Advantages of Education Franchise

Education Franchise

While talking about education businesses, the role of franchising is slightly different as it bears the social responsibility of making the future of the coming generations. One cannot deny the fact that school franchises are generally very successful in terms of generating revenue. So, if you wish to explore the world of franchising and earn better revenue, then buying a School Franchise could be beneficial.

So here are some advantages of investing in School Franchise Business:

  • Tried and Tested: When you invest in a running business, it gets very beneficial for you as well as it gives you a sense of confidence and assurance. It only involves a lot of hard work and some instructions given by the franchise. It also provides support to its associates as well.  

  • Trusted Brand: Another important advantage of a franchise business can be that it involves recognition with a trusted and a very reputed brand. Not only this, they all get nationwide acknowledgement as well. 

  • Support Provided: Franchises also get the all time support from their franchisor in terms of everything like setting up their business, supplies, marketing and publicity, recruitment etc. and above all of that you receive continuous training and you get all the support from their corporate office. 

  • A Turnkey Business:Many people have the skill to run an existing business but they don’t have much expertise in what all it takes to get a business up and running, whether it is obtaining financial things or negotiating lease terms. Buying an existing franchise can cut out most of your hard work like finding a location, negotiating a lease, etc. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. You still have to do your part aside from the transfer fee, your fees and terms may substantially differ from the seller.

  • Brand Awareness:So if you buy a franchise that is already there in the business for a long time then the corporate image and brand awareness is already recognized. We all know that customers are much more comfortable in purchasing items they are familiar with and they have already trust on. So according to a customer, a franchisor’s brand is equal to the company’s reputation. 

  • Higher Chances Of Success:Buying a franchise is very different from starting a business from scratch. Since there is already an established business in place, there is a higher chance of success. If you invest in a proven franchise and if you follow the system that the franchisor has put in place, then you should be on your way to running a successful business.

  • Easier to Get Started:There are a lot of entrepreneurs who end up doubting their capability of starting a business just because they are scared of building it up from scratch. This is because there is much to be decided upon before you even think of starting an independent business. In a way, buying a franchise can make things a lot easier for you. Franchising helps a lot in this case. 

If you are looking forward to buying a School Franchise then Shri Educare can help you with that. They ensure you full support and help you run a franchise that would prove to be a successful business and they can be the correct choice for you. They ensure you full credibility and help you to run a franchise that can prove to be a successful business choice for you.

SRF Foundation – 3 EP Program

The SRF Enhancing Early Education Program (3EP) is an early childhood education course that seeks to revolutionize education in the foundation years. Drawing from the wealth of experience of The Shri Ram Schools, this program aims to spread progressive school education to aspiring educators.

The Enhancing Early Education program with the aim to spread the Shri ethos was started in 2007 by Late Mrs Manju Bharatram. The program has 503 graduates, a large number of who are working across more than 87 eminent schools of Delhi and NCR.

Features of the program:

  • It is an experiential, contemporary and specialized teaching program which aims to equip teachers with the necessary skills and training towards becoming a quality educator.
  • The focus is on a child-centric approach through a specially crafted curriculum which guides caring and committed adults to deal with the challenges in the foundation years in a rapidly changing global context.
  • The program not only gives an insight into the latest technologies and theories prevalent across the world today but also encourages the trainees to evaluate their relevance, applicability and authenticity to the Indian context.
  • A hands-on approach and interactive sessions provide several opportunities for trainees to experience the teaching learning process. The experiences include lesson planning, creating teaching learning material, art and craft techniques, storytelling, soft skills and internship in schools.

Duration: Six-Month with two batches in a year.



Timings: 9 AM to 12:30 PM

Days: Monday-Friday

Campus: The Shri Ram School, Moulsari campus, DLF Phase 3


Foundations of Teaching

  • This comprises of modules which focus on the theoretical aspects of the program. The hands-on approach will be adopted with several opportunities for trainees to experience the very activities and methods they would later impart. Strategies and application form a core part of the lessons.

Subject Areas

  • Child Development and Educational Psychology
  • A sound knowledge of the developmental milestones, needs and tasks for each age and stage of the child is imperative for early childhood educators. This module enables the trainee with an understanding of the abilities of the child and efficient strategies that can be used to enhance and develop them. Topics include learning, perception, multiple intelligences, and learning styles, along with an understanding of developmental psychology and relevant theories.

Foundations of Education: Educational Thought

  • All aspects of human life and development impacts education and this module focuses on the development in education across the world through the ages. In this course one also examines the current status of early childhood education and its challenges in the global context.

Curriculum and Skill Development

  • A good understanding of an age appropriate curriculum and focusing on skill development is the basis of this module. A theoretical and practical aspect of lesson planning and delivery equips the trainees to engage meaningfully with children across age groups. Visiting faculty from The Shri Ram Schools brings in a wealth of experiences further enhancing the learning of the trainees in the classroom.

Classroom Management

  • A practical and hands on module that brings to life all the elements of classroom management. The trainees are equipped to understand the different aspects of a dynamic teacher through a variety of exposure and experiences. With a variety of topics that are interwoven to create a classroom climate conducive to learning based on unique strategies complimenting each child’s needs.

Personal and Professional Development

  • Opportunities to develop personal and professional skills include:
    • Active Listening
    • Time Management
    • Stress Management
    • Event Planning
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Circle Time
    • Developing basic IT skills
    • First Aid
    • The personalized mentoring promotes an aspiration towards developing leadership skills in the individual capacity of the trainees.


  • The course comprises of theory sessions along with real time observation and teaching practice. The trainees are given internship opportunities at The Shri Ram Schools and eminent preschools of Delhi and NCR. The duration of the internship is 6 weeks in the course timeline. The objective of this module is to allow trainees to learn to plan, execute and reflect on their lessons.

Research Based Project Work

  • Research based project work promotes critical thinking, analysis and a holistic understanding of the given task.


  • Assessments will also be on-going throughout the course. Internal evaluation of assignments, aids, lesson plans and teaching practice are a part of the course.

SRF Foundation – 3EP

C/O The Shri Ram School

V-37, Moulsari Avenue, Phase-III, DLF City, Gurgaon

(M) 9871018407 / 9891240997


Please visit :

About Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency what does it mean, how does it work, how are these connected, and what’s the bigger picture here, don’t fret this article will be simplified and will serve as an introduction to these topics and questions.


Let’s begin by establishing some fundamentals about what financial transactions, legal contracts, and assets mean. All of these previously mentioned jargon have something in common, they all have monetary value and are owned or transferred to a person or business. Currently, these assets, records, legal contacts, and financial transactions are protected and managed by organizations that act as intermediaries like banks and government systems to mention a few. These organizations are responsible for governing, verifying, and maintaining the chronicle events of the assets for which they charge their service fee or commission to the user.


As an example when you transfer money from your bank account to another person’s bank account then the bank act as the middleman and coordinates the financial transaction through their internal ledges which are trusted to be secure while charging us fee for the transaction to go through successfully. This method of the financial transaction had been the norm ever since. The introduction of blockchain technology helps perform the same financial transaction however in a more transparent and open manner that uses copies of distributed ledgers that record the transactions between two people or parties in a more secure and permanent manner without the need of any middleman or banks in our case. 


How does blockchain technology work?


Blockchain technology, in the simplest terms, uses a ledger or a digital file that records a time-stamped series of transactions managed by a distributed network of computers.

The structure of the ledger itself is the blockchain, where blocks store individual transaction data that includes the time of transaction, sender, receiver, and amount of value sent. These blocks are linked with other blocks using cryptography forming a blockchain structure. Unlike how banks work where the ledger file is stored in a central server on a single data centre. Blockchain technology requires a distributed nexus of private computers owned by the general public which performs two tasks of both storing data and executing computations for validating new transactions.

Each of the private computers in the network represents a “node” in the blockchain network which has a copy of the ledger file, unlike a bank that has one central ledger that no one can access the decentralized nature of blockchain network provides transparency and security. 

To keep track of the amount of bitcoin each of us owns, the blockchain uses a ledger, a digital file that tracks all bitcoin transactions.


How is cryptocurrency related to blockchain technology?


Blockchain and cryptocurrency are frequently used interchangeably however, they are not the same thing. Blockchain is the technology that underpins the existence of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is simply the digital token or the digital value that is represented and stored in the blocks that form the ledger in the blockchain technology. 


The bigger picture with blockchain technology


Currently, we require third parties and other members to help in establishing, validating and protecting agreements, contracts, asset transfers, and other deals. However, with the amalgamation of the blockchain technology, every such transaction be it of monetary value or sensitive information can be converted to digital record that is cryptographically secure and stored in a distributed blockchain network protected from deletion, tampering, and revision. This way individuals or parties can interact with one another with complete transparency. 

If you are looking forward to buy a Preschool Franchise then Shri Educare is your perfect go to place. They ensure you full support so that you can lay down your foundation and help you run a school franchise that would prove to be a successful business.