Education Franchise As A Profitable Sector

Education Franchise

Education has eventually evolved as one of the foremost outstanding and profitable sectors within the Indian Business trade. It is believed that if the investor follows the essential tips and guidelines while running an education entity, success is unquestionably looking ahead of them to fancy.

The growing number of brands within the Indian education sector is a great example of how much this sector is profitable. Initially, the industry had limited segments that attracted the educators for pursuing their dreams and goals. But with changing times, the industry is now a home of various sub-segments that are equally profitable and generate revenue. Moreover, the growing concept of franchising has added the cherry on top for Indian Educators. Everyone is very well aware of the gaining popularity of the franchise-based business that is now re-shaping the Indian education market. Education business owners are taking a route towards franchising to diversify their business alongside reassuring success as a complete package. 

Ideal Model For Increasing A Brand 

People enter any business vertical with the hope of creating their brand’s name by increasing their branches all across the country. As time passes by, people notice that their dream to expand the business may simply become reality by following the franchising path. Currently, India contains a ton of academies and institutes that do nice business and have with success introduced their branches all across the country via franchising. Beyond question, the idea of franchising has actually revolutionized the Indian education market with a lot of technological and pedagogical advancements for the times ahead.

Basic Benefits of an Education Franchise 

Despite being an old idea, franchising has recently begun to gain large momentum and growth because of its increasing awareness. Potential investors are realizing the advantages of the model and how it will facilitate them to achieve their goal.

Mentioned below are some key benefits of an education franchise business.

  • Tried and Tested: When you invest in a running business, it gets very beneficial for you as well as it gives you a sense of confidence and assurance. Predefined protocols, SOP’s, policies, processes and systems add to the quick turnaround of the venture. Although, It does involves a lot of hard work and following the protocols given by the franchise, however, It also ensures success through the tried and tested methodology.

  • Trusted Brand: Another important advantage of a franchise business can be that it involves recognition with a well trusted and a very reputed brand. It also provides a well-established brand name to the investors. Not only this, they all get nationwide acknowledgement as well. In this business, you don’t have to start from scratch in order to run a business and create brand awareness and instantly join the pool of investors who have already joined hands with the established brand.

  • Support Provided : Franchises also get the all time support from their franchisor in terms of everything like setting up their business, supplies, marketing collaterals, plans and publicity, defining the org structure, setting up recruitment processes etc. and above all that, you receive continuous training and the support from the corporate office. 

  • A Turnkey Business : Many people have the skill to run an existing business but they don’t have much expertise in all domains and fully understand what all it takes to start a business from scratch, connect with the suppliers, complete the compliances and formalities etc to set the ball rolling and running – whether it is obtaining financial documentations, loans or negotiating lease terms etc. Buying an existing franchise can cut out most of your hard work like finalizing a suitable site from the shortlisted locations, negotiating a lease, etc.

So if you are looking to open a school Franchise Brand then, Shri Educare Ltd is your go-to consultant. Shri Educare Ltd (SEL) helps investors with franchise business expansion plans in the pre-schools and K-12 schools sector with full support, care and commitment.

Impact Of COVID-19 On Franchising

This year, the world witnessed the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak and lives have changed irreversibly in the last four months. It all started when the first case was reported in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019. Since then, the number of people getting affected has only increased, and that too differentially, forcing countries across the globe to go into a lockdown mode.

The social distancing measures put in place to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus disease have also had an adverse impact on the education domain. Over 90 percent of the school population has been affected due to the nationwide closures implemented in 216 countries worldwide. In India, 320 million-plus learners have been impacted due to the countrywide lockdown. The pandemic is likely to have long term consequences on the way educational institutions are being envisaged, not only in India but across the world.

COVID-19 has become a desire for educational institutions worldwide to search for innovative solutions in a relatively short period of time. It would not be wrong to say that an ed-tech revolution is infusing in India. Maximum schools in India, as well as globally, have started with online platforms for teaching students without further delay.

So, Where Do These Changes Leave The Education Franchise Industry?

The Covid-19 impact on Franchising will be mainly on sales and the supply chain. The integrity of the Franchise networks will also be tested during this period. According to industry experts, Franchise networks in sectors such as Education and Retail will witness delays rather than lost demand. Educationists have to initiate some contingency strategies to overcome the challenges of disruption of supply chains and economic activities during this uncertain time.

So here are some ways to cope up with this situation in the time of this global crisis. 

  • Webinars To Connect With Potential Investors: Do conversation with a large number of investors who are keen to set up school franchises and are digitally connecting even from rural areas. The response that you will get from them will be mixed. You should constantly create the best of the business continuity plans and practices which allows an investor with short term reductions and long term flexibilities which is becoming a winning proposition at this stage. Make loyal partners and provide them with flexibility in the time frame to set up school so that investors can slowly overcome their financial losses.
  • Demonstrating Effective Leadership and Engagement: You should be committed to your franchises and you should be in regular communication with your business partners. Franchisors may not have all the answers. However, they are always there to acknowledge the troubles that the Franchises are facing during this critical time and provide them with relevant, timely information and resources. They strongly believe in service with pride, lead with confidence, inspire to impact others and adhere to the philosophy that education is the prime contributor to the development of self.
  • Financial Resources and Support: Franchisors also need to address franchise questions on cash flow and viability of continued business operations during and after the Covid-19 outbreak. They need to understand this responsibility and should be in the process of considering financial and other reliefs for their business partners.
  • Effective Media Strategy: You should also help your partners with consistent messaging on media queries pertaining to the pandemic. You should be guiding your business partner schools on the best practices in PR/Social Media Messaging during this time.

Lastly, you should be prompt in taking proper steps on curbing the spread of the adverse effects of the pandemic on the health of your partner schools. You should also be oriented towards your partner at every level to handle such unprecedented times with positivity and assisting them to develop appropriate contingency plans concurrent with the altered business implications of Covid-19.

We know that it gets extremely hard for someone throughout these times to work with their franchisors and dealing with the franchise. So, if you’re thinking of investing in a School Franchise then Shri Educare is the best choice for you. Shri Educare makes sure that they offer you full support with each and everything you are doing and assist you to run a franchise that would prove to be a flourishing business in the time of COVID-19. 

Increasing Wellness In Students

I believe that investing in our children’s development from the earliest age is the single most important contribution we can make as parents, teachers, and mentors. Young minds are very fragile and vulnerable, and they are influenced entirely by their environment and the family. Wellness for students encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind, and a very peaceful and tranquil spirit. Guiding our children and showing them a way on this path of wellbeing is surely our moral duty.

I am reminded of an incident when I met a student at his cousin’s wedding. Udit is a father of two and works in Melbourne. Catching up with him I noticed that his eyes became moist and he thanked me. He told me that during our Physics classes I had shared a couple of anecdotes and stories about life and its purpose. Udit took me by surprise when he said that those words left an indelible mark on him and he has since felt very evolved exploring spirituality and philosophy. Coming from a young successful NRI, it was a pleasant surprise and all we could do as two individuals was to share a warm hug!  I realised with great humility that our words, gestures, knowledge, experiences as teachers or mentors go a long way. When and where we leave our impression is indeed a puzzle.

Increasing wellness in young lives should be our constant endeavour and setting an example for them seems to be the best strategy. A determined focus on the value of gratitude does wonders to a failing morale or a low self-esteem. When we guide others on the joys and privileges that we have, we can mould a rewarding habit of being grateful and thankful. It is very easy for children to slip into a cocoon of self-pity, depression, and anxiety. They face many invisible enemies like peer pressure, broken relationships, and performance worries. A very important part of steering them towards wellness and stability is to give them support as patient listeners and non-judgemental guides.

Wellness to me is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. Parents face great challenges as they deal with the changing dynamics of kids and the expectations they have. Teachers must play an equally important role in convincing students that however difficult life may seem, there is always something they can do and succeed at.

Helen Keller said, ” Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.” Every journey is a learning experience and students need not feel alone and isolated. Their pursuit of a passion or a goal should be appreciated and even mediocrity should be applauded. As adults our own wellness stems from the spontaneous smiles and responses from youngsters. When the family, the classroom, friends and peers experience life with compassion, patience, inclusiveness, and selflessness then, we can hope for a better feeling of self-worth.

When ‘ I ‘ is replaced by ‘ We’, even illness becomes wellness.

As we feel like there is a shortage of quality schools in different parts of the country so we provide consultancy services for starting a school (Pre-school, K12) in India and abroad. So, if you want the best guidance related to it then feel free to join hands with Shri Educare.

Thank you

Rajender Shah

AVP (Operations)

The 4 Magic A’s in your Pandemic Tool Kit

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of our children.” – Nelson Mandela

Enough has been said and discussed about the pandemic and how it has us all in grips of fear and anxiety. The precautions to be taken to keep oneself safe from the virus. New vocabulary has been introduced to our everyday conversation. Children as young as preschoolers are now talking about “Social Distancing” and the “New Normal”.

When they look back, twenty years from today, what is it that they will remember? Are they going to look back at the year that was 2020 and shudder in remembered fear, or will they have memories of how humanity came together to come through these trying times?

And that is the essence of this passage.

As parents, teachers and caregivers, it is time to reflect, not only about what is to be done right now, but also about the future our young children are heading towards.

While physical well-being is the focus right now, we must also look at how we can keep our children emotionally strong. And this can be done only if the adults around them work together.

Here are some suggestions to enable this. And we call it the 4 A’s that will see you through!

The first “A” is Awareness. It is important that we make ourselves Aware of the reality that is. Understanding the situation in totality will help us sift through the unending information that is bombarding all media handles. It will help us keep our balance and reduce our anxiety. Not everything that is published is authentic. Check for accuracy of information and validate it by checking authentic websites, such as the WHO, CDC and the IMA. Refrain form forwarding messages that trigger panic and anxiety. Stop the spread, not just of the virus, but also of these morbid messages.

The second “A” is Acceptance. The situation is what it is. Accept it. The sooner we move to accepting the situation, the sooner we will find ways to resolve the everyday issues we face. Look for the silver lining each day. This forced “Stay at Home” situation has opened up so many new avenues for us to grow and develop. The first and most significant advantage everyone is speaking about is the wonderful quality time that we are able to enjoy with our family. Family ties are getting stronger, lost friends are reconnecting, new skills are being learnt. Above all, many of us are rediscovering ourselves.

The third “A” is Adaptability. Evolution has proven that adaptation is the only way in which a species can survive. To mention an oft quoted cliché, it is the rule of the “Survival of the Fittest” that one needs to remember. Learn to adapt, to change with the situation. Once you have made yourself aware of the situation and accepted it for what it is, evaluate it and see what needs to be done to adapt to it. Learn new skills if you must, be it technology, communication, presentation, etc., equip yourself with the new skills required to function optimally. Build resilience and patience. Find new interests and hobbies. Increase, not just your physical immunity, but also your emotional resilience.

The final “A” in the tool kit is Appreciation. Appreciate what we have rather crib about than what we do not have. With so many people across the globe succumbing to the virus, we are indeed very fortunate that we are employed, safe, alive and healthy. Count your blessings, you’ll be surprised to know that your blessings outweigh and out number your woes. Think of all those who have lost their lives, or lost their loved ones; or lost their jobs; of those who are facing extreme financial difficulties; who are stranded so far from home; who do not even have a safe place to call “home”! We are fortunate and blessed. Therefore, let us appreciate this. Not just by sending up a prayer of thanks, but also by actioning that appreciation. Extend help and support wherever and whenever you can. Appreciate those who are working to sustain an element of normalcy, even during these bizarre times; those risking their lives to save that of others. Appreciate the educators who are burning the midnight oil to ensure that learning never stops. Appreciate the family that is providing you with a loving and safety net, so that your schedule for working from home or working for home is as seamless as possible.

There are so many educational franchises available but you need to find one that seems like the perfect fit for you. Shri Educare is the best preschool franchise, you can definitely get in touch with me if you need any advice related to it.

Use Adversity to Your Advantage

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves comes when life seems most challenging.

– Joseph Campbell

Such is the power of Adversity. Therefore, rather than looking at adversity as a roadblock in our lives, we need to look at how we can use them as the proverbial steppingstones to take us further.

Those who do so, not only go further, they also grow stronger. It is the tough times that makes us innovate, improvise and invent. History has enough examples to prove this. Every invention created come into existence because a need was felt for it. The stronger the need, the faster the invention – or in the present scenario, the discovery.

The pandemic holds us in its grip and the entire planet has a single point agenda at the moment, and that is to find a vaccine that will help stop its spread. Cure, thankfully, is now a possibility.

Looking at the positive side of things, one can’t help but reflect on how, people around the world have put aside their differences and are all trying to support each other – nationwide and worldwide – in an attempt to what is now popularly being known as “flattening the curve”.

Bringing this to our context, how can we as parents and educators, strengthen our children and make them more resilient? A question that every adult is concerned about today.

So, first things first. One of the things the children definitely need to be able to build resilience is your complete faith and support. As parents, you need to be there for your children. Therefore, carve out time from your schedule, however busy you are and give them your complete and undivided attention. Make this time special and sacred. No gadgets, no phone calls, no TV viewing or even listening to music. Don’t couple this special time with chores to be done around the house. These conversations are very important and hence need to be given that stature.

Now, just because the time is to be considered sacrosanct and important, does not mean this is “serious” conversation time only. What it means is that all bodies are on “Listening Body” mode and each one gets a chance to talk and be heard.

Once this is established as a routine, you will notice that children become more vocal and start voicing their thoughts, emotions, concerns and anxiety. That is when you begin to steer the conversation towards becoming resilient.

Talk to them about the adversity that they (and you too) are facing and discuss each person‘s perspective. Watch as they come out with simple solutions to dealing with, not just the adversity itself, but also its effects on themselves and others.

Explain to them how it is important to face the adversity to be able to overcome it. Denying or evading it is what makes the adversity grow stronger or larger. Facing it upfront will result in one of two things – we either get stronger and hence are able to overcome it; or we are able to change the adversity into an opportunity and then optimize it to our advantage.

Every adversity humankind has faced had enabled them to evolve into a stronger, more resilient and advanced species. It has brought people across the globe together as a single community. It is those who do not face adversity that fall beside the wayside. The ones that reach the finish line are those who strove on despite all odds.

The undiluted special time you spend with your children will build their inner strength, confidence and self-esteem, it will enable them to look at things from all available perspectives, it will strengthen them with skills such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking and decision making. It will teach them responsibility and independence. It will strengthen self-discipline and character.

In short, it will help mould your child into an individual that steps into the now cliched “New Normal” with courage, confidence, commitment and conviction. A true global citizen who will contribute and make a difference in the world.

If you want to invest in an educational franchise, however, it is important that you handle your due diligence to help ensure that it will meet your expectations. Join hands with Shri Educare if you want to get any help relating to the school franchise.

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

“Sibling relationships are like Tom and Jerry. They tease and irritate each other, knock each other down, but can’t live without each other!” – Anonymous

Rivalry of any kind surfaces only where there is comparison and competition. While competition can be healthy, it takes on a negative form when coupled with unfair comparisons. And that is when problems arise.

So is the case with rivalry amongst siblings. The cause for this also remains the same. When parents begin comparing their children, and pitch them one against one another, rivalry surfaces. Sibling rivalry can leave traumatic memories for the children, if we as parents and other adults in their lives are not sensitive to its impact.

At the outset, the most important thing that parents must keep in mind is that each child is unique. They come with their strengths and challenges. Expecting one to match up to the skill or competency of the other is the most hurtful and unfair thing you could do to them.

Accept each of your children as they are, that is what unconditional love is all about. Try and identify their strengths and applaud them for these strengths; recognize and understand the challenges teach one faces, and support them, encouraging them to tr again and not give up.

When children see that you are there for them, irrespective of whether they succeed or falter, they will be motivated to move forward. When the watch you empathise with and support their sibling, they will learn empathy and in their own way provide support to.

Remember, there will come a time when we, as parents, will not be around. When that time comes, it will be the siblings who will provide the emotional support to each other. Make your children appreciate their own strengths as well as those of their sibling(s). Enable them to be sensitive to the difficulties the other is facing. Sharing and caring can only develop if there is fairness and unconditional love in the environment they grow up in.

When they get into fights or confrontations, don’t ignore them, or punish them. Sit them down and have a dialogue. Listen to both sides of the story. Don’t get into a judgemental mode. The dialogue should mainly aim at getting them to voice their anger or irritation. Your calm, loving and non-judgemental demeanour will enable them to hear their own version of the story. Most often than not, they will resolve the issue themselves, because now each one has heard the other’s version of the tory as well.

Explain to them how “He/She started it” is not acceptable. Let them understand for themselves the fairness or unfairness (or “rightness/wrongness”) of their actions/words. Remind them about their ability to make the right choices and decisions. Enable them to understand how these choices or decisions have consequences.

In doing so, not only do you establish an environment of open dialogue and discussion, but also help instill a sense of awareness, responsibility and confidence in your children.

Ignore small arguments between children, these are all part of growing up. In fact, these brickbats are the ones that strengthen the bond between siblings. If you see that they are resolving their differences with each other without you stepping in, let them do so. However, if it gets really bitter, intervene before one of them harms the other – physically or emotionally.

Have certain ground rules – for everyone, parents included. Top of the list should be Acceptance and Respect. When children feel loved and respected, they grow in the secure knowledge that they are valued for themselves. This security prevents jealousy or envy and the home becomes a happy place for them…… despite all differences.

A child cannot learn everything at home so sending them to school to learn real values is really crucial. The highly experienced teachers can teach them in a very fun way. As there is a shortage of quality schools in India, Shri Educare provides services for starting a school (Pre-school, K12). You can even start a high-quality preschool franchise in Gurgaon and provide education to many children.

Give Wings To Your School Franchise Dream


The concept behind picking a school Franchise in India comes with its own set of advantages, encouraging the investors to enter the world of franchising. The potential for a franchise is massive and cannot be penned in a few words.

Do you think this voyage ends only with benefits?

No, as there are many misconceptions related to starting a school, which brings with it a lot f challenges, which often circulate and create more misconceptions.

Therefore, it is advisable to be aware of prevalent misconceptions and find out the actual truth, before venturing into this area.

Let’s find out the most prevalent myths about school franchising which are rampant.

Myth #1

You Lose Your Decision-Making Power

It is often assumed that by taking on a franchise, the decision-making power does not remain with you and that it is the brand that makes all decisions. However, this is not true. Rather,all decisions are taken post discussions and a mutual agreement on the way forward.

Local pulse and preferences are better understood by the experts and this knowledge and experience is what you get when you sign up with a consultancy to take on the franchisee for an educational institution.

Myth #2

Marketing & Advertising Initiatives Are Out of Your League

The marketing and advertising for a specific school are often run from the standards of quality and are further enhanced with franchisee’s significant and invaluable macro business decisions. This  contribution in the journey of how to open a school includes everything from operational matters and customer feedback, to promotional advertising campaigns.

Myth 3

Your Work/Life Balance Goes Haywire

This is more a concern than a misconception and is largely spoken around the franchise business before the process begins for how to start a school in India.

The franchise school comes along with the legacy of quality, curriculum standards and educational parameters, which only need to be integrated into the franchise model. Since the expertise comes from them, you are able to focus on other areas, which give you enough time for yourself, in comparison to starting a school on your own.

These myths are have spread mainly because the sudden mushrooming of schools across the nation have resulted in many shutting down suddenly giving rise to speculations.By being prudent enough to take the help of leading school consultant, like SEL, you will be able to take an informed and accurate decision regarding many aspects that go into setting up a school.

Why Shri Educare Limited?

SEL is the assured solution for acquiring every bit of knowledge for an excellent education system. SEL offers incredible operational support to establish a school provide clarity on Organization Structures, guide you to generate Admissions, and work with your team towards staff and student development.

By collaborating with SEL, you are assured of all the services required to set up a state of the art educational institution, that is as strong in its values, ethos, philosophy, curriculum and pedagogy, as the infrastructure you have built for your school.

Place a query for school franchise at:

+91 124 4529900


How Does The Montessori Method Help Your Child Overall Development


The idea of typical classroom brings to your mind rows of desks with children listening passively while the teacher teaches something by writing stuff on the board on a board.

But a Montessori classroom is very different, where children are engaged in different activities, while a teacher observes by moving around unobtrusively, guiding and facilitating only where help is sought.

This methodology is a scientifically structured one that was designed by Dr. Maria Montessori, who was a pioneer in this school of thought that experiential learning is the most effective and meaningful manner in which learning happens.

  • Why Do Most Parents Prefer A Montessori School?

Montessori classrooms not only boosts the child development, it also results in encouraging the child’s natural interest by providing varied activities that lay the foundation for life-long learning.

  • It provides a safe, engaging and nurturing environment
  • It helps children to develop confidence and self esteem
  • It boosts the hand-coordination, fine motor and gross motor skills
  • It offers the child opportunities to make his/her own decisions and learn to take responsibility for those decisions

These are some of the benefits, which encourage the parents to go for schools that follow the Montessori system which introduces children to the right educational material at the right time.

The Montessori pedagogy is an efficient method of learning that fosters self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

Parents are more inclined towards Montessori classrooms, as the young learners learn to make creative choices and develop critical thinking at a very early age.

However, all schools that call themselves “Montessori Schools” are sadly not true to the methodology. Hence it is important that you understand this school of thought before you make your choice of school for your child or if you want to set one up yourself.

If you are willing to start a school in India and are thinking of investing in the education sector, then you must get in touch with the SEL team.

SEL (Shri Educare Limited) is a hub of professionals, who have loads of experience in helping people set up schools from a scratch and have the right level of knowledge and expertise required to set up schools with the highest standards of excellence.

Get in touch with them and realise your dreams of setting up a school in collaboration with them. Their franchise will help boost your endeavor and take it to great heights.

Place a query for school franchise

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Want to Open a School – Let us help you

Open a School

Quality education is a dream for all but getting it is not easy

Nowadays, we see many organizations offering their help to those who want to build schools, but quality education needs appropriate guidance.

Here, we are going to give you a brief as to what you need to open a school-

  • Education and co-curricular programmes focusing on delivering quality
  • Architectural layout to create learning spaces fostering excellence
  • Strong Educational team to give the best knowledge about what all is required in a system
  • Consultants who have the expertise to help you set up systems across processes like marketing, HR, IT, Admin, Finance & Operations
  • Academic team with expertise in curriculum, pedagogy and contemporary practices across the world
  • Teaching and operations processes codified with the Standard Operating Procedures
  • World class policies for administration, operations, and human resources.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan and competitive understanding of the school environment.
  • A value-based curriculum designed to create lifelong learners

Now the question arises where to get all this together? Getting knowledge from different people of different domains is a tough task & a very costly affair too. What to do?  Where to go? Well, there is one organization can help you in getting expert knowledge all at one place.

Shri Educare is one such organization, which will help you in achieving the dream of opening a school.

ShriEducare’s expert team will help you right from conceptualizing your plan to financial viability and feasibility to finally launching and operating a school providing quality and excellence in education. They hold your hands from the beginning until the end, safeguarding your investment and time like no one else does. With extensive research, they provide excellent concepts to open preschools and k-12 schools too.

For Pre-School with Shri Consultancy support imparting quality education, all you need to have is a Minimum Space 1500 square yards acres of land &upto15000 sq.ft. of Built-up area and an Investment of about 1crore& In case you want to start a K-12 school of top quality, requirements are Minimum Space for 5 acres of land & 1.5Lakh Sq.Ft. of built-up area and an investment of about 30 crores in a phased manner of 5 years.

If you meet these requirement mandates, you are can initiate discussions and meeting with Shri Educare’s Experts team to open your dream school.