Things To Look For In An Education Franchise


School franchise business is one of the most lucrative options today as it is one industry that can never be replaced. You do not need to be an educator to invest in an education business. Hence, it is a lucrative option for entrepreneurs to make a mark in the industry. And if you want to run a successful education business, you must strategically plan it and stand out in the crowd. You can start your educational business by taking the best education franchise.

When it comes to the education industry, buying the right franchise like Shri Educare will allow you to make it a profitable venture. Let us discuss some of the top aspects you should consider while choosing the best education franchise.

Top 6 Aspects You Must Consider Before Buying A School Franchise

Previously, only wealthy and well-off families used education as a means to an end. Still, now that it is accessible to all, even the poorest of destitute families want to send their children to school so they can become literate and have an honest life. This is what makes education the best franchise model in India.


The education franchise is one of India’s most lucrative prospects in the current environment. How various brands flood the market daily shows how much this industry benefits from earnings and expansion. Like other franchise opportunities, the education industry offers a simple business model that any franchisee can purchase. Let us check all the factors you must consider for the best education franchise in India.

Brand Value

Buying an education franchise from a reputed brand name benefits you over competitors. As soon as you open your school, your brand’s reputation will allow you to get students conveniently. In addition, parents and students will both rely on the brand name and trust your school’s curriculum and come forward to take admission. So, if you are about to start a new business in the education industry, you must go for a reputable franchise option like Shri Educare.

Tried And Tested Business Model

Opening a school with a franchise will allow you to take advantage of an already tried and tested business model. Running a school successfully is no different than running any other business. Franchisees can save money and time by utilizing the business model of reputed school franchises. Inform the franchisor that you are prepared to conduct business with them after learning everything about the franchise you want. They will give you a franchise disclosure form containing all the terms, conditions, and details.

Curriculum And Syllabus

Any educational institute is distinguished by its curriculum. Suppose you want to make your education business a profitable venture. In that case, you must go for the best education franchise with experienced educators who continuously revise and develop curriculum and syllabus. In addition, existing education franchises can help your centers swiftly adjust to the changing world when doing so on your own could take a significant amount of time.

Continuous Guidance And Support

A good franchisor will always provide support and guidance to its franchise so that it can run its business efficiently. And this is the reason why businesspeople and entrepreneurs choose to become franchisees. Successful education franchises have a robust franchise support team that assists franchisees in running successful education businesses. The franchisor will invite you to a meeting when you’ve decided which type of school franchise you’re willing to work on, read the disclosure document, and agree to its terms.

Try to learn more about the franchisor’s principles, operating procedures, and personality to determine whether working with them, in the long run, will be ideal.


Each company model has a budget. The same is true when purchasing a franchise for a commercial venture. You must be very certain of the amount of money you must put into the franchising enterprise. Franchise fees, property lease costs, managerial training costs, other costs, necessary equipment costs, and insurance fees are all included in the budget. Investments are crucial for launching a franchised firm. Make sure you have all the necessary finances and bonds to cover the cost of purchasing the greatest education company franchise before signing the contract.

Agreement for the Franchise

If the meeting goes well and the franchisor is pleased, they will send you a contract stating that you are formally asked to open the greatest franchise in the field of education under their brand. The agreement also includes a comprehensive list of guidelines you must follow throughout the contract until it is canceled. You should get legal advice if you find something difficult to understand. He and you should properly review the contract before deciding what to tell the franchisor.



If you are about to buy the best education franchise in India, you must connect with Shri Educare today. Our experienced professionals will take you through the process and guide you on starting your business venture in the education industry.



Top 5 Reasons To Go For A School Franchise In India

A franchise for school is a great way to establish a new business and reap all the brand value. Purchasing a school franchise can be a smart decision for a would-be entrepreneur who doesn’t want to start a new business from scratch. Even though some people might desire to invest in a completely new business concept, choosing a franchise for international school or an Indian school is always a safe and reliable business option for new-age entrepreneurs.

We all know that the education sector is one of the most stable and profitable business opportunities around. For this reason, new business owners can have a positive impact on the industry. Therefore, purchasing a school franchise from a reputable company would undoubtedly give aspiring business owners an advantage and enable them to also support the nation’s educational system.

The agreement between the franchisor and the franchisees who choose to launch a new school franchise in India is known as the school franchise business. Over the past few decades, the school franchise industry in India has experienced tremendous growth. As a result, top school franchisors like Shri Educare have decided to grow their companies and find new markets for their schools.


You can learn more about the advantages of purchasing a school franchise in India by reading the reasons listed below:


  1. You Get An Established Brand Name

If you are about to start a new business venture in the education industry, you can choose Shri Educare as your franchisor. Going for a school franchise in India, especially from an established brand like Shri Educare, automatically gives you the reputation of the brand. Because your target education industry is already familiar with the brand name, you do not need to promote your new school name to the public. The brand name already offers reliability, and parents feel safe sending their children to a school that is already an established name in the industry. Along with it comes the confidence of your potential students and their parents, which will offer you an advantage over other businesses.

Assistance from the Franchisor

Some of India’s top school franchisors offer assistance in the school curriculum throughout all of their franchises. As a result, you will get every assistance while creating the school curriculum and the syllabus for a deep learning experience for your students. You may also receive staff along with the appropriate training. And this will be a big benefit to you in the beginning and will help you set up your school properly.


Higher Profit Margin

School franchise offers higher profit margin as you will not need to pay for franchise promotion as it is already an established brand. Furthermore, compared to non-branded competitors, you will experience larger revenues and lower financial risk if you get affiliation from a recognized brand. You can benefit greatly from the school franchise. Additionally, being a reputed brand, it further lowers financial risks and offers you great income opportunities.

Quality and Reliability

Offering quality education is important to stay in business. And we are all aware that you must make arrangements to hire experienced teachers who can offer the best learning experience to students who come on board with your school. In addition, they will ensure that each franchise complies with the criteria established by the brand because the brand name is well-known for its high-quality instruction and outstanding course material. And you will get consistent services as the school offers quality training and learning experience to its students.


Going for a school franchise can make it easy for you to grow your education business. The brand value allows you to expand your business a lot more smoothly, as you will get help at every stage. For instance, you may later buy a play school franchise and expand it to primary, secondary, and senior secondary schools. Collaborating with Shri Educare will help you acquire the necessary registrations and permits for a successful business venture in the education sector.


The Final Wrap

These were important aspects to consider before investing in a school franchise in India. As a future business owner, you will get all the advantages of a school franchise. So, if you are looking for a franchise for school in India or looking for an international school franchise, you must get in touch with Shri Educare today. Our expert professionals will guide you at every step of the process so that you can establish your new school with our brand name and make for a good income opportunity.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about the school franchise in India and how you can make it a profitable business venture and create a strong foothold in the industry.


How To Start A Boarding School In India


Steps To Start A Boarding School In India

Indians are well accustomed to boarding schools as it has been accepted in our society since the medieval ages. The Gurukuls in medieval India (like Nalanda university), were nothing but boarding schools of ancient ages. In those days, boarding schools or Gurukuls were used to impart certain skills and core values along with the basic curriculum. Most importantly, at that time, education was exclusively for the upper class of society and the ruling class. But in the modern era, the infrastructure and concept of boarding schools has changed a lot. These schools, nowadays, cater to all the classes in society and concentrate on overall personality development and grooming.

The students of a boarding school are generally self-dependent and responsible. Furthermore, they are more versed in life skill activities than general students. The students of boarding schools go through self-grooming classes from a young age, which helps them better shape their lives. So if you are looking forward to knowing about the new school opening procedure, then we go! We will discuss the steps required for opening a boarding school.

Boarding schools specially cater to children who live in remote areas where they are unable to receive a quality education or to those places where schools are not available. These schools commit to offering satisfactory infrastructure, a better education environment, and modern facilities and help the students learn and develop certain skills through varied co-curricular activities. They also provide better sports facilities and individual attention to students. As the social fabric of India is changing continuously with more and more parents working for a living, it is important to provide a healthy and safe environment for their children for growth and development. And boarding school provides the same.

So if you want to know how to start a boarding school in India, go through the following steps.

  • The complete business planning and finance to start boarding school: Planning is the primary school opening procedure! The business model for a boarding school, despite any board, would include important things such as budget, branding & marketing. These three are the important pillars for a new school opening. The capital requirement for establishing a boarding school that aspires for subsequent accreditation is considerable. The investment can be more than 10 Crores, depending on factors like location, affiliation, standards, and scale, among several other factors. The funds can also be collected from various financial institutions requiring a complete business plan with a detailed project report. It would be beneficial for school openers or entrepreneurs to hire the expert services of a reliable school consultancy organization for planning and designing the entire project and various related activities.


  • The next step is a robust recruitment strategy that must be highly structured and rigid. The line of differentiation between the academic and non- academic staff needs to be understood, evaluated and reviewed properly before starting the hiring process. Repositories can be used to hire quality staff for girls’ and boys’ boarding schools.


  • Selection Of Land: Day schools are generally located within the perimeter of the city, but in the case of boarding schools, it does not need to be within the residential periphery. But it is important to choose a location that is ideal for the development of a young mind. The location and the land requirement for CBSE School has to be adequate to accommodate an academic block, playgrounds, various modern facilities and hostels.


  • Infrastructure: Once you have procured the land and received initial approvals, it’s time to start the school building construction along with hostels and other details. It is an important procedure to open a school in India. The school’s façade, the hostel’s interiors, and the plan for playgrounds and other facilities like a swimming pool must be designed with absolute accuracy. Collecting various school supply materials and stationery products should be initiated simultaneously. The classroom’s interior must be planned, and a positioned island should be included in the architectural plan, which includes certain things like educational technology equipment, Whiteboards and Projectors. The hostels must have a well-equipped gymnasium and proper bathroom facilities. Furthermore, facilities like television, indoor sports, and the outdoor playground should be included as CBSE school building requirements!