The University ERP

University Management System

Our University Management System is a proven ERP + CRM + Business Intelligence system for Higher Education Institutions and Universities. Implementation of this system results in significant improvement in all aspects of University / College performance parameters namely student administration (enrollment, fee, staff, entrance examination etc.), academic management (time table, academic calendar examination etc.), student services, compliances etc. With its inbuilt security and audit features the system can self-check any rule violations and bungling’s in areas like fee collection, examination etc.
All the stakeholders of the University / Higher education system namely Board of Directors, University Administration (Vice Chancellor, Dean, Registrar etc.), Students, Parents, Staff and Departments are immediately benefitted due to transparent availability of information and services.

University Management SystemModules

  • Student CRM
  • Entrance Examination and Counselling
  • Student Enrollment
  • Fee
  • Academic Management
  • Communication
  • Examination
  • Library
  • Inventory
  • Hostel
  • Staff
  • HR Management, Payroll and Leave
  • Student / Parent Portal
  • Distance Learning Management
  • Online Examination
  • E-Learning
  • Dashboard

Implementation Models

  • Software as a Service Model
  • On Campus Hosting at the University/  Institute Server Model
  • Hosting at Data Centre  on Dedicates Server  Model

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