MathAThon 2021

MathAThon 2021

Online Inter-School Math Event

Math-A-Thon 2021,hosted by TSRS & SEL, is an Inter-School Math Event for students of TSRS & SEL Schoolsto provide children with a challenging and engaging mathematical experience that is both competitive and informative.

The Objective of Math-A-Thon 2021is:

  • To involve children in various Math focused competitive as well as non-competitive events.
  • To provide children with an opportunity todisplay their skills in new and innovative ways.
  • To develop flexibility & dexterity in solving problems
  • To challenge children on speed and accuracy
  • To foster creativity and ingenuity
  • To bring children together, on an online platform, so that connections are made across schools

Proposed Participants:

  • Students from Grades II to IX
  • 2 or 3 participants per grade per category (details of the categories have been mentioned later in this document)

Listed below are the details related to the event:

  • Dates of the event— 20th, 21st and 22nd December 2021
  • Venue— ZOOM – Online Platform
  • Events:


Participating Grades


Math Chimes

Students of Grade 2



Students of Grade 3


Minute To Win It

Students of Grade 4


Quiz Time

Students of Grade 5


Math Monumental

Students of Grade 6


Pictionary Math

Students of Grade 7


Just A Minute

Students of Grade 8


Quiz Time

Students of Grade 9

  • Participation Certificates will be awarded to All participants
  • Certificates of Excellence will be awarded for the First Three Positions in the competitive events
  • The school with maximum points will be awardedThe Math-A-Thon 2021 ChampionshipTrophy
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