Learning Never Stops

“To fight for change tomorrow, we need to build resilience today” – Sheryl Sandburg

And that is why our Shri Educators across SEL Schools forged on, undaunted by the challenges this unprecedented turn of events put us in.

Strong in the belief that “This Too Shall Pass”, SEL School have been working towards reinventing themselves and their pedagogy, to ensure that Learning doesn’t stop. While the world went into Lockdown and things came to a standstill, since everyone was caught on the blind side, Shri Educators toiled on, learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge about the various platforms available to them to transact their classes.

They challenged the age old adage “Those who can – do, and those who cannot – Teach!” by proving that if anyone “did” during these trying times, it was indeed the teachers across the globe. Parents finally recognized the quantum of preparation and planning that each teacher does for a 40 minute session. Going live with critical eyes and ears watching their every move was a daunting task, but our Educators were not intimidated by this. With courage and conviction, they continued helping children settle into a new way of learning, adjusting the flow of their classes to the pace of each of the children. Tough though the task was, compromises were not made and any and every learning need of the children was taken into consideration.

Ably supported by the Subject Domain experts at SEL and the strong IT support provided, the transition from a brick and mortar school to a virtual space became a journey to remember! Every effort was made to ensure that along with academic support, children’s emotional and social needs were also taken care of. Chill Out sessions for children, where they could connect with peers and teachers, were held. All school events, Founders’ Day, Investiture Ceremonies, Competitions and Celebrations, Virtual Tours to Museums and Wildlife Sanctuaries, Fun and Frolic Days et al were conducted with intrinsic Shri flavour.

Needless to say, when our children look back to the year 2020, they will have memories of how together they came out stronger, more resilient and courageous. Hope, faith, optimism and collaboration are the key words that will enable us to come through these times, developing as a better version of ourselves. 

The pandemic has proven to all that the Mind has the power to conquer hardships beyond one’s imagination. If anything, it has also shown how if we make the effort to think out of the proverbial box, we can achieve the most amazing things, both personally and professionally, individually and as a team.

The consultants at Shri educare have years of experience in assisting schools to become smarter in the way they evaluate their own performance and implement change. Offering the best pre school franchise opportunities our approach towards opening a pre school franchise is focussed means that your plan will become the guarantee of future successes.