required capital and land, you can collaborate with a good franchisor for a lucrative business investment. If you want to open a value-based and progressive school, you can connect with Shri Educare. Expert advice is always important in terms of planning and executing the same. 

Hiring an experienced consultant makes it effective for you because it is a flexible and cost economical option which helps in proper execution. The dedicated and learned professionals from the Shre Educare ensure that you are continuously guided with every intricacy involved in starting a new school or investing in a Franchise. They have a team of academic experts, designers, and a business developer who strives to give the best to their clients for phenomenal growth.

Synopsis of Kahoot Workshop held on May 19

Shri Educator Ms. Gurpreet Kaur conducted a webinar on Gamify your classroom with Kahoot for the facilitators of TSUS Palava on May 19, 2020. The teachers were introduced to the concept of Gamification of Learning and were trained on the Kahoot platform to create and conduct educational quiz games for both synchronous and asynchronous teaching.

Teaching in a pandemic – Day 1 report

Shri Parvarish

Day: 14.05.2020, Thursday
Timing: 10:30 am to 11:30 am (IST)
No. of registrations: 72
No. of attendees: 60
Theme of the day: Self-awareness and mindfulness

It is a 3-hour workshop spread over the course of 3 days and aimed at helping
teachers cope with and help their students cope better with the COVID-19 crisis and resulting lockdown.

It was specifically intended for the teachers at GIS, but a few teachers from TSUS Hyderabad were also included upon special request from the school.
The first day focused on self-awareness and mindfulness in teachers. It was
facilitated by Ms. Sapna Yadav & Ms. Nishigandha Date from the IP Ops team.

Activities like mindfulness-based sensory grounding, emotional check-in using Padlet and discussions were conducted. Certain strategies from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) were shared with the teachers for their own self-care as well as to use in the online classroom.

The overall response received from the participants was positive.

Feeling in a pandemic

Webinar synopsis – Programming with Scratch

Shri Educator Ms Gurpreet Kaur conducted a webinar on Programming with Scratch for ICT facilitators of SEL schools on May 14 2020. The teachers were introduced to the different categories of blocks and were also empowered to create simple games using the different blocks.

Session on Collaborative Learning Environment using Microsoft Teams to Engage with Students

SEL conducted with our School teachers on “Collaborative learning environment with Class Teams” using Microsoft Teams to engage students with virtual face-to-face connections and activities.

Target Group:  Teachers

 Session Details: Friday,24th April to 2020, At 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM::

 Classroom with Microsoft Teams

  •  All About Teams
  • Working with Students
  • Assignment Submission, status update and Feedback

 Insight of the session:

Not all heroes wear capes

Stories of people hoarding stocks and emptying supermarket shelves can paint a gloomy picture of the current crisis. At the same time, there are acts of kindness in the midst of this crisis that are inspiring many people.

Here is an inspirational and heartwarming story of another hero, Rishi Ram, who works at Shri Educare Ltd. (SEL), an education consultancy company set up under the vision of our Chairman, Mr. Arun Bharat Ram.

Rishi has been working selflessly to help those in need. He and his family is distributing food and dry ration to forty families every day, in and around their locality in Dwarka, New Delhi. His friends and colleagues from SEL have also contributed to support him in this noble endeavor.

Further, by working closely with the local police officials, Rishi ensures social distancing is maintained as per the prescribed guidelines.

Upon being asked what inspired him, Rishi said that he decided to do his part. He started by distributing ten packets of food daily and then with help from his friends and colleagues, he increased it to forty. He went on to say that, he has never experienced the ‘power of unity’ to the degree that he did during this time of crisis.

At a difficult time like this, good intent is all that we need!

We are overwhelmed by Rishi’s compassion and can only say ‘thank you’ to him for being a true hero!

We Are In This Together

STEAM Conclave organized by Shri Educare Limited

Today, the sun shone a little differently at The Shriram Millennium School, Gurugram. This was because a scientist who nurtures innovation graced the school during the STEAM Conclave organized by ShrI Educare Limited at the school’s campus. This esteemed guest of honour at the event was none other than Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, the real life Phunsukh Wangdu!

Questioning the relevance and meaningfulness of an education system that failed almost a 100% of its students in a region, he realized that it was not the students who were “failures” but the education system that had failed! This gave rise to his motivation to found SECMOL – the Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh, which aims to make education meaningful, fun and practical.

His students run the school themselves, holding parliamentary sessions to brain storm, tend nurseries to grow produce for their kitchens, use germ theory for jam making and preservation, design their buildings (for school and living quarters) by studying the movement of the Earth and the direction of the Sun’s rays at different times of the year.

A great advocate of sustainable living, he believes in using natural resources such as wind, water and the sun, to generate power. From here was born the innovative idea of preserving winter water by freezing it into what he calls “Ice Stupas” and using them for irrigation during the dry summer months.

Brief thought the session was, the delegates and guests in the audience were enthralled and enriched with new ideas. We now look forward to being part of his worldwide movement #livesimply which kicks off with the support of UN on the 15th of December at the Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi.

SHRI PARVARISH” The ABC of Parenting from The Heart “C” – Communicate

Shri Parvarish

The most important thing in communication, is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucher 

And that is what this segment of ‘SHRI PARVARISH’ is all about – Communication.

Although children today are more articulate and expressive, they don’t always open up about what is really bothering them, irrespective of their age – toddlers, preschoolers, juniors, teens or tweens.

Knowing specific things about your child’s anxieties, fears and worries, equips you with the ability to initiate a conversation and channel it gently and subtly towards a more open and stress free discussion.

Your child may begin a conversation by saying just a few words or phrases, they are testing you to see if you are really listening and are truly concerned, before they open up and tell the whole story. Communication is about both ‘listening’ and

‘talking’. One without the other is meaningless.

To open up channels of communication with your child, follow a few conscious, and yet simple steps:

Give him/her your 100% attention – This means you set aside what you are

doing and listen with complete attention. We call this “Listening Bodies”. Your body language, eye contact and encouraging expression will give your child the confidence to share feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Respond verbally – Just nodding your head mechanically is not enough. Respond with words and phrases such as “And then what happened?” “How did you feel when he said that?” “Oh, dear, how terrible!”, “Oooh! How wonderful! You must have been thrilled to hear that.” And so on……

Do not interrupt – Allow your child to complete the story. Intersperse with questions or verbal responses, but do not interrupt with comments or advice. Even when they tend to ramble (this is probably because coming right to the point is sometimes difficult), do not rush them by completing their sentences with words of your own. Let them take their time to arrive at the core of the issue that is causing them worry. Your patient listening will help your child know that he/she is heard and show them that you are interested in their whole story. It will also help him/her sequence his/her thoughts and express them better.

Be there for your children when they want to talk – Children have specific times when they are most talkative. It varies with each child. Sometimes it is bedtime, sometimes it is at breakfast, or dinner time, sometimes it is when they are in the car while on their way to school. Optimise this time by striking a conversation with them. The topic could be anything, something that interests him/her, or something you see on the road, or about an incident from your own day at work. Remember, when you initiate a conversation, it should be about what you are thinking, feeling or seeing. Don’t initiate a conversation with probing questions. It will make the child feel as if it is the beginning of an inquisition.

Acknowledge what they are saying – Listen to their point of view even if you disagree with it. Let them finish talking before you respond with your point of view. Repeat what you heard them say to ensure that you have understood. This also gives the child the assurance that you have been listening carefully. Ask to clarify that what you heard and what they said are the same.

Don’t raise your voice, strengthen your argument – When you are in disagreement with what your child is saying or asking for, respond in a way that they will hear and understand. Don’t sound angry or defensive, soften your tone and response. Acknowledge that you do not agree with what your child is saying, and you understand that your child too probably does not agree with what you are saying or suggesting. Instead of arguing about “who” is right and “who” is wrong, speak about “what” you think is right or wrong.

Encourage your child to do the same. Lok at the problem or issue being discussed. This is not a power struggle, it is a discussion.

Recognise your triggers and those of your child – Often we react during situations and conversations, rather than responding. Make an effort to identify what triggers your reaction. Recognise them so that you are aware and conscious of them. These triggers would vary from situation to situation. Some of the common triggers that cause you to react come from your own feelings, such as fear, anger, guilt, helplessness, inadequacy, etc. Be conscious of your emotions when communicating with your child. Parent from your principles, rather than your fears. Reflecting for a moment before responding will enable you to check if it is triggered reaction or a thoughtful response.

“Communication must be HOT. That is Honest, Open and Two-Way.”

– Dan Oswald.

Studies have shown that effective communication is a result of a combination of words (7%), tone of voice (38%) and body language (55%). Notice how body language has the maximum impact on effective communication?

Therefore, it is important that during any communication (when your child is talking to you, or you are talking to the child, or both of you are talking to each other) you make eye contact. Be aware of your gestures and posture, as they send out non-verbal signals to the listener. These non-verbal signals could make or break effective communication.

Be conscious of your emotions. Be calm and focused, so that communication is not diluted or distracted. Vary your tone of voice and pitch to ensure that the conversation is non-threatening or and encouraging. Ensure that neither your tone of voice nor your pitch is anxious, irritated, threatening or intimidating.

Don’t monopolise the conversation. Encourage your child to speak and respond. If your child is struggling to frame the sentences or sounds confused, prompt using subtle words and phrases, rather than abrupt probing questions.

Knowing what causes barriers for effective communication is as important as knowing what enables effective communication. Some of the most common barriers are: preconceived perceptions, one’s own emotions, snap judgements, closed questions and words, passive or distracted listening, endless rambling, lack of empathy, over use of abstract examples and assumptions, interruptions and interference. Avoid these to achieve effectiveness and to open and strengthen channels of communication with your children.

In conclusion, conversation is an art, they say. Well, so is communication. Especially communication with one’s child. Hence, to ensure that communication is effective, a conscious effort by both listener and speaker would be required. And for this, one needs to –

Listen more than talk, Think before talking,

Speak calmly or not speak at all, Ask open ended questions,

Respond, rather than react.

“The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication. It is defined by the response.” – Milton Erikson


Contributed by Neethi Srikumar, AVP – Operations Shri Educare Limited

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