Franchise Model In Education- What Makes It So Popular These Days?

Franchise Model In Education- What Makes It So Popular These Days

The franchise model in education has become increasingly popular in recent years. This model allows entrepreneurs to open and operate their own educational business using a proven business model, resources, and support provided by the franchisor.

The purpose of this blog post is to explore the benefits of a franchise model in education, as well as some of the challenges that may arise. So if you are looking forward to stepping into the education realm and starting up a CBSE School Franchise, stay tuned till the end!

Benefits of a franchise model in education


Proven business model:

One of the biggest advantages of a franchise model in education is that it provides entrepreneurs with a proven business model. The franchisor has already done the research and development, and has a successful track record of operating educational businesses.

Access to resources and support:

Franchisees also have access to a wealth of resources and support from the franchisor. This can include marketing materials, training, and ongoing support for operations and management.

Established brand recognition:

Another benefit of a franchise model in education is that it allows entrepreneurs to tap into an established brand that already has recognition and credibility in the market. This can be especially beneficial for start-up businesses that may have difficulty building a strong brand from scratch.

Reduced risk for entrepreneurs:

A franchise model in education also offers a reduced risk for entrepreneurs, as they are investing in a business that has already been tested and proven to be successful.

Potential for growth and expansion: 

Finally, a franchise model in education also has the potential for growth and expansion. Franchisees can open multiple locations and benefit from the franchisor’s economies of scale.

Some Challenges Of A Franchise Model In Education

Difficulty in maintaining consistency in curriculum and teaching methods: 

One of the challenges of a franchise model in education is that it can be difficult to maintain consistency in curriculum and teaching methods across different locations. This can be a concern for the franchisor and franchisees alike.

Potential loss of autonomy for franchisees: 

Another challenge is that franchisees may feel that they have lost some autonomy in the decision-making process, as they must follow the rules and guidelines set by the franchisor.

Dependence on the success of the franchisor:

Franchisees are also dependent on the success of the franchisor. If the franchisor goes out of business or experiences financial difficulties, it can have a negative impact on the franchisees.

For those considering a CBSE School Franchise, it is important to thoroughly research the franchisor and understand the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement before making a decision. It is also important to consult with a lawyer and accountant to ensure that the franchise is a good fit for you and your business goals

What Makes ShriEducare The Best Franchise For CBSE Schools?

There are many franchise opportunities available in the education sector, but ShriEducare stands out as the best option for a CBSE School Franchise.

First and foremost, ShriEducare is committed to providing the highest-quality education for its students. This is reflected in the rigorous standards that the franchise requires of its teachers and the rigorous training that they receive.

Second, ShriEducare is an experienced franchise operator. This means that the company has invested in its training and development program, ensuring that its teachers are up to date with the latest technology and best practices.

Finally, ShriEducare is committed to community outreach. This means that it not only offers high-quality education to its students, but also engages with the local community to promote social and environmental responsibility.

If these reasons are compelling enough for you, then ShriEducare is the perfect  CBSE School Franchise for you. Contact us today to learn more about our franchise opportunities.


What Are The Procedure To Open CBSE School?

The awareness of the importance of education necessitates the demand for new schools. Nowadays, schools offer many facilities so that a parent can choose the best interests of their child. The school’s affiliation with different boards, like the State Board, CBSE, ICSE, or the IB, is the first criterion that every parent looks for. The standard of education depends on the quality of the faculty, the infrastructure, and the teaching methodology adopted by the institution.
The question that comes to mind about the decision regarding the new school opening procedure is whether the school should be owned or should it be a franchisee school. Shri Educare is one of the leading school consultants who will take you through the process and guide you on starting your business in the education industry. They provide the details about the different boards’ bye-laws and clearly explain how a school can get affiliation from the respective board.
The boards guide the schools in matters of the land required for primary school, the number of teachers, the educational qualifications of the educators, the room sizes, the library & Science lab requirements, and many other things required to open CBSE school or ICSE school in India.

Here is a list to brief you about what you need for the New School opening.

  • The first & foremost is education and co-curricular activities focusing on delivering quality education.
  • Then comes an architectural layout to create learning spaces.
  • Next is a trained and efficient team of educators who can provide the best knowledge.
  • Then you should hire efficient consultants with the expertise to set up systems like HR, IT, Admin, Finance & Operations.
  • An academic team should be experts in curriculum, pedagogy, and contemporary practices.
  • The new school should have teaching and operations processes according to the Standard Operating Procedures.
  • To Open a CBSE School, one needs a Comprehensive marketing plan and competitive understanding of the environment, and a value-based curriculum designed for young learners who can be successful in life.

New School Opening Procedures:
Opening a new school, whether a CBSE, ICSE, or IB Board, requires a study of the laws and the by-laws. There are many requirements; first, a Trust or Society has to be registered. Then suitable land should be bought as per specifications given in the bye-laws.
The land should be bought for Educational purposes and must be approved by a competent authority. A building plan following the specifications will be the next step toward opening a CBSE school. When the building is ready, furniture and fixtures are set in place. At last, the recruitment of the Principal, educators, admin staff, and other staff is then completed.

How To Get Permission To Start CBSE School?
You must ensure the specific land & infrastructure requirements when getting permission to start a CBSE school. The documents and requirements must comply with the CBSE regulations.

CBSE School Franchise
Having a CBSE school franchiseis one of the most lucrative prospects in the education sector. Those planning to open a new school look forward to the best education available franchise. Buying a franchise from a reputed brand has benefits over competitors. The brand’s reputation will get more students admitted to your school conveniently.
Parents rely on the brand name and trust the curriculum and come forward to take admission. Opening a school with a franchise will give you the advantage of an already tried and tested business opportunity model. Investing in a good Franchisee will save both your money and time. So you need to have an efficient team of consultants who can help you start an ideal school. The team provides all the necessary support required to start a new school, which involves creating budgets, HR policies, marketing, and so forth.

One such educational consultant is Shri Educare, which provides end-to-end consultancy services for schools in India and abroad. If you have the required capital and land, you can collaborate with a good franchisor for a lucrative business investment. If you want to open a value-based and progressive school, you can connect with Shri Educare. Expert advice is always important in terms of planning and executing the same.
Hiring an experienced consultant makes it effective for you because it is a flexible and cost economical option which helps in proper execution. The dedicated and learned professionals from the Shre Educare ensure that you are continuously guided with every intricacy involved in starting a new school or investing in a Franchise. They have a team of academic experts, designers, and a business developer who strives to give the best to their clients for phenomenal growth.