The CBSE School Approval Process: Understanding The Requirements And Regulations

The CBSE School Approval Process Understanding The Requirements And Regulations

Getting CBSE Affiliation is not easy in India, as you must follow various rules and regulations. As per data, most of the newly opened schools in India are applying for the Central Board Of Secondary Education as they are considered the best Board that provides quality education with the best curriculum. They have the best record and are considered the best Board to study in India.


A school can avail of three different affiliation processes that are provided by the Central Board Of Secondary Education is Provisional, Temporary and Permanent, which a school can choose by registering online. The schools who are about to apply for Central Board of Secondary Education affiliation have to abide by the 10 + 2 system of the curriculum of study and have to follow a variety of compliance. In addition, they need to have a proper understanding of the requisites being suggested or laid down by the Board of CBSE.


The process of obtaining affiliation is troublesome, and in case of any issues and disputes, the affiliation process gets much delayed and can even get canceled. CBSE affiliation seems daunting, but it proves beneficial if all the procedures, documentation and requirements are properly done. Here in this article, we will provide a detailed guide to the approval process and to know how to get permission to start CBSE school. So, let us get started with the documentation procedure.


For Affiliation to the Central Board Of Education, A School Needs to Be Established As Any Entity, Such As:-


  • Companies Act, 2013, In which Your Company Needs To Be An Register Company under the 8th Section
  • Registered Trust or Society
  • Statutory Body
  • Public Sector Undertaking (PSU)
  • Autonomous Body
  • Government Department/Ministry
  • Local Body

Documentation required for CBSE School Approval

Here we have provided a detailed guide to the documentation process and the documents required for affiliation.

  • A No Objection Certificate is essential from the State Government.
  • A Letter of Recognition from the District Education Officer is the mandate
  • Documents of Land Ownership are required from the Authorities
  • Registration letter under the name of the trust/society/foundation
  • An Affidavit is necessary that states Non-Proprietary character
  • A certificate of Land Registration 
  • A salary proof which is paid through ECS Documentary 
  • Certificate of financial status 
  • Images of the infrastructure in detailed specification
  • Salary certificate of the staff by DEO
  • Certificate of EPF deduction
  • Complete the Last three years’ Audited Balance Sheet prepared by CA
  • Essential Safety certificates should be issued by Govt. authority
  • A complete lease of requisite land or Ownership in the name of the school

The Process Of Securing Affiliation


  • First, you must visit the Central Board of Secondary Education Affiliation Website, and there you will get the electronic application form you need to fill out. But it is advisable to read all the rules and follow the complete instructions and all the procedures carefully before filling out the form.
  • Then you will be required to click on the type of school registered under an affiliation and make sure that the school fulfills all the eligibility criteria to secure the Central Board of Secondary Education affiliation.
  • A dialogue box requesting payment will appear next. Pay the Requisite Fee per the norms of CBSE and upload all the necessary documents and other important information.
  • Then agree with the Bye-Laws provided and meet the necessary compliance to ensure the process is carried out successfully.

Necessary Compliances


  • With the required relevant provision in the Education Act, the school should take a CBSE Affiliation Number to register it under the Central Board of Secondary Education entity.
  • As per the CBSE Bylaws, the school must maintain a management committee to fulfill the requirement of the land act regulated by government Affiliation Bye-Laws. 
  • The school must produce a State Government Recognition Certificate and a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the Education Department of the concerned State.
  • Suppose you are applying on the online portal for CBSE affiliation. In that case, the school should attach two mandate documents from the District Education Administration and another Self Affidavit that can approve your Code of CBSE Affiliation.
  • All required documents are to be uploaded at the time of application and should be either in English or Hindi.
  • The certificates and performances to be uploaded should be within the given size limit, and you must ensure that before uploading them to the online portal.
  • The school must have a Letter of Intent as a part of a satisfactory inspection report by the Board to the applicant for getting a CBSE School Affiliation.