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Open a School

Quality education is a dream for all but getting it is not easy

Nowadays, we see many organizations offering their help to those who want to build schools, but quality education needs appropriate guidance.

Here, we are going to give you a brief as to what you need to open a school-

  • Education and co-curricular programmes focusing on delivering quality
  • Architectural layout to create learning spaces fostering excellence
  • Strong Educational team to give the best knowledge about what all is required in a system
  • Consultants who have the expertise to help you set up systems across processes like marketing, HR, IT, Admin, Finance & Operations
  • Academic team with expertise in curriculum, pedagogy and contemporary practices across the world
  • Teaching and operations processes codified with the Standard Operating Procedures
  • World class policies for administration, operations, and human resources.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan and competitive understanding of the school environment.
  • A value-based curriculum designed to create lifelong learners

Now the question arises where to get all this together? Getting knowledge from different people of different domains is a tough task & a very costly affair too. What to do?  Where to go? Well, there is one organization can help you in getting expert knowledge all at one place.

Shri Educare is one such organization, which will help you in achieving the dream of opening a school.

ShriEducare’s expert team will help you right from conceptualizing your plan to financial viability and feasibility to finally launching and operating a school providing quality and excellence in education. They hold your hands from the beginning until the end, safeguarding your investment and time like no one else does. With extensive research, they provide excellent concepts to open preschools and k-12 schools too.

For Pre-School with Shri Consultancy support imparting quality education, all you need to have is a Minimum Space 1500 square yards acres of land &upto15000 sq.ft. of Built-up area and an Investment of about 1crore& In case you want to start a K-12 school of top quality, requirements are Minimum Space for 5 acres of land & 1.5Lakh Sq.Ft. of built-up area and an investment of about 30 crores in a phased manner of 5 years.

If you meet these requirement mandates, you are can initiate discussions and meeting with Shri Educare’s Experts team to open your dream school.

Pre-Schools In India – The Road Ahead – A blog by Shri Educare

Pre Schools In India

Children between the ages of 3-6yrs are like sponges who can absorb much more than what parents can imagine. This time should be utilized to equip the little ones with skills, which they might need in later stages of life. How to give them the required knowledge, skills for the life ahead? At this time, Pre-schools come in handy, but what is Preschool?

As per Wikipedia, “A preschool, also known as nursery school, pre-primary school, playschool, or kindergarten, is an educational establishment or learning space offering early childhood education to children before they begin compulsory education at primary school.”

India has many Preschools. The concept of pre-schooling evolved in India a couple of decades back and has been developing fast in the current scenario. Rising awareness about early childhood education & care along with increasing number of nuclear families & working women population are some of the reasons of the increasing popularity of Pre Schools.

With the effect of urbanization, increase in brand consciousness and penetration of many international preschools in the country, parents are aware of what they want for their children and how they want to shape their future too.

This has consequently resulted in the emergence of innovative and advanced infrastructure as well as quality education in the preschools across the country.

While there are many preschools across various regions in India, very few come under the organized sector, which provides quality education. One of these is The Shri Ram Wonder Years. TSWY is an institution, which engages learners in a joyful, nurturing, and progressive environment.

Shri Educare Limited (SEL) has been engaged in providing 360-degree school consultancy services for (Pre-school, K12) in India and abroad.

In case you wish to collaborate with Shri Educare Limited, to open a preschool you can get in touch with SEL at www.shrieducare.com.


Educational Franchise Businesses Are Useful – Blog By Shri Educare

Educational Franchise Businesses

Childhood and youth are a time of learning and training in preparation for life ahead. Young children are naturally curious and observant in nature. They want to learn new skills and due to their quick grasping power they learn things easily and adapt to them quickly, as well.

At such a time if they are given proper guidance and encouragement they get to learn things which will stay with them forever. Right values, the right training and right education system will help them lead a successful life.

This right education is not available at home. At home, they can learn only a few things. For the overall development of a child, he/she needs to develop the social and emotional skills that are of utmost importance for their future. And these skills get developed when the child is around other children of their age.

So, they need to be enrolled in schools. But the most important question is, which one is a good school? One which has a good infrastructure or one that has good teachers or the one that has a list of co-curricular activities?

There is a dearth of good schools in India, the one with good infrastructure might not have good teachers, or one with good teachers might not have co-curricular activities, etc.

An ideal school is one which has everything in place, but it is not easy to focus on everything at one go. For that one needs to have a consultant on board, who can help one create an ideal school.

At such a point, school consultants appear. They provide you with all the necessary support, which is required to start a school. It involves creating budgets, HR policies, marketing, and so many other things.

One such educational consultant is Shri Educare Limited (SEL). They are engaged in providing end- to- end consultancy services for schools (Pre-school, K12) in India and abroad.

If you have the required amount of money and land, you can collaborate with and receive good ROI in a short span of time. This franchise model is also a very lucrative business model.

In case you would like to open a school that is value-based and progressive, please feel free to connect with SEL on the link provided.

Shri Educare Ltd.


Email: info@shrieducare.com

Challenges Faced In School Project Venture – A blog by Shri Educare


Albeit, starting a school project venture in India is the major challenge in itself, but there are some other challenges as well, which largely hamper the process of building an educational body

With this post, I am going to draw your attention towards the number of challenges which occur at the rapid-fire speed and the ways to combat them…let’s read ahead…

Challenge #1

Infrastructure Planning

For an edupreneur, the infrastructure planning goes haywire when the construction comes into existence since the planning of construction always turns out to be different then what it is planned.

Pro Tip- Construct that much which may occupy the need of the hour and create product differentiation through building elevation and sizes. Include spacious labs, landscape, pre-primary zones, sports, and arrival zone.

With this approach, you can invest saved capital in other important aspects such as marketing, recruitment, and facilities.

Challenge #2

Execution of Construction Plan

It is the second most disturbing challenge, wherein the construction execution is expected as per the vision and design of school project. Meeting construction deadlines is extremely important since this delay reduces the time for admissions and marketing distress. Also due to this, parents lose confidence in the commissioning of school.

Pro Tip– Discuss with your school consultant and understand the school operations and school projects, and with the given experience pick the best suitable strategy of hiring an experienced and professional contractor to expedite the construction execution plan.

Challenge #3

Hiring The Services From A Right School Consultants

Unfortunately, this issue if not taken into consideration seriously, can cause the other factors to get disturbed massively since there is a flood of school consultants existing in the market, who all claim to be offering the supreme services but in fact are the leaders of hollow services wagon.

Pro Tip- You must hire the top and one of the most popular consultants in India, which has the required expertise and the exposure to fulfill your school venture concept, just like – SEL.

Shri Educare Limited has developed itself into a one-point solution agency where their team offers the best school consultancy services for execution of school projects and ensures that best quality work is done in timely and cost-effective manner.

If you are willing to get a smooth school opening process, then you must get in touch with SEL team, which has the expertise to prioritize and manage the various aspects of the venture development.

You can schedule a business meeting with SEL team at:


How To Open A Primary School In India

How To Open A Primary School

“India has the potential and the caliber to sustain the global needs with its talent, what it requires only is the right mode of shaping and nurturing the talents and the skills.”

A school is a platform which offers a plethora of opportunities to talent and skills and helps the young learners to speak and voice out their skills efficiently.

With this post I want to draw your attention towards the steps involved in starting a school in India, so let’s read ahead…

  • School Registration

You would be surprised to know that as per Indian laws, private organizations cannot open schools in India, just to ensure education does not happen solely for profit.

The schools in India must be in accordance with the Societies Act of 1860 or by a trust that has been organized as per the Public Trust Act of individual states.

A private entity willing to set up a school in India can also set up a company as prescribed by Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013.

  • Land For School

To build an educational institute school’s governing body must attain a NOC from the concerned state’s Department of Education.

On the other hand, the purchase of land from the government- for the school- will require to procure a no-objection certificate referred to as the Essentiality Certificate (EC)- which is an essential document certifying the requirement of a institute in the particular zone, and must take it from the concerned state’s Department of Education.

The Department of Education (DOE) has the authority to take the decision for a school in a particular zone.

The construction must commence within 3 years of obtaining the certificate, failing to which the society has to apply for renewal. The society needs to obtain a “letter of sponsorship” from the DoE.

  • School Affiliation


he affiliation for the school requires the Online application, which can be further submitted for the :

  • Approval of Middle Class Syllabus/Affiliation or Switch Over upto Secondary level/ Upgradation or Switch Over to Senior Secondary level
  • Additional Subjects, applicable in case of already CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary schools.
  • Extension of Provisional Affiliation in case of already CBSE affiliated school upto Secondary / Senior Secondary level.
  • For non switch over cases, a school has to first affiliate itself with CBSE upto Secondary stage and run class IX for a minimum period of one year then applying for Upgradation to Senior Secondary level.
  • Affiliation fee has to be deposited by online banking/ debit card/credit card/NEFT.
  • Last date for submission of application is 30th June, of the year in which class VII, IX, XI is proposed to be started.
  • The classes must not be started without prior affiliation with the Board.
  • For the Extension cases, the schools who have missed the deadline last year can apply this year with late fee.
  • For schools (applying late) who submit their application in January the late fees is Rs 20000, however from 1 February the late fee will be Rs 100000.

Once this application is submitted, then an inspection committee comes to conducting the detailed inspection matching the norms and condition, and on being satisfied with the facilities school affiliation is granted.

  • Documents And Licenses Required

Undeniably in India law takes its place when a school comes into existence. There must be a Memorandum of Association when society is formed along with a couple of more documents..

  • Registration Certificate of Society – Societies Recognition Act, 1860
  • Essentiality Certificate DoE
  • Certificate of Recognition MCD/ DoE
  • Certificate of Upgradation DoE
  • Certificate of Affiliation CBSE
  • Certificate of MCD MCD
  • Affidavit of land purchase
  • MCD/Development Authority of the Concerned State
  • Site Plan of the Building/Sanctioned Building Plan approved by MCD/DDA
  • Building Fitness Certificate MCD
  • Health Certificate MCD
  • Water Testing Report from the water board
  • Completion Certificate DDA
  • Duly approved Scheme of Management DoE
  • No Loan Certificate against FD issued by the bank
  • Permitted Certificate (in case of rented land) Landlord


  • Documents To Be Submitted

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Affidavit of society members
  • Copy of Reserve Fund for Rs. 2 lakhs from the bank
  • An affidavit from management as per Delhi School Education Rules, 1973
  • The undertaking of fees and other charges
  • List of members of society with full details
  • Details of land and building
  • Project report of proposed school
  • Experience of society/members in the field of education
  • Scheme of Management
  • Documents regarding ownership of land allotted to the school
  • Auditor’s statement of account
  • Staff statement as Performa
  • Rates of fee and other fund charges
  • Enrollment of students

These are the guidelines you have to follow and get your school infra and study pattern as per the needs of the users.

UFFF, too many documents to take care of L

I totally concur with you, that eventually there are a number of formalities, clearances, and certifications which must be a part of school opening process, and failing to either document would dump your dream of starting the school  forever.

Then what is the solution???

Well, it is advisable to hire services of professional consultancy firm who has the expertise and the comprehensive knowledge/understanding of the subject matter and has a reliable name in the industry, which can be none other than Shri Educare Limited (SEL).

Now you must be wondering that why SEL???

So the very obvious reason suggests that SEL has the required expertise and the exposure of handling the need of the hour and would offer you the impeccable set of advisory/ consultancy services for your school concept.

Also, with Shri Educare Limited you can attain the expertise to set up the value enabled progressive institutions in the educational arena with the right guidance and the suggestions.

Then what are you waiting for???

Get in touch with SEL team today and give the reality wings to your school opening dream.

You can place your queries to Shri Educare Limited at:


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