Give Wings To Your School Franchise Dream


The concept behind picking a school Franchise in India comes with its own set of advantages, encouraging the investors to enter the world of franchising. The potential for a franchise is massive and cannot be penned in a few words.

Do you think this voyage ends only with benefits?

No, as there are many misconceptions related to starting a school, which brings with it a lot f challenges, which often circulate and create more misconceptions.

Therefore, it is advisable to be aware of prevalent misconceptions and find out the actual truth, before venturing into this area.

Let’s find out the most prevalent myths about school franchising which are rampant.

Myth #1

You Lose Your Decision-Making Power

It is often assumed that by taking on a franchise, the decision-making power does not remain with you and that it is the brand that makes all decisions. However, this is not true. Rather,all decisions are taken post discussions and a mutual agreement on the way forward.

Local pulse and preferences are better understood by the experts and this knowledge and experience is what you get when you sign up with a consultancy to take on the franchisee for an educational institution.

Myth #2

Marketing & Advertising Initiatives Are Out of Your League

The marketing and advertising for a specific school are often run from the standards of quality and are further enhanced with franchisee’s significant and invaluable macro business decisions. This  contribution in the journey of how to open a school includes everything from operational matters and customer feedback, to promotional advertising campaigns.

Myth 3

Your Work/Life Balance Goes Haywire

This is more a concern than a misconception and is largely spoken around the franchise business before the process begins for how to start a school in India.

The franchise school comes along with the legacy of quality, curriculum standards and educational parameters, which only need to be integrated into the franchise model. Since the expertise comes from them, you are able to focus on other areas, which give you enough time for yourself, in comparison to starting a school on your own.

These myths are have spread mainly because the sudden mushrooming of schools across the nation have resulted in many shutting down suddenly giving rise to speculations.By being prudent enough to take the help of leading school consultant, like SEL, you will be able to take an informed and accurate decision regarding many aspects that go into setting up a school.

Why Shri Educare Limited?

SEL is the assured solution for acquiring every bit of knowledge for an excellent education system. SEL offers incredible operational support to establish a school provide clarity on Organization Structures, guide you to generate Admissions, and work with your team towards staff and student development.

By collaborating with SEL, you are assured of all the services required to set up a state of the art educational institution, that is as strong in its values, ethos, philosophy, curriculum and pedagogy, as the infrastructure you have built for your school.

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How Does The Montessori Method Help Your Child Overall Development


The idea of typical classroom brings to your mind rows of desks with children listening passively while the teacher teaches something by writing stuff on the board on a board.

But a Montessori classroom is very different, where children are engaged in different activities, while a teacher observes by moving around unobtrusively, guiding and facilitating only where help is sought.

This methodology is a scientifically structured one that was designed by Dr. Maria Montessori, who was a pioneer in this school of thought that experiential learning is the most effective and meaningful manner in which learning happens.

  • Why Do Most Parents Prefer A Montessori School?

Montessori classrooms not only boosts the child development, it also results in encouraging the child’s natural interest by providing varied activities that lay the foundation for life-long learning.

  • It provides a safe, engaging and nurturing environment
  • It helps children to develop confidence and self esteem
  • It boosts the hand-coordination, fine motor and gross motor skills
  • It offers the child opportunities to make his/her own decisions and learn to take responsibility for those decisions

These are some of the benefits, which encourage the parents to go for schools that follow the Montessori system which introduces children to the right educational material at the right time.

The Montessori pedagogy is an efficient method of learning that fosters self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

Parents are more inclined towards Montessori classrooms, as the young learners learn to make creative choices and develop critical thinking at a very early age.

However, all schools that call themselves “Montessori Schools” are sadly not true to the methodology. Hence it is important that you understand this school of thought before you make your choice of school for your child or if you want to set one up yourself.

If you are willing to start a school in India and are thinking of investing in the education sector, then you must get in touch with the SEL team.

SEL (Shri Educare Limited) is a hub of professionals, who have loads of experience in helping people set up schools from a scratch and have the right level of knowledge and expertise required to set up schools with the highest standards of excellence.

Get in touch with them and realise your dreams of setting up a school in collaboration with them. Their franchise will help boost your endeavor and take it to great heights.

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