How to Pick a Good School Franchise

Good School Franchise

In India, the largest segment of the population is youth. For our young generation, Education holds a very important place. Education in India has a lot of scope for growth. However, the question arises, from where we can get a good education for our future generations!

School franchisee model ends your search for quality education with world-class coaching system. Before deciding upon the school consultants, one needs to think about what benefits they are offering—

Help with establishing a school

School franchisor helps in establishing a school. They help in getting all the documentation and Land approvals done. They get you in touch with lawyers, architectures and get everything done on time. You need to be sure that school consultancy is getting these things done for you or not.

Create outline & manage the various process-

The consultants draft the administration plan, help you in the recruitment of the best staff, help you manage funds in such a manner that it can meet all your requirements easily. You need to check if your consultant is doing so or not.

Develops Curriculum-

School Franchise Opportunities bring in lots of responsibility on both consultant and franchisee. Developing curriculum and designing syllabus is something, which needs guidance and support. Consultants have experience in these. One needs to make full use of their knowledge.

Regular training –

COnsultants organize regular training for the staff. They also provide continuous operational support, which helps a lot in running the school efficiently.

The Consultant brings in the Brand —

Already established brand name makes promotion easy for newly opened school. Associating yourself with an established brand name will ensure higher profit margins and less financial risk.

After considering all these benefits your next question will be “Is there any such Consultant or Consultancy?” Well, the answer is “Yes!”One of the best Franchise of schools in India is provided by Shri Educare Ltd.

They are the experts in this domain. They will help you in setting the school up from scratch. If you have the required land and funds, simply leave all your tensions to them and you are on your way to success.

The dedicated professionals from the SEL team would ensure that you are guided and trained with every intricacy involved in the process of starting a school.

Their team of academic experts, designers, business development team constantly strives to give the best to their clients to help them experience phenomenal growth.

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The Best School Franchise Opportunity – How to Determine It

School Franchise Opportunities by Shri Educare

One thing, which comes to mind while thinking about education, is School Franchise Opportunities. The concept of franchising has created a huge stir. In the Indian educational system, there are different options for the investor to opt from which are – Preschools, Primary schools, and Senior Secondary Schools or K-12 Schools.

Before going into school franchisee model, one should keep a few points in mind, which is crucial to the success of Franchisee schools. These points are as follows—

Research about Franchisee opportunity

You need to conduct a thorough market research in order to understand the different types of school franchisee available in the market. This includes Preschools, Primary schools, and Senior Secondary Schools or K-12 Schools franchise opportunities; you need to select the best from amongst them as per your vision and choice.

Deciding on investment and land for the school

Once you decide on what type of school you want to set up, the next point to get your attention is investment involved and land required for school. The amount may vary depending on the type of school franchise model you choose.

Meeting various Consultants for Brands

After doing research about the business opportunity, next step involved is to meet and consult the teams of various brand owners or consultants who will give you all the information that is vital for you as a prospective franchisee.

Deciding upon the Brand

This point is very crucial for the success of a school. A good consultant or brand owner will give you all the help required in setting up an ideal school, this includes school set – up the process, obtain the Essential Certificates to start a school, various approvals, etc.

Signing Franchisee agreement

signing the franchise agreement after selecting the best brand or consultant, will give you legal authority to use their brand name. You need to pay the franchise fee and royalty in order to use it. This will also bind the consultancy team to assist you in all the processes involved in setting up the school.

Start of school process— you need to get certificates of approvals from government authorities in order to set up school. Once you are done with paperwork, you can start the construction of the building, buying different types of equipment, recruiting teaching staff, designing curriculum, facilities in terms of training for the school. In this process, the professionals of the franchisor can help you.

These are some of the aspects which you need to be careful about before going for Franchise of schools in India. You need to be careful while deciding on the Consultancy Team or the Brand.

You can get in touch with experts of the domain to get proper guidance. Shri Educare Ltd is an expert in this field. They will help you in building a school from scratch. If you have the required land and funds simply leave all your tensions to them and you are on your way to success.

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Why do we need private investments in the Indian Education sector?

Indian Education sector

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth,” said an ancient Greek philosopher. This statement clarifies why education is vital for any state or country.

India has one of the largest education systems in the world, which is divided into three categories—

  1. Higher education – It comprises of universities, professional institutes, colleges etc.
  2. K-12 education- School education that goes on till 12th standard starting from kindergarten.
  3. Pre-school education— Small play schools that provide learning to children prior to K- 12 schooling.

These three divisions, run by different regulatory bodies, have different rules for all.

Over the last century, the education sector in India has not shown much change. While its counterpart, in other parts of the world, has completely been transformed. Many Indian classrooms still reminiscence of the factory system of the industrial age.

An education system needs to evolve with time. Our schools need to check their shortcomings & work to improve them. This urgent need to transform the education space arises due to the growing demands of the competitive world.

For this transformation to take place, we need to open new schools. In these schools, the students will get to learn with the help of new techniques & new technology. These new age schools will provide them with expert teachers who are abreast with recent developments in the field of education.

Starting a school in India is not an easy task. Opening this kind of advanced and well-equipped schools is not at all child’s play.

We have to be aware of what we need while opening a school. This involves approvals, planning the structure of the school, recruiting a passionate and committed team of people and designing a progressive curriculum.

All these tasks are tough to handle. A single person cannot do it alone, he needs the help & support of trained professionals, who are aware of the nitty- gritty of this tedious process.

It is advisable to get the services from one of the best school consultants in India.

Do not worry –  a solution for all your problems is available.

A dedicated team of professionals who will ensure that you are guided and trained with every intricacy involved in starting a school. This Consultancy is none other than Shri Educare Limited (SEL).

SEL has a vision of bringing a revolution in the education space. By the integration of best practices from across the globe, they would transform your mere concept into a factual reality.

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Reasons to Invest in Preschool

Preschool Investment

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Education is considered the of noblest professions.

Education has not only transformed lives, it also offers profitable business opportunities for multiple edupreneurs.

One such source of profits is investing in Preschools. Preschools offer the toddler a conducive environment for his/her first learning experience. It is the first step in the learning curve. So, this first step needs to be in the correct direction in order to make life experiences correct. Hence, investing in quality preschools becomes crucial.

Today we are going to discuss a few reasons as to why you should invest in preschools.


As a preschool owner, you are nurturing the children in their formative years. This will give you a sense of self-satisfaction, which can make anyone internally happy.

Easy to open—    

Opening a preschool has limited legal issues and licensing involved is simple. Hence, the challenges involved are not as many as those for a K-12 School.

Better Work-Life balance—

Preschool venture lets you spend quality time with family. You are required to work only for a small part of the day.

Franchisee Support—

In case you are opting for a preschool franchise, you are making the right decision. Top franchisees like Shri Educare Limited, provides you with all the support from inception to implementation. They help you do all the planning by supporting you with a well-designed Curriculum, Teacher Development through Trainings, Pre-School Operations, Digital Marketing and lot more.

With an increase in disposable income and awareness among parents about Preschools, the concept of the preschool franchise seems to be pacing up. It is considered one of the highly profitable business opportunities today.

The team of experts at Shri Educare will help you have a clear vision for a preschool and the way forward to realize that vision. The school’s establishment and functioning is taken care by them. Do not wait any longer, get in touch with the SEL team today.

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The Benefits of Hiring a School Consultant

School Consultants in India

A new school opened in your neighborhood but it is not running smoothly. The school owners opened a very beautiful school still it is not running as expected. This makes you think whether you should Start a School or not. You are worried about its success. Have you thought about why it is not functioning properly?

Let us tell you what all one needs when thinking of owning a school.

  • Starting with excellence is essential.
  • Having appropriate building either you build it or buy or lease it
  • Curriculum design
  • Recruiting qualified staff
  • Establishing policies and procedures etc.

That is like so much to do but in a very limited time. Trying to complete all these, alone will certainly create issues for you. Having an experienced School Consultant on board can save a lot of your precious time, and get you on the right track.

Experience, when combined with a determined focus on development and implementation of systems, ensure that the schools move forward rapidly and sustainably.

This can only be done with the help of school consultants who will help you every bit. Let us give you a brief overview as to how they can benefit you.

Deciding upon the premises of school-

How many rooms are required? What should be the size of the rooms? What all security measures we need to take for kids? How much space is required for parking, assembly, and playground?

These questions and many more questions related to the construction of the school, an experienced consultant could easily plan all these things. With the help of his resources, he can get the building designed as per the school’s requirements.

Designing Educational Programme-

Defining the educational plan, designing the curriculum aimed at the overall growth of kids and aligned to the school’s philosophy all these are very important for the smooth functioning of the school. Also getting approvals from the authorities can be extremely tiring & lengthy process. At such a time, experienced assistance can help you a lot.

Recruitment of experienced staff—

Having an open-minded, positive, adaptable, and student-focused teacher in the school is a plus point for the school. He/ she will have higher levels of energy and commitment. Finding such teacher is a pain. The consultant will help you decide upon which factors to take care of while recruiting the staff. They will also guide you regarding the salary to be given too.

Setting up the administration and marketing plan—

Setting up policies for HR, finance, admissions, attendance, security, curriculum, and reporting is essential to start the school. Such systems, policies, and procedures provide the foundation for your school. Also deciding upon the marketing plan of the school is very important too, as it will bring the school to the notice of people. A consultant will help you in deciding upon all these things before starting school. This will eventually make the road to success bit smooth.

After getting this brief about the benefits of having a consultant, you must be thinking about getting a consultant on board. However, you do not want any random person or organization to do this for you.

Do not worry. For your school concept, When you have consultants with a proven record of accomplishment, like Shri Educare Limited (SEL).

The dedicated professionals from the SEL team ensure that you are guided and trained with every intricacy involved in the process of starting a school.

Their team of academic experts, designers, business development team constantly strives to give the best to their clients to help them experience phenomenal growth.

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Indian Education Sector Needs a Relook

Indian Education Sector needs a relook


The growth of a country is synonymous with the growth of its youth.

The youth defines the path of growth for any country. They need proper education, So the youth of the country needs to be looked after properly.

A country like India, where over 50 percent of the 1.3billion population is youth, the care for youth becomes mandatory.

Yet, the question arises, are we doing enough for them? Are we taking care of their growing requirements too?

Well, the answer is no! No, we are not taking good care of our youth. Their health, education, etc. are not being taken care of adequately. We are not doing enough to get them ready for the future.

Our education system is based on thoughts of – “Monitoring – Inspection- Suspension.” This needs to be changed to “Enable- Empower- Inspire.”

Over the last century or so, the Indian education system is still the same in its thoughts. Indian teaching methodology has not changed much since the industrial age. Our education system calls for reforms, which will make it apt for future generations.

These reforms should be based on the rigorous sample-based learning & assessment of children. Reforms should aim to develop their skills to make them ready for the future.

As Plato said, ‘Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.’

Education must reflect the transformational changes in our life – the way we communicate, collaborate, think, work, network, and celebrate. This change will come when we make changes in our thoughts. These changes are possible only when you let edupreneurs grow.

There are many who are interested in bringing quality education within the reach of eager students but are unable to do so because of the hardships they face in opening a school.

Hardships, like getting approval for opening school, designing the curriculum, recruiting qualified staff etc.

These tasks prevent private investors from investing in schools. They face difficulty in all these areas.

To resolve this very issue Shri Educare Limited has put together a team of experts to support and coach this segment of edupreneurs

They support you in Curriculum design, Human Resource Recruitment, Handling Financial aspects and creating a right mix of plans & policies related to the smooth functioning of school that are the basic requirements for opening an ideal school.

Shri Educare Limited (SEL). is engaged in providing end- to- end consultancy services for schools (Pre-school and K12) in India and abroad.

Their extensive support ensures that you fulfill your dream of opening a school with the potential & strength to cater to the ever dynamic & changing global needs of the students.

You can get in touch with them at