Reasons to Invest in Preschool

Preschool Investment

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Education is considered the of noblest professions.

Education has not only transformed lives, it also offers profitable business opportunities for multiple edupreneurs.

One such source of profits is investing in Preschools. Preschools offer the toddler a conducive environment for his/her first learning experience. It is the first step in the learning curve. So, this first step needs to be in the correct direction in order to make life experiences correct. Hence, investing in quality preschools becomes crucial.

Today we are going to discuss a few reasons as to why you should invest in preschools.


As a preschool owner, you are nurturing the children in their formative years. This will give you a sense of self-satisfaction, which can make anyone internally happy.

Easy to open—    

Opening a preschool has limited legal issues and licensing involved is simple. Hence, the challenges involved are not as many as those for a K-12 School.

Better Work-Life balance—

Preschool venture lets you spend quality time with family. You are required to work only for a small part of the day.

Franchisee Support—

In case you are opting for a preschool franchise, you are making the right decision. Top franchisees like Shri Educare Limited, provides you with all the support from inception to implementation. They help you do all the planning by supporting you with a well-designed Curriculum, Teacher Development through Trainings, Pre-School Operations, Digital Marketing and lot more.

With an increase in disposable income and awareness among parents about Preschools, the concept of the preschool franchise seems to be pacing up. It is considered one of the highly profitable business opportunities today.

The team of experts at Shri Educare will help you have a clear vision for a preschool and the way forward to realize that vision. The school’s establishment and functioning is taken care by them. Do not wait any longer, get in touch with the SEL team today.

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The Benefits of Hiring a School Consultant

School Consultants in India

A new school opened in your neighborhood but it is not running smoothly. The school owners opened a very beautiful school still it is not running as expected. This makes you think whether you should Start a School or not. You are worried about its success. Have you thought about why it is not functioning properly?

Let us tell you what all one needs when thinking of owning a school.

  • Starting with excellence is essential.
  • Having appropriate building either you build it or buy or lease it
  • Curriculum design
  • Recruiting qualified staff
  • Establishing policies and procedures etc.

That is like so much to do but in a very limited time. Trying to complete all these, alone will certainly create issues for you. Having an experienced School Consultant on board can save a lot of your precious time, and get you on the right track.

Experience, when combined with a determined focus on development and implementation of systems, ensure that the schools move forward rapidly and sustainably.

This can only be done with the help of school consultants who will help you every bit. Let us give you a brief overview as to how they can benefit you.

Deciding upon the premises of school-

How many rooms are required? What should be the size of the rooms? What all security measures we need to take for kids? How much space is required for parking, assembly, and playground?

These questions and many more questions related to the construction of the school, an experienced consultant could easily plan all these things. With the help of his resources, he can get the building designed as per the school’s requirements.

Designing Educational Programme-

Defining the educational plan, designing the curriculum aimed at the overall growth of kids and aligned to the school’s philosophy all these are very important for the smooth functioning of the school. Also getting approvals from the authorities can be extremely tiring & lengthy process. At such a time, experienced assistance can help you a lot.

Recruitment of experienced staff—

Having an open-minded, positive, adaptable, and student-focused teacher in the school is a plus point for the school. He/ she will have higher levels of energy and commitment. Finding such teacher is a pain. The consultant will help you decide upon which factors to take care of while recruiting the staff. They will also guide you regarding the salary to be given too.

Setting up the administration and marketing plan—

Setting up policies for HR, finance, admissions, attendance, security, curriculum, and reporting is essential to start the school. Such systems, policies, and procedures provide the foundation for your school. Also deciding upon the marketing plan of the school is very important too, as it will bring the school to the notice of people. A consultant will help you in deciding upon all these things before starting school. This will eventually make the road to success bit smooth.

After getting this brief about the benefits of having a consultant, you must be thinking about getting a consultant on board. However, you do not want any random person or organization to do this for you.

Do not worry. For your school concept, When you have consultants with a proven record of accomplishment, like Shri Educare Limited (SEL).

The dedicated professionals from the SEL team ensure that you are guided and trained with every intricacy involved in the process of starting a school.

Their team of academic experts, designers, business development team constantly strives to give the best to their clients to help them experience phenomenal growth.

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Education System – Problems & Solutions

Education is the foundation of any country’s economy. A country where the education system is not in place, lags in every way. The same thing is happening in our country India. India as a country faces many problems in the educational system. Today we are going to list down some of the problems that we have identified in our education system.

“Rattafying”or the rote learning process – this Hinglish word easily define the state of Indian education system. Students in our education system are compelled to rote learn in order to score high marks. The system sadly does not focus on strengthening and clearing the concepts.

Insufficient Infrastructure— poor infrastructure & lack of facilities are reasons for the low turnout of students in schools. Students, especially girls, do not prefer to go to schools.Basic necessities, such as clean and hygienic drinking water and separate toilets for boys and girls, are not available in many of the school, even in urban India

Teacher selection criteria– in most of our schools the teacher’s selection& recruitment process is non-merit based. They are selected as per the choice of selectors.Lack of proper academic qualifications and competency in pedagogy are another challenge.

Poor Teacher-student ratio – Huge no. of students in a class are tackled by a single teacher, which leads to less focus on each child. In addition, students are not encouraged to ask questions or clarify their doubts.

Shortage of training— no or very less emphasis is given to teacher training in our schools. This is a major reason why our teachers are not aware of new developments in the field of education.

No emphasis on creativity— our education system focuses on quantity rather than quality. Getting high marks by hook or crook is the only aim of the students; they are not bothered about conceptual understanding or developing critical and creative thinking. This restricts the growth of their mind.

These are some issues, that our educational system is facing nowadays, which need to be resolved and removed from our system. If not completely, then at least some percentage of it can be removed by opening schools which focus on providing progressive quality education to students.

If merit-based teacher selection, output-oriented study, concept clarity of students are treated as important factors,  then we can think of bringing change in our education system. Opening schools where the focus is on providing an excellent education to students will ease the course of action. However, opening a school is not an easy job at all.

You need many things like funds, land, getting approvals from authorities, designing architecture, expertise to create curriculum, etc. Not all these expert knowledge is available with a single person. School Consultancy service plays an important role in this tricky situation. Shri Educare is one such organization, which will help you in realizing the dream of opening such a school.

Shri Educare’s team of experts will help you right from conceptualizing your plan to financial viability and feasibility, to finally launching and operating a school that provides quality and excellence in education. They hold your hands right from the conceptualization stage, safeguarding your investment and time every step of the way. Through in-depth research and constant up gradation of the curriculum with best practices across the world, they provide you with the turn-key support required by you to open preschools and K-12 schools.