ICSE School Franchise- Factors to Consider Before Heading For One!

ICSE School Franchise- Factors to Consider Before Heading For One!

Why To Choose Franchise For ICSE School Franchise

Education is a right of every child, irrespective of rich or poor, underprivileged or backward. It is one of the growing sectors in India that provides many business opportunities for those trying to start a business. A franchise is a model of business entrepreneurs who try their hands on business by entering the education sector. A would-be aspiring entrepreneur purchasing a school franchise can make a wise decision about who doesn’t want to start a new business. Choosing a franchise for a CBSE or ICSE school is a safe and reliable business option. The education sector is a profitable business, so purchasing a school franchise from a reputable company would undoubtedly give business owners an advantage and enable them to support the educational system of India.

The affiliation of a school is required whether you are planning to open a school or running a school already. The procedure of getting collaboration is crucial for every school to provide quality education. Top school franchisors like Shri Educare guide you at every step of the process so that you can establish the new school with its brand name. The professionals will assist you in all possible ways to turn your business into a profitable venture to create a strong foothold in the industry.

The education franchise is one of the most lucrative prospects. Like other franchise business opportunities, the education sector has a simple business model that any franchisee can purchase.

Here are some elements you must consider for an ICSE school franchise in India.

 A Reputed Brand Value

When you are purchasing a franchise from a reputed education brand, it gives you the benefits over the competitors. When you open your school, the reputation will allow you to get students quickly and conveniently. Moreover, parents look forward to the brand name and put trust in your school’s curriculum. Hence they get to admit their kids to your school. So, if you are about to start an ICSE school franchise, you must look for a reputable franchise option.

Guidance And Support System

A reputed franchisor will always be a guiding star to support and guide its franchise. This is why aspiring entrepreneurs are trying to get an ICSE school franchise to choose a supportive and successful system. Successful education franchises have a solid technical support team that assists them in running the education business efficiently.


If all the parties are willing to start over, they will send you a contract stating that you are keen to open the ICSE school franchise under their brand. The agreement includes a comprehensive list of guidelines you must adhere to throughout the contract. You can avail of legal advice. Review the contract properly before deciding and finalizing the agreement.

Tried And Tested Model

Opening an ICSE school franchise will give you the advantage of an already tried and tested business. Running a school successfully is not a matter of some months; it needs the same effort to run any business from scratch. Entrepreneurs can save time and money by utilizing the existing models of reputed school franchisees. They will give you the details of a franchise disclosure form containing the terms, conditions, and other necessary information.

 The Curriculum

An Educational Institution is distinguished by its curriculum and the syllabus that they follow. To enter a profitable business, you must search for the best education franchise with experienced educators who continuously revise and develop challenging curricula and syllabi. The up-to-date new curriculum will attract more students and make the business successful.


Each business model needs a budget. You must invest a certain amount in an ICSE school franchise business. The property lease costs, fees, managerial training costs, equipment costs, and insurance fees are all included in the budget. You should ensure that you have all the required investments to purchase the best education company franchise.

An Assurance :

Opening an ICSE school franchise involves a lot of hard work, and the instructions given by the franchise are a bonus you need to follow for a successful business. So if you want to open an ICSE school franchise brand, you can connect with Shri Educare for the perfect destination. Shri Educare helps investors with franchise business expansion with their expertise, full support and assistance.

The Best School Franchise Opportunity – How to Determine It

School Franchise Opportunities by Shri Educare

One thing, which comes to mind while thinking about education, is School Franchise Opportunities. The concept of franchising has created a huge stir. In the Indian educational system, there are different options for the investor to opt from which are – Preschools, Primary schools, and Senior Secondary Schools or K-12 Schools.

Before going into school franchisee model, one should keep a few points in mind, which is crucial to the success of Franchisee schools. These points are as follows—

Research about Franchisee opportunity

You need to conduct a thorough market research in order to understand the different types of school franchisee available in the market. This includes Preschools, Primary schools, and Senior Secondary Schools or K-12 Schools franchise opportunities; you need to select the best from amongst them as per your vision and choice.

Deciding on investment and land for the school

Once you decide on what type of school you want to set up, the next point to get your attention is investment involved and land required for school. The amount may vary depending on the type of school franchise model you choose.

Meeting various Consultants for Brands

After doing research about the business opportunity, next step involved is to meet and consult the teams of various brand owners or consultants who will give you all the information that is vital for you as a prospective franchisee.

Deciding upon the Brand

This point is very crucial for the success of a school. A good consultant or brand owner will give you all the help required in setting up an ideal school, this includes school set – up the process, obtain the Essential Certificates to start a school, various approvals, etc.

Signing Franchisee agreement

signing the franchise agreement after selecting the best brand or consultant, will give you legal authority to use their brand name. You need to pay the franchise fee and royalty in order to use it. This will also bind the consultancy team to assist you in all the processes involved in setting up the school.

Start of school process— you need to get certificates of approvals from government authorities in order to set up school. Once you are done with paperwork, you can start the construction of the building, buying different types of equipment, recruiting teaching staff, designing curriculum, facilities in terms of training for the school. In this process, the professionals of the franchisor can help you.

These are some of the aspects which you need to be careful about before going for Franchise of schools in India. You need to be careful while deciding on the Consultancy Team or the Brand.

You can get in touch with experts of the domain to get proper guidance. Shri Educare Ltd is an expert in this field. They will help you in building a school from scratch. If you have the required land and funds simply leave all your tensions to them and you are on your way to success.

Their extensive support ensures that you fulfill your dream of opening a school with the potential and strength to cater to the ever dynamic and changing global needs of the students you can get in touch with them at www.shrieducare.com.

Want to Open a School – Let us help you

Open a School

Quality education is a dream for all but getting it is not easy

Nowadays, we see many organizations offering their help to those who want to build schools, but quality education needs appropriate guidance.

Here, we are going to give you a brief as to what you need to open a school-

  • Education and co-curricular programmes focusing on delivering quality
  • Architectural layout to create learning spaces fostering excellence
  • Strong Educational team to give the best knowledge about what all is required in a system
  • Consultants who have the expertise to help you set up systems across processes like marketing, HR, IT, Admin, Finance & Operations
  • Academic team with expertise in curriculum, pedagogy and contemporary practices across the world
  • Teaching and operations processes codified with the Standard Operating Procedures
  • World class policies for administration, operations, and human resources.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan and competitive understanding of the school environment.
  • A value-based curriculum designed to create lifelong learners

Now the question arises where to get all this together? Getting knowledge from different people of different domains is a tough task & a very costly affair too. What to do?  Where to go? Well, there is one organization can help you in getting expert knowledge all at one place.

Shri Educare is one such organization, which will help you in achieving the dream of opening a school.

ShriEducare’s expert team will help you right from conceptualizing your plan to financial viability and feasibility to finally launching and operating a school providing quality and excellence in education. They hold your hands from the beginning until the end, safeguarding your investment and time like no one else does. With extensive research, they provide excellent concepts to open preschools and k-12 schools too.

For Pre-School with Shri Consultancy support imparting quality education, all you need to have is a Minimum Space 1500 square yards acres of land &upto15000 sq.ft. of Built-up area and an Investment of about 1crore& In case you want to start a K-12 school of top quality, requirements are Minimum Space for 5 acres of land & 1.5Lakh Sq.Ft. of built-up area and an investment of about 30 crores in a phased manner of 5 years.

If you meet these requirement mandates, you are can initiate discussions and meeting with Shri Educare’s Experts team to open your dream school.